Chapter 76

However, it is already late.

Su Jin and Phoenix both were very sensitive. When Suzaku approached, he noticed the arrival of this uninvited guest, and his eyes gathered on him.

Suzaku stunned and fell to the ground, short wings shaking and shaking: "..."

The black wind is high, the air is cold and cold, and the atmosphere is stagnation. It is a good time to kill the birds.

Zhu Zhu panicked a batch.

Hearing this secret, Phoenix really won’t kill him in order to kill him?

But still have to pretend to be calm: "... boss, good evening, good."

Phoenix face turned and looked at him quietly, without saying a word.

The air is almost quiet and stagnate.

As if even the oxygen is gradually reduced, a sense of suffocation is born -

Oh, no, he is a beast, breathing is not necessary, and will not suffocate.

Suzaku gradually became rigid.

Ah ah ah ah ah!

What to say, he should escape in the first place of the incident!

The legs trembled and shivered, and Suzaku struggled with a small thin leg to move out of the phoenix's line of sight.

In the boss's death gaze, he feels that he is no longer a beast that can breathe the rain, but a skeleton that has been caught in the neck of his fate.

Poor, weak, and obese.

Su drunk and looked at the ground with the turtle moving, moving the little bird trembles still shaking, fell into meditation: "..."

It should not be his illusion. He always felt that this tyrannical male lord in the original book seems to have undergone some variation.

Under the blessing of two death gaze, Suzaku felt that she was going to die on the spot.

Fortunately... the timely appearance of Qing Biao saved him.

Seeing the moment when the eye was familiar, Suzaku instantly burst into a force that didn't know where it came from, fluttering its wings, and screaming, rushing into his arms like a small shell.

The head was buried under the arm, leaving only a rounded buttock exposed.

The tail hair is still shaking very regularly.

Performed a self-closing on the spot.

Qing Yan looked at the colleague who was yelling and licking his ass:...?

Should he report a psychological counseling class to Qinglan?

But this is not the time to entangle these.

Seeing the boss in front of him, Qing Yan finally let go of his heart.

Although the atmosphere is suspected to be somewhat strange, it doesn't matter.

He asked warmly: "Are you alright?"

At the same time, use the residual light to look at the human being standing in front of the phoenix.

It is a very familiar human being, and he is very good in the magic array. He is impressed.

When the illusion broke, it disappeared almost at the same time as Phoenix.

When he smelled the human breath in that small hotel, he guessed it was this person.

There are countless guesses in his mind, but there is no final conclusion.

Although I don't know how this human being is recognized by the phoenix, since he and Phoenix are standing here, nothing else matters.

The beast has its own pride, and Phoenix certainly does not like others to intervene in his private affairs.

Qing Yan only took a look, restrained his curiosity, focused on the boss, waiting for his answer.

Phoenix: "........."

What if there are too many subordinates?

The phoenix took a deep breath and resisted the urge to kill the birds: "...just fine."

Why are these two birds coming so smart?

He hasn't had time to promise it!

Suzaku and Qing dynasty are fighting, and the atmosphere is nothing at all.

It also missed the best time.

Without waiting for the Qing dynasty to answer the words, the phoenix quickly said: "You go back first, I have something to deal with."

This is what the passengers mean.

The green crickets were still somewhat worried, but when Suzaku heard the phoenix let them go, he used his head to arch under his arm, like a chicken that was about to starve.

Even the frequency of twisting the buttocks is fierce.

It’s just a twisted **** mad hint!

Qinglan: "..."

Qingyan had to politely retire. After all, letting the boss see a twisted and twisted bird's buttocks is really indecent: "The adults are fine, everyone is very worried, I hope you will come back soon."

He has to go back and deal with his official duties first.

When the world is in jeopardy, the ruling will inevitably follow the chaos. During this time, he has accumulated a lot of official duties in search of the missing boss.

Thinking of those official duties, even if you are used to the work of the green, you can not help but have some headaches.

He is a person, and it is really hard to handle.

... I hope that Phoenix can quickly handle the private affairs and go back to work!


On the way back, Suzaku buried a halfway under the arm of the green scorpion, and was stunned by the green scorpion for a long time before he pulled out his head.

Qing Yan was puzzled by his sudden sorrow: "What happened to you?"

Suzaku had no way to explain this to him. He is now just a bird at risk, telling the young, and both of them will be finished.

In order to decide the peace of the house, he can only bear the pain of a body that should not be there.

After all, there are enough pots on his body.

Suzaku wants to be more sad, and at the end, I start to twitch and start: "Hey, hey..."

Why is the bird's life so bitter!

He thought about it, and he was shocked that he had been awakened in the Brahma's little secret. After sending a few gifts of the man named Meng Qingzhi, he was not unlucky every day, or he was on the road.

Suzaku concluded:

It must be that the human bad luck is too heavy, and he is tired!

The next time I see him, I must run far.

Qing Yan looked at the wet bean eyes in the arms: "..."


He always felt that Suzaku's inner world was mysterious.


The two birds that stirred the thing went away, but the atmosphere has been completely stirred up.

Su drunk got the answer and put the Phoenix Lingyu back.

Seeing his movements, the eyes of the phoenix squatted a few degrees.

I want to say something, but the lips move, or nothing is said.

Su drunk has long been used to, and greeted him: "Do you have something to do?"

Just the bird seems to be suggesting that the Phoenix is ​​going back to work?

It’s just that he has to deal with Meng Qingzhi on his side, and the two are busy with each other.

Although it is not conducive to separate the relationship, it is not the time for Su drunk to start, and the acceptance is very good.

I didn't feel any problem at all.

In the last world, he and Fu Shizhen had their own careers, and they were not tired of being together every day. Sometimes they were on a business trip and could not see one side for half a month.

They mature men, don't make a sticky set.

Phoenix does not think so.

As a bird who has not yet had a partner, he does not want to be separated from his courtship for even a second.

For a second, I forgot the suggestion of my subordinates. I said, "Nothing, I am with you."

It can be said that it is very sticky!

Su drunk: "..."

So after a few minutes, Su drunk his shoulder and smashed a round bird.

The feathers of the whole body are black and red, like the dumplings of only the rose bean paste, the bright yellow mouth is pointed, the beanie is dark and dark, and there is a little wet light.

I don't know if it is because of tension or excitement. The feathers on my body are blasted, very fluffy, like a dandelion.

When you bow your head, your head will be buried in the fur that is blown up in your chest and become a complete ball.

It is only a standard fat!


When Xie Yu saw Su drunk, he first asked him about his physical condition. During this time, he was dying.

After confirming that Su was intoxicated, his eyes fell on the bird on his shoulder, and he looked surprised: "This is... the beast of your contract?"

He knows that although Su is drunk, there is a sorcerer's martial art, but in fact he has no enthusiasm for the contractual beast, and he is rarely seen close to the beast.

This is finally figured out the contract spirit beast?

He is very curious, in the end is how a special beast can make Su drunk.

You must know that the black cat, which was highly qualified, had been in contact with porcelain for so long. Su was always faint and finally confiscated.

Xie Yu looked at the eyes of this "spirit".

This spirit beast grows furry and round, delicate and lovely. It looks like a harmless bird. There is almost no spiritual fluctuation. It is like a drunken shoulder, like a plush toy pendant. It seems that there is nothing special.

I was seen by the girls in their class. About the same as the black cat before, I got a bunch of screams that are so cute and cute.

Just thinking about it, the bird noticed his gaze and suddenly looked up at him.

The eyes of the peas that should have been so cute, but they contain a deep and invisible depth.

The moment the line of sight touched, like the top predator locked in, was covered in coldness.

It seems that as long as it is willing, it will disappear into the world at any time.

And no one will find out.

Su drunk shook his head and grabbed a bird's head on his shoulder: "No."

The bird's head was smashed by him.

It’s just a very cool look, and naturally it will not continue.

Xie Yu is dull: "..."

Is it just his illusion?

Why did he feel a big sigh in the eyes of a fat man?

Xie Yu was shocked to discover that he seemed to be threatened by a round bird that could not see the arc...

And almost threatened to scare.

Xie Yu looked at the action of Su drunk ostrich, almost myocardial infarction: "Don't-"

The bird was so fierce at his glance that he was so fierce at first glance, and his head was stunned by Su’s drunkenness, and he was not on the spot. !

He was trying to make Su drunk carefully, and he saw the bird that had just stared at him. After being smashed, he not only had no swearing, but also took the girl’s posture and used his furry little head to drunk his neck. A trip.

Even if the straight man is thankful, he has to admit that he was sprouted by the action of the bird at this moment.

Xie Yu: ...?

This difference is too obvious? !

The voice of Xie Yu gradually disappeared...

Su drunk confused: "What's wrong?"

Xie Yu fell into a strange serenity: "No, suddenly I can't think of anything to say."

Su drunk did not introduce the identity of the phoenix. The phoenix waking up in the Xuanmen did not have a bit of wind, indicating that the matter is still secret, he certainly will not say it.

He turned a topic: "Sorry, these days have worried you."

The physical condition of the phoenix is ​​special, so he dare not reveal the trace and dare not contact anyone.

Xie Yu: "It's okay, it's most important for you to come back safely. Would you like to go to the Xuanmen Association? They have been looking for you for a long time."

Who has not had a few secrets?

Su drunk originally wanted to say that he first dealt with Meng Qingzhi's affairs, suddenly thought of something, and nodded and said: "Yes, you wait for me to trim it."

He inquired about it on the road, because Meng Qingzhi broke the illusion of the illusion, and now almost everyone in Xuanmen hated Meng Qingzhi.

Although he is used to being alone, the task of the world is destined to always brush his feelings in front of the public.

Therefore, before he thoroughly and Meng Qingzhi liquidate, he can first mobilize the power of the masses and give Meng Qingzhi a lesson.

It is a two-pronged one.

Xie Yu looked at the blood of his clothes corner and nodded.

He was still very curious about the bird that Su was drunk on his shoulders, but he was obviously not wanting to talk about it. The bird was strange and thought, but he didn't dare to speak again.

That is... I don’t know if it’s his illusion. He always felt that after Su drunk and turned the topic, the bird’s eyes seemed to sink again.

Very disappointed.

Phoenix is ​​a bit stunned, and Su drunk does not seem to intend to disclose his identity.

The phoenix is ​​a kind of beast with strong monopoly. In his memory of inheritance, once the predecessors have the object of their favorite, from pursuit to certainty, they are all fanfare. In the end, there is a specific one in the group. Extremely gorgeous dance, attracting a hundred birds to the phoenix, it is necessary to let all the beasts know the ownership of their partners.

Which is like now...

The phoenix's self-control in the animal state is very weak. The more you want to get chest tight, the more you have to get it to give yourself a "right name."

But when I think of Su drunk, I may be angry, or I will endure it.

Xie Yu: "..." The bird’s line of sight is so good.

Although I don't know what happened, I always feel a little scary!


Phoenix has been patient to leave Xie Yu.

After the disappearance of Xie Yu’s figure, Su drunking was about to take a shower, and he heard the little bird’s squad on his shoulder screaming, then “slammed” and jumped to the ground.

Looking up at him, the eyes of Peas radiate a focused light.

The action of Su drunken clothes stopped:?

The phoenix raised its wings and tilted its tail, and turned the circle gracefully.

The wings and tail feathers of the phoenix are the most beautiful parts of the body. When they dance, they are also the most eye-catching.

But he forgot that he was just a bird at this time.

The body is round, the wings are short, and the tail is quite long compared to the body, but compared with the elegant elegance of the prototype, it can only be cute.

Jumping and dancing, like a dumpling dumpling.

Su drunk into confusion:? ? ?

Why is this object suddenly stunned?

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