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The Brocaded Tale of The Girl Si

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Everyone said that the Fourth Miss of the Jiang family is a first-class beauty, but it was a pity that the Lord Anguo Mansion picked this flower. However, on the eve of Jiang Si’s marriage, her fiancé and his lover jumped into the lake and died in love.

A noble girl traveled back in time to when she were 15 years old. Her mistakes, and those who have harmed her and done her injustice. She will get revenge from all of them! A super smart female lead shall turn all of her misfortune around!

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Short Title:BTGS
Alternate Title:似锦
Author:Willow Leaves In Winter
Weekly Rank:#1655
Monthly Rank:#768
All Time Rank:#1142
Tags:Adapted to Manhua, Arranged Marriage, Beautiful Female Lead, Broken Engagement, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Loyal Subordinates, Pets, Reincarnation, Resurrection, Revenge, Royalty, Schemes And Conspiracies, Second Chance,
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9 Comments on “The Brocaded Tale of The Girl Si
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  1. I like it! I read the manhua and then saw there was the novel here. I am happy to read the rest of the story! If you are interested, chapter 303 of the manhua is chapter 691 of the novel. Enjoy!

  2. Drop at 153, it's so slow 🦥 and the mc and ml can't seems to communicate on important stuff, which is just annoying to read.

  3. The ending is a flashback to their past lives, if you actually read the novel you would know they get a happy ending.

  4. Thank you for the story, I enjoyed it and will read any other stories that you will write in the future. I wish all the other authors would take a note from you and tell a story with a great ending. Look forward to your next book.

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