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The Boyfriend Who I’ve Never Met

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Novel Summary

Xie Tao made a boyfriend.

They never met.

He will send her a lot of things, snacks she has never eaten, gold and silver jewelry that is very expensive at first glance, wine made from the first snow, tea brewed in plum dew, and ghosts she has never read. Interesting book.

She can imagine how his life should be like (old) poetry (dry) like (part) painting.

Because of him, Xie Tao’s life has undergone a fundamental change, and there is no need to do several more jobs because he said that it is not allowed.

Her life is no longer difficult, because he always sends real money.

But she didn’t know that every WeChat message she sent to him would be converted into a sealed letter and sent to another time and space.

And there is a chaotic era of royal power change.

The person she fell in love with was the most stunning white space here.

One day, Xie Tao plucked up the courage to video with her boyfriend.

? ? ?

My boyfriend looks so good! !

The eyes are so beautiful! Eyelashes are so long! The skin is so white!

But wait? Why is he wearing the robe of the ancients and still keep the bun of the ancients? !

At that time, on the screen of her mobile phone, the young boy with golden clothes, golden crown and jade belt, long-haired, dark-haired young man with amber eyes, curled lips and smiled, calling her, “Peach.”

- Description from MTL


Short Title:BFWINM
Alternate Title:不见面的男朋友
Author:Shan Zhi Zi
Weekly Rank:#8845
Monthly Rank:#8157
All Time Rank:#6247
Tags:Absent Parents, Alternate World, Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Child Abuse, Doting Love Interests, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist,
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  1. I'm still at chapter two but why do you have to hurt me like that? i mean idk i just can relate in a sense i know it's hard and painful for a child to experience everything like that. but i also envied her for having a boyfriend that came from other dimensions or something??? yes it was crazy but idk let me see if this one is good.

  2. I like how everything has a reason here. Why MC and ML was explained. It's quite confusing at first but it will eventually be cleared up. There are happy endings but some have open (happy) endings.

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