Chapter 74

Su drunk and men stayed in the small hotel for more than half a month.

People are social animals, so staying in a closed space for so long, there is no entertainment, most people are inevitably bored.

However, Su drunk did not feel anything. He was originally a very submerged character, not to mention the fact that there was no time for rehearsal, and the retreat of the wounded paintings was set down, and the time slipped away.

The man stayed in a position not far from near, most of the time closed his eyes, occasionally opened, and the dark scorpion just looked at him quietly.

Since the day when he was said to be drunk, he never said a word.

Su drunk actually had some concerns. Although there was no obvious injury in the man, he looked like he was covered with horrible black marks. He probably guessed that his condition should not be very good.

Although there are repairing pharmacies in the system mall, the power limit of this world is too high. Men are the ones standing at the top. Even the most expensive pharmacy has limited effect on him.

Moreover, the man's strength is much higher than him. When he is awake, he can't secretly feed this thing into the man's mouth.

I have to observe it for the time being.

Two people stayed in a room, there was no communication, but also a strange harmony.

An accident happened very quickly.

In the early morning, Su drunk just opened his eyes and he was on a pair of familiar black scorpions.

Dark and dark, the middle of the pupil was lit with a bright red glow, the same as the pupil seen in the magic fire on the day of Su drunk.

Su drunk intuition is not good: "You..."

Just said a word, the tingling that was uploaded by the shoulder was grateful and snorted.

Like the dog, Su drunk could not help but sigh in the bottom of my heart.

However, he did not struggle, his roots were not mature, but the blood contained a very strong aura.

He noticed that these auras seemed to help men to suppress those black marks.

Every time he finishes his blood, the black marks on the man will fade.

As for the identity of a man, he has basically had a fixed number in his heart, and naturally he will not mind.

The loss of blood quickly stopped, but Su drunk waited for a long time, and did not wait for the man to get up, only to feel the shallower breathing on his shoulders.

He felt a little bit wrong and said softly: "... get up."

Still no response.

Su drunk gently pushed, and the person on his body fell to the side.

Showing a pale face.

The face was very close, and the tip of his nose was on his cheek. Su couldn’t help but squat.

Immediately realized that the man did not know what, suddenly fell into a coma.

He put the man in good condition and covered it with a soft bedding.

When I was awake, I was indifferent and strong, and suddenly fell into a deep sleep, but it was a bit more inexplicable.

Su was drunk for a while, and his eyes fell on the black marks on the man.

Those traces become light and sometimes obvious, and occasionally they move around the skin like alive, which is grotesque and terrifying.

It seems that there are two incompatible forces, tearing and fighting in him.

When Su drunk and reached his hand, he only touched a piece of cold, and his breath was barely weak. He was trapped in a soft bedding. The long black hair fell on the white sheets. The whole person did not have a slight temperature.

Although he knew that he was not a human being, Su was still very uncomfortable and looked straight and frowned.

I still feel uneasy when I poured two bottles of repairing medicine.

Looking at the man who had no reaction after drinking the pharmacy, Su drunk was a little annoyed: "Is there any props that have better effects?"

System 555 is very sad: "The host, can not afford to buy ... your current experience balance is less than 5,000."

After a pause, the electronic sound of the tablet couldn’t help but “snap”.

It is the loser host!

I have been looking forward to Su drunk to take the sideline task, Su drunk is really gone now, 555 is dumbfounded.

After completing a branch task, the experience value of 10,000 yuan, Su drunk just two bottles of the highest level of medicine, it is already 20,000 experience value.

One in and one out, not only did not earn, but also owed 10,000!

Loss of business, blood loss.

After the simple addition and subtraction of the primary school students, the system 555 has crossed a lot of meaningless code: "..."

If time can be reversed, give it a chance, 555 swears that it will be quiet like a chicken, a branch task will not be in the premise of Su drunk face!

Su drunk: "..."

I don't know why, he heard a lot of grievances from the electronic sound of the system.

In fact, he also wants to sigh.

It is true that falling in love makes people poor.


After a few more days, Su drunk was drawing, suddenly shrouded in a faint sense of crisis.

When the hand trembled, the cinnabar slanted across the middle of the yellow paper, and the aura of the scorpion was accumulated, and a high-grade stencil was directly invalidated.

If someone else sees this scene, there may be a myocardial infarction on the spot. After all, a high-grade paper is the famous master. It takes at least a few days to draw a high-grade paper to try again.

Su drunk is not concerned about this, he has been painting a few hundred sheets of paper in the past few days, and it is nothing to abolish.

What he cares about is the sense of crisis that has just passed through the bottom of my heart.

Fortune telling is not self-determined, Xuanten can not calculate his own number of lives, but when the danger occurs, there will still be some hunch.

The higher the aura, the more pure the aura, the more premonition is.

He looks at the man who is still in a coma.

The black lines on the body are lighter than the previous ones, but they are still very vivid. It is estimated that the struggle in the body will last for a short period of time.

Some people with common sense know that at this time, it is best not to interrupt easily.

"System," Su drunk throws the lost paper in his hand into the trash, and orders: "Buy me the best self-defense props."

After a pause, I added helplessly: "...the kind that can be afforded."

The disaster will start. He is not sure whether this disaster will affect the people around him and cannot stay here.

Simply prepared, Su drunk a lot of effort to open an opening for the enchantment set by the man.

He finally looked back and the man was still asleep quietly, and his eyebrows were a little more angry than when he was in a coma.

He turned and went out.

Su was drunk and did not see it. After he left, the man’s eyelids rolled slightly, as if he was about to wake up.

Just struggling for a long time, and ultimately it is still quiet.


As soon as the enchantment came out, the sense of crisis became more apparent.

The front desk of the hotel saw that he finally went out and showed a strange expression.

She was particularly impressed by this somewhat thin young man. One was because of the handsome value of the other party. The other was that the other person stayed here for more than half a month. I saw him coming down once and it was incredible.

She simply wondered if this person had something going on inside.

Every time I knock on the door, there is always someone to answer.

Su drunk and paid two months of housing money, he said: "The room is kept, don't go in."

The front desk looked at his back for a while, his eyes suddenly horrified.

Wait, this handsome guy is not alone?

People are gone, what do you rent for an empty room?

Is it... what is hidden inside?

With a bang, the folder at the front desk fell on the table.

There are countless prohibited words in my mind.

The front desk wants to cry without tears. They will not have to go to the French channel in this small hotel.

She couldn't imagine her broken head. Su drunk didn't hide anything illegal in the room, only hiding a bird that was illegally turned.


Su drunk does not know that he has let a small front desk feel into a ups and downs.

He tried to go as far as he could, and when the night fell, he stayed in the suburbs of no one.

The night is very thick.

More concentrated than the night is the yin in the air.

When the clock went to eleven and a half in the middle of the night, those things finally caught up with him.

The yin condenses in the room and eventually condenses into a graceful woman form.

The woman's face was beautiful and her body was beautiful. As soon as she appeared, the air spread a scent of taste, like a small hook, and seduce people along the breath.

If the mind is not strong enough, one face will be confused.

Su drunk and looked up and looked at the woman... No, the identity of the female ghost.

Raksha female.

The cannibals recorded in the Buddhist texts, the male ghosts are ugly and unsightly, but the female ghosts are glamorous and can live the life of the human spirit.

In terms of strength, the male ghost is weaker, the female ghost is stronger, and it is generally proportional to the appearance.

This Raksha Mai is like this, and it is very tricky at first glance.

Su drunk is a little surprised.

Rakshasa lives in the most evil hell, and has not appeared in the world for more than a hundred years.

Used to deal with a person who has not grown up with a bone, the handwriting is not small.

The Raksha woman saw that his eyes were clear, and there were no signs of being confused. He couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

"Little guy," she was close to, and the voice contained a rhythm of "hooking power."

Su drunk quickly and retired a few steps back, but also squatting sleeves, like the fear of getting on her body.

It seems that there is not a beautiful woman in front of me, but a stinky smell of meat.

Raksha female: "..."

She has not received such a shame!

The women of Raksha are very beautiful, and they also have the ultimate conceit because of their appearance.

Although she is a evil spirit that everyone can avoid, but because of the ultimate beauty, it has never been a disadvantage in front of men.

She fell down under her pomegranate skirt, and she couldn't remember even the record.

In front of this human being, there is no reaction to her full seduce. Is this like a word?

Not where it is not, it is a foundation!

Luosha female is insulting in her heart!

If it wasn’t for someone who gave her a condition that she couldn’t refuse, this kind of blind man would not stand in front of her!

She narrowed her eyes and her eyes were filled with anger.

The yin in the air is suddenly several times stronger, turning into the essence, and covering the moonlight.

The last glimmer of light also disappeared.

The figure of the Raksha woman was distorted, and it turned into a smoke teleport to the back of Su, and she extended her soft hand and explored the neck of Su drunk.

Looking at the slender woman's hand, it only needs one-tenth of a million strength to easily break the human neck.

It’s really troublesome, but I still need to take that bones, I can’t swallow it directly, and the Raksha woman thinks impatiently.

Not to mention where, but also to tear up a little bit to find.

But thinking of the pure heaven and earth evil, Rakshazu couldn't help but lick her lips.

Have some patience.

She thought that humans who had no power in this way would be very good at dealing with it. She could personally deal with it. It was a strange thing. Before she met the youth, the young man was faster than her. Her eyes disappeared.

Her nails only had time to cut a red string between Su and the neck.

The white phoenix spirit jade "咔啦" fell to the ground, even if it stretched out deep and bottomless, it also had a faint glow.

Luosha female frowned, do not know why, she looked at things very dissatisfied.

However, she didn't have time to think why she was not pleasing to the eye, and she was suddenly caught in a group of things.

Then there is the sound of "砰", and hundreds of high-end symbols are blew at the same time. Even the evil spirit Raksha can't retreat with the whole body, and the hard-boiled life is blown off one arm.

Raksha women love beauty, ugly scars and disabilities are the most unbearable things for them.

After being blown off an arm, the Raksha woman immediately screamed, her eyes were red, her nails skyrocketed by tens of centimeters, and she did not care about eating people. She came up with Su and drunk.

"Human, you are looking for death-"

However, waiting for her is a new round of bombing.


The moonlight is coming back.

In the end, the female body of Raksha was blown into the fireworks on the horizon, leaving only a small body and half body, sealed by the shackles, and fell to the ground.

She is not the human body, she will not bleed when she is injured, and there is only a dark hole in the break, but this picture is also scary enough.

Su drunk wiped the blood that slipped down his fingers.

Under the moonlight, the young man with blood-stained body is condescending, and the tone is faintly asked to the glamorous woman like a real-life doll dismembered. The tone is cold: "Who made you come?"

The Raksha Ghost is not a small character. He has made the Raksha woman like this, and of course he paid a price.

If it wasn't for his recovery during this time, and he painted so many characters to defend himself, this time it is really possible to plant it.

The Luosha woman only had half of her face staring straight at him, and there was greed in her eyes that could not be concealed.

She smelled... the tempting taste of this person!

It is a flower that needs to be put to the extreme, and the petals are only left at the top, and the taste is about to be completely opened.

People want to break him off before opening.

Is this the bone? It’s tempting to get to this point, no wonder that the human being is willing to take the precious things of heaven and earth as rewards.

If he can eat him... Eat him, no worse than the evil spirit of that day!

The women of Rakshasa’s eyes dribbled.

Su drunk seeing her not answering, her eyes smacked a cold, bent over and used her sharp knife-like implement to cut off her remaining body.

The Raksha woman screamed again, and she looked at her body, and the brain that was stunned by the spirit of the bones was finally re-occupied by fear.

Is this human? Is this a monster?

As far as she knows, human beings are not not strong enough, but they are all monsters that have been cultivated for hundreds of years.

In the eyes of this young man, he is only a teenager, even if he has been practicing since birth, it has only been a decade of hard work.

In a hesitation, the body made by yin was cut off again.

"I don't know his name..." She shuddered and gnawed her teeth: "The man is also a human being, almost as big as you, and his qualifications are not good. He uses the evil of heaven and earth to change one of your body. Root bones."

There is no expression on Su’s face: “Meng Qingzhi.”

Not an accident, he first guessed Meng Qingzhi.

After all, he has few enemies, and he can get some of his origins, that is, Meng Qingzhi.

When the evil spirits of the heavens and the earth come out, it is completely certain that Meng Qingzhi is the one who is engaged in ghosts.

Meng Qingzhi and the basaltic battle of the demon, it is not impossible to secretly catch a little evil when escaping.

Meng Qingzhi's protagonist's aura is also stubborn, so embarrassing, or can find a way to deal with him.

The woman of Luosha was **** with Fuxi and pleading for mercy: "Mr. Xiao, I know it is wrong, I will not find you any more trouble, beg you, let me go."

Her expression was so sullen, with a three-pointed seductive, habitual use of her beauty as a weapon, but forgot that she was already broken, and even half of her face, this appearance will only appear more terrible.

The beauty is beautiful, and half of the beauty is a horror film.

Unexpectedly, however, Su drunk smiled at her, and this smile was gentler than his knife and knife.

He whispered, "Okay, let me go."

The Luosha woman was very pleasantly surprised. Her expression was softer, like turning into water.

She was about to say something, and Su drunk suddenly broke a ban into her body.

The unspoken screams became a scream of savage.

Su drunk has been putting the ban on the deepest part of her body before she stops.

Su drunk and raised her hands to solve all the symbols on her body, her face is still a faint smile, but the words are like demons: "I have a ban, within half a month, or you killed the person who promised you, Either... self-destructive."

The Luosha female was stunned.

In the end, is she a ghost or is this person a ghost?

How can the means be so embarrassing!

However, life is in the hands of others, she dare not say anything, and ran into a group of yin with the fastest speed.

That person... that person, even so pit her, even said that this person was seriously injured, let her think that this is a very easy job.

She must have eaten him!

Although the qualification of that person is worse than this one called Su drunk, but it can still be seen, eating is also a big complement.

Su drunk and looked at the back of Rorcho's angry anger, disappeared, and threw away the hand of the Rakshasa woman to the side.

The line of sight fell on the ground of the phoenix spirit jade, paused, bent over and picked up, the soil that was stained on it, and loosely held in the hand, there is a ride without a ride.

This jade is also a disaster, not a crack or a fall.

However, this time it did not break.

He knew very well in his heart.

After all, Meng Qingzhi is the protagonist. He does not expect a Raksha woman to kill Meng Qingzhi, let alone a Raksha woman who is seriously injured.

However, it is not difficult to force him to wander for a while.

Let the female ghost and Meng Qingzhi torture each other first. He has to go back and see how the man is doing.

Although the people who have married the hotel don't want to bother, but let the man be alone, there is always no peace of mind.

Suddenly aware of what, Su drunk back shadow stiff, turned around.

A dark cloud floated over, and the moonlight disappeared briefly. When it reappeared, the time just passed at twelve in the morning.

As the moonlight appeared together, there was a tall figure.

The man was wearing the suit that Su was drunk for him. The black marks on his body disappeared, and the skin color was pale and pale in the moonlight.

The eyes of the cold pool stared at him deeply.

Su drunk holding the hand of Phoenix Lingyu tightened.

The man looked at his sight, without some confusion before.

On the contrary, it is incomparably clear, with a touch of restraint and coldness, like the faint glimpse seen at the airport.

He thought that the memory of this person should be restored.

Also, the amnesia bridge is just an illusion in the dog blood novel.

After all, it is a beast, and everything will be back on track.

Su drunk a little faint, he did not know how to explain.

After the man lost his memory, he subconsciously treated the person as a lover.

It seems that his attitude is very wrong now.

I don't know what men think.


The distance between the phoenix and the nail is the same as that of the Su drunk.

Perhaps in the eyes of other spirited beasts, the spirit of the soul of Su drunk disappeared with his adulthood.

But in his eyes of the five senses of the world, the breath not only did not disappear, but became more attractive.

A newly opened flower, the petals of the newly stretched petals are still covered with misty mist, and people are invited to taste it all the time.

What's more..... Su drunk has been touching his soul again.

Divided into the soul, the phoenix was touched by his heart, his brain was dizzy, he could not wait to become the original shape, and he raised his tail and asked for an even.

I remembered the nonsense that I said when I lost my memory. My heart was bitter and I couldn’t help but think... If Su is really a good idea for his Taoist.

In adulthood, the roots have grown.

Can be double repaired.

When he just wanted to say something, he heard the youth faintly opening, and the tone was faint: "You know what you are?"

Phoenix: "...?"

Phoenix: ".........??"

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