Chapter 75

The barley sneezed heavily.

Scared the Suzaku on his shoulder and suddenly stopped.

Suzaku tried to stretch his head to lick his cheek: "What happened to you?"

Is it sick?

But their beasts are generally not sick. Once they are sick, they represent a problem with the body. It is not easy to solve, and it is very troublesome.

Qing Yan also has some doubts: "... No, I am fine."

It was about an accident.

However, his voice just fell, and he sneezed again.

Speed ​​of light hits the face!

Suzaku: "..."

Suzaku lost a feather nervously!

Dangling and rolling, falling to the tip of the barley.

Qing Yan grabbed it and put the feather in his pocket. There was a hint of incomprehension in his eyes: "There is nothing wrong with it."

He doesn't know why he sneezes, but his body is really fine.

Speaking of it, the beasts of these years have frequently been involved in accidents. He is also lucky. Nothing has happened so far. Even the most serious injuries have never been suffered.

Suddenly, there is a common saying in the world.

Sneezing for no reason, is it... being swearing by others behind the scenes?

But in the next second, he felt that he might have a problem with his brain.

The so-called sneezing and sneezing, in addition to most of the coincidence and self-love, there is also a small part of the energy field generated by grievances.

Resentment against a person to a certain degree, there is a chance to generate resentment, affecting the health of the resentful person, is a very simple one in the curse.

But this kind of thing can never happen to him.

The premise of the curse is that the strength of the cursed person is far stronger than the curse, and under the heavens, the strength can be so much stronger than him, only... Phoenix.

how is this possible?

Qing Yan dispelled the absurd thoughts in his mind and said that he was back to business: "The phoenix is ​​not here."

A few hours ago, he suddenly felt the breath of the phoenix, and rushed in, so anxious that even Suzaku forgot to throw it.

It was just that the atmosphere was very light. He went around for a few hours. When he found this small hotel, he had already gone to the nest, leaving only the full atmosphere of the phoenix.

It is worth noting that in this breath, there is also a taste of human beings.

The entanglement is very tight, obviously it has been together for a long time.

Qing Lan is somewhat surprised. He thought that he was left alone by the character of the phoenix.

But now this situation... is it with a human being?

Suzaku also discovered this problem: "There were two humans who disappeared with the phoenix that day."

One of them was also a pigeon, and his heart was guilty.

Suzaku was very embarrassed. It was a bird with a strong grievance. The promise to go out has never been emptied. The credibility is very good.

However, after that, it seems that Meng Qingzhi seems to have problems with the character, and almost all the world's human world is in jeopardy.

If the basalt is completely enchanted, then all of them will be implicated, and the world will be chaotic, and the days of the beasts will be better.

Do not say anything else, the workload of the ruling office will certainly increase exponentially and move indiscriminately.

Although Suzaku is not very concerned about human life and death, but once involved in his own ethnic group, he is still very alert.

When he thinks this way, he is not too embarrassed.

The gratitude that he originally gave to Meng Qingzhi was also precious enough.

Speaking of it... There are no god-level implements that he gave to Meng Qingzhi. According to Meng Qingzhi’s ability, it is estimated that it is difficult to break the magic array.

At the thought of this, Suzaku's guilty conscience was quickly retracted into the body.

In this way, he is actually an indirect accomplice to the broken illusion and the disappearance of the phoenix.

And the green, but the public knows the most, the most important to the Phoenix.

If Qing Yu knows that this matter is related to him...

Suzaku: ...

Suzaku: .........

Life is not easy, the birds are autistic.

Hey, he has a habit of being merciful everywhere, and it seems that he has to change it.

Quiet as a chicken, Suzaku did not give the opportunity to speak to Qinglan, hurriedly urged: "Also, you can smell a little taste, should, oh, no far, we are chasing, catch up!"

Qing Yan also thinks this way, but he is a bit strange: "What's wrong with you, is the throat uncomfortable?" Speaking slyly.

Suzaku: "No, it’s not a sauce purple. Don’t say this. Let’s go to Phoenix, I’m worried about him!”

After that, he struggled to smash a short wing and tried to show his inner heart.

Qinglan: ...?

It feels even more strange.


At this time, the phoenix, which was remembered by two subordinates, was blowing cold air in the middle of the night in the suburbs.

Su drunk a few steps away from him: "..............."

After a suffocating silence and simple communication, he finally learned that he had mistaken the identity of the boss from beginning to end.

The atmosphere once again fell silent, the man was mistaken for the identity of the green and did not want to talk, and the drunkenness was swept away by the faint enthusiasm.

Su drunk and suffocated, can't help but say: "Ah, spicy chicken system."

Actually, even the identity reminder is not given!

System 555 is incapable of crying: "Hey-"

This is the setting of the main system, how can it do ducks.

The cold wind blew through, bringing a bleak breath, and the mind that Su was drunk by the cockroach was a little calmer.

He looked at the man with a brow in the moonlight and was particularly chilly, some doubts.

Since it is not a green, then... Who is it?

There were several names in his mind, and he was taken one by one.

The birds and beasts are stronger than the green crickets, and they are not in the status of the ruling. This condition can be met very little.

Suddenly, he saw the phoenix spirit jade in the hands of the moonlight.

Between the electric and the Flint, he seems to have caught something, it is difficult to set the channel: "... Phoenix?"

The opposite person remained silent, but the corner of the lips moved clearly, and the color in the eyes was also a little less.

Su drunk was shocked, really?

When he read these two words, he also clicked on himself.

Su drunk is really not thought.

He did not consider the name at all.

After all, in the original book, when the identity of the phoenix appeared, it was already characterized as a dead person. The body has been swallowed up by evil spirits. Except for a contaminated truth, nothing has happened.

It is because of this that he did not think of the identity of the boss to the Phoenix head from the beginning.

After all, according to common sense, the dead can not be a boss, not to mention the phoenix's plays are so few, all the role is to set off the stubbornness of the green, not much better than his cannon fodder.

System 555 is crying, and has not forgotten to give due diligence to Su drunk analysis: "It should be the host after the arrival of the plot, the phoenix is ​​not swallowed up by the evil spirits in the original book, because the other party's ability and identity are consistent, so Determined by the system as boss."

Su drunk: "...the line." You are the system, you have the final say.

He remembered the scene in which the bird was hit by porcelain in the woods that day.

It should be from that time, the plot is different from before.

The description of the phoenix in the original book was not meticulous, nor did he specifically write the date of his death. So Su was guessed twice, and once Suzaku was a young man, he did not guess his head. He wanted to break his head and did not expect to be himself. The butterfly wings affect the phoenix.

With a man's resentful gaze, Su was drunk and had the illusion that he was a scum man.

He cleaned up his mood and explained: "Wait a minute, don't think too much, I don't know the green. Just rumored that the phoenix is ​​retreating, and Qingyan is the person who decides the principal, so... I admit it."

This statement is also reasonable.

Phoenix thought about it and reluctantly accepted the setting.

It is also... his own subordinates, he still knows if he has licked the moth.

Phoenix: "Well."

After saying this word, he fell into deep silence again.

The brow was crumpled, and the twilight appeared deeper in the middle of the night. I don't know, I thought he was in a bad mood.

Su drunk looked at him and did not speak.

The two returned to quiet.

The two big men are facing each other under the moonlight. This should have been a very embarrassing scene, but I don’t know why, Su drunk suddenly wants to laugh.

This familiar boring taste...

Even after a few hundred years, he will not recognize it.

He took the initiative to walk a few steps towards the man.

The wind in the middle of the night suddenly brought a little soft air, not so cold.

The breath of the beginning of the flower, from the human body in front of it, seems to be tempting to fold him down.

The phoenix suddenly remembered that in the age when their ethnic groups were still flourishing, there was a flower that would only be open when the moon rose to its peak.

Crystal clear, like a fairy.

The flower is open for a very short period of time, only a moment, if it can not be taken off when it is flowering, it will quickly wither and die.

This kind of flower is very beautiful and the quantity is small. It is a beautiful and precious thing.

At that time, there were a lot of spirit beasts and beasts, and everyone’s courtship life was also very rich.

Then the atmosphere gradually began to blow up, and there were many beasts or beasts who smashed their blood, just to pick a flower like this to please their favorite objects.

In the memory of the inheritance he received, he saw the ancestors holding such a flower and holding it in front of his partner. The long tail feathers were like a fire.


Somehow, at this moment, Phoenix remembered this memory.

The once boring memory seems to have been added a layer of filter.

Suddenly there was an impulse in his heart, picking up a flower that was only open in the moonlight for the youth in front of him, and raised the most gorgeous tail of the bird to court him.

Just like countless ancestors have done.

However, he quickly remembered that with the decline of the aura, many species became extinct, and this unknown flower has long since disappeared.

Su drunk has come to him.

The phoenix grows very tall, and the human form is absolutely one meter nine. His body is just a grown-up, and the head of one meter and seven is to look up and look at the man.

Since the identity of the other party has been confirmed, Su drunk is not going to tweak.

Only, before that, he has to figure out one thing first.

He raised his hand and revealed the white jade lying on his palm.

The pure white phoenix is ​​alive, and the smart image in the moonlight will come alive at any time.

Su drunk has looked at this piece of jade for a while, and there is an impulse to help the amount.

This piece of jade, broken and repaired by itself, has been strengthened so many times after the repair, even the evil can absorb it... It is so obvious, he thought that this is the heirloom of the original, and he did not think about it.

Blame him for being blocked by fixed thinking.

Thinking of what, Su drunk rubbed his fingertips on it twice. "In this jade, is there your soul?"

Although it is a question, the tone of the statement is also very similar.

Hearing his plain questioning, the phoenix of the heart suddenly woke up in the cold wind.

At the same time of shyness, there was a hint of subtle fear.

He knows.

Know that you secretly put aside his soul.

Will it... feel offended?

According to the arrogant temper of the phoenix, if someone dares to do this without his knowledge, he will be merciful to the other party.

However, at this moment, Phoenix does not know that there is something in the world called the Love Filter.

Looking at the ear of the phoenix suddenly red, the Su drunk wearing a filter is not only not angry, but also feels ... the other side is a bit cute.

It’s so pure, it’s shy.

In the last world, after a few years of love, Mr. Fu, who had a strong learning ability, quickly evolved into an old driver. He has not seen this person for a long time.

Su drunk staring at the reddish ears of the phoenix, his eyes lit up, revealing a very hidden smile.

Since the phoenix hides a trace of soul in this spiritual jade, every time he touches jade, isn’t it all equivalent to the phoenix...

When I thought about it some time ago, he would hold this jade in his hand and play it. Su drunk: "..."

Although they are old men, this kind of fun is still a little exciting.

The phoenix actually endured it now.

This is too boring... so cute!

Su drunk is dominated by a filter as thick as a few hundred meters, and there is no psychological obstacle to conclude: "Do not worry, I will be responsible for you."

Touching it all, he is not a person who will shirk his responsibility.

The phoenix that originally thought that he would be sentenced to death: ...? ? ?

Phoenix:! ! !

At the same time, a string of exclamation marks was issued in the heart, and there was a Suzaku who first found the place.

Suzaku stayed on the spot.

Zhuque is in a hurry.

Suzaku turned and left.

Pretend that I have not heard anything about killing birds!

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