Chapter 73

When the man heard his words, he stunned and his eyes showed a trace of doubt.

Su drunk but did not confided with him, the dark eyes were quiet and quiet, did not reveal a little flaw, very confident.

No way, who told him to tell the truth.

Just omitted some details.

The man kept his posture in bed, his eyes were dark and he couldn’t see the deep tan.

The expression of the youth is too perfunctory. As long as it is a person with normal IQ, he must doubt if he hears him.

Of course he also doubts.

Especially when you blink and find that you don't have any memories, you should be the most vigilant.

But somehow, when I looked at the young people, all the doubts in his mind suddenly seemed to be melted ice, and they were blown away little by little.

Only the ** that wants to be close.

His uncontrolled light is transferred to the slim neck of the youth. The young skin is white and can easily see the blood vessels under the skin.

A faint tempting atmosphere was released from the youth, as if it could be covered, but he was still keenly smelling a clue.

He can even imagine the taste of the blood inside.

Familiar is like... he has tasted the same.

His throat couldn't help but roll.

There is something in the body that starts to move, with pain and deep bottomlessness.

It’s like hunger that wants to swallow people up.

... also mixed with a kind of ** he did not know.

He subconsciously suppressed the messy power and ** in the body. This is the conditional reflex of the body for a long time. The pain is multiplied by the sawing.

But in the next second, he made a move, and his thoughts slowly emerged in his mind. Why should he suppress himself?

Quietly spread in the room for a while, the man took the initiative to remove the line of sight.

His voice is very low, some dumb, and he said to Su drunk: "Thank you."

Su drunk: " thanks."

He looked up and down the man up and down, making sure he seemed to have broken his mind and forgot about the previous thing.

He took his eyes back and couldn’t tell if it was a headache or a sigh of relief.

Unauthorized abduction, he was still in his own mind, and did not think how to explain his motivation.

Do you say that you and my ex-husband are very similar, I am so fascinated...

Not being killed is a good temper.

Now the man has lost his memory, but he has avoided him.

Su drunk and coughed, said: "You stay for a while, I will buy you a few sets of clothes."

When he was just hugged, he had already noticed that the person’s figure was exactly the same as Fu Shizhen.

In the last world, he bought Fu Shiyi and didn't know how many times he had clothes. He had already been familiar with his size.

After a while, the man squinted his eyes and whispered.

Half of the face is drowning in the dark, as if it is suppressing something.

Su drunk noticed that he was somewhat silent, but only thought it was due to amnesia, and those who lost memory could feel insecure.

When he defaulted, he went to the nearest mall to buy clothes for him.

The place he hurriedly hid was very biased, and there was no good men's clothing store. He had a high vision and picked up for two days before he barely bought two sets.

On the way back, the system 555 secretly chanted with him: "Host, are you not tempted to abduct the amnesia bird?"

Su drunk face expressionless: "What messes up, shut up."

He returned to the hotel with his clothes, and as soon as he reached the stairs, he felt a cold breath.

I thought that the man’s body was covered with black marks in the illusion, and Su’s face changed.

He placed a separator in front of the door to prevent other guests passing by from seeing it before pushing the door open.

As it turns out, his caution is correct.

At the moment the door opened, countless black breaths were wrapped up like vines, and a cold hand pressed against his shoulder.

The bag slammed down.


When Su drunk is awake, he only feels dizzy.

He stumbled and thought about how he would be so uncomfortable -

Being put so much blood, can you not feel bad?

The self-control of the man after amnesia is simply a cliff-like decline. When he just opened the door, the whole person was tied into a scorpion by the uncontrollable evil, and he was surrounded by a man.

He didn't have time to buy props to beat people.

After he hesitated because of the familiar atmosphere, and was licked and licked his neck, the consciousness suddenly became chaotic, only remembering the vivid feeling of temperature loss from the body.

Su drunk a little headache: "..."

It must be said that the man's breath is like a cheat. Even if he knows to be vigilant, his long habits still prevent him from establishing an effective defense in time.

However, he did not have time to have a headache, and the touch that came from his chest attracted attention.

Su drunk slowly looked down, only to notice that the phoenix jade pendant worn on his chest did not know when it was picked up, took it in the hands of men, and the thin red rope was placed on the fingers all over the black mark. Sharp, there is a kind of strange and beautiful.

Su drunk brows slightly wrinkled, realizing that it is not good.

The scent of the bones is the more intense the adult is, and it will not fully converge into the body until adulthood.

He has grown into adulthood in less than a month. It is the most special time. Once the hidden jade pendant is taken, it is estimated that the beasts of a city will be attracted.

Although the Sujia's beastly technique has been lost, it is not a secret. The older Xuanmenzhong people will soon be able to guess his physique. It is not difficult to determine his follow-up clues. range.

Not to mention the group of beasts in the ruling, but they don’t know how many times they are sharper than the beasts. Maybe they can smell the smell of him when they are hundreds of miles away.

In this way, his whereabouts are completely nothing to say.

At that time, people were all overwhelmed. The fact that he had abducted the sacred beast of the ruling was a thing that had an impact on his reputation, which indirectly affected his mission.

Not to mention the fact that the man is obviously not right, and it is also a troublesome thing to appear in front of everyone.

Su drunk the first time to let the system buy a breathable props, choose to use, but this is just better than nothing, after all, when he did not wake up, has been a mobile locator that does not know how long.

Su drunk is very sad.


The consequences of a momentary brain heat are really terrible.

The impulse is really the devil.

System 555 whispered: "The bird is cool..."

“It’s been a long-lasting bird,” Su said with a calm voice. “Don’t enter some strange words into your language library. If you don’t finish the task, you won’t be rewarded.”

System 555: "..."

Oh, I almost forgot that the host task failed, and the system will have corresponding punishment.

However, the punishment of the system is not serious, and most of them are just like small black houses.

It is the host, if it fails, it will exit the task system.

As for what happens after the host task fails, System 555 doesn't know, but it forgets which seniors have heard such a theory: Most of these people who come to the task are desperate.

It doesn't seem to be hard to guess what will happen if there is no way to go.

For humans, the most terrible thing is... death?

As an artificial intelligence, System 555 understands the definition of human death, but does not feel the same.

But it knows that this is a very serious thing for humans.

The system 555 for a while, the electronic sound carefully said: "...the host is going to cheer."

It seems that I saw the worry in Su’s eyes, and the low-pitched voice came from the top of Su’s head: “ one will find it here.”

Su drunk and looked up, the man's face turned into a phantom, covered with horrible black marks.

... It seems that this evil is quite difficult.

The man looked at him.

He will not let others sneak up on their prey. When Su drunk in, he has completely closed this space.

When he heard the man's words, he relaxed his mind and had a leisurely look at someone who suddenly attacked himself.

The man put on the clothes he bought, very simple and loose style, the upper body is a beige round neck sweater, the lower part is black trousers, and the belt is buckled on the waist.

This was originally a very casual style, worn on a man, but there was a cold and temperament.

Oh, I lost my memory and I haven't forgotten how to wear clothes.

His long, dark hair was not tied, and as he leaned over, he was scattered on the Su drunk, cool and silky.

Su drunk frowning and watching his movements suddenly tilted.

Through a not-so-thin winter shirt, the man's knuckles are slowly stroking the position of his left chest.

There is one of the most deadly parts of human beings, and the drunken pupil of Su can't help but shrink.

The fingertips were pressed on the soft clothes, and the extra bones hidden beside the heart, separated by the clothes and ribs, became extremely hot for a moment, as if they passed through layers and were directly touched. .

The feeling of being caught by the soft ribs was too horrible, and Su was so shocked that his eyes were even blurred for a moment and his breathing was short.

Under the most direct threat, the body instinctively hides away from the taste of its most trust.

To be more specific, he suddenly went to the man's arms.

The action seemed to be a moment of stagnation, and suddenly looked like a young man who was looking for a stable little animal in his arms. The man's hand quickly moved away.

He looked thoughtfully at the gasping Su drunk, grabbing his shoulders that suddenly came close, and his lips were slightly moving: "You are my Taoist."

This sentence is not a question, but a statement.

When I woke up, I was naked. The naked state (the loss of IQ in the state of amnesia has forgotten the illusion of clothing), his goodwill towards the youth (unrequited love), and the unconditional trust of the other party (ex-husband empathy)...

The physical instinct does not deceive people, and all kinds of signs indicate the unusual relationship between him and the young man in front of him.

And this unusual relationship...

Searching for the intestines, he only came up with this term.

Su drunk:? ? ?

Su was not drunk, and his eyes were slightly wide, as if he saw something strange.

This conclusion - how is it derived?


No matter what kind of ravages the man’s brain circuit suffered, he seems to be a weird state that seems to be enchanted and does not seem to be, and Su drunk can’t reason with him.

Can only come along.

These days, the man’s possessiveness has inflated to an unimaginable level, and he is not allowed to drunk out of the room.

Fortunately, Su drunk as a "bird dealer" who needs to be low-key, originally tried not to go out.

The man refused to let him go out, he took this time to rest and recover the wounds left by the overdraft power in the magic array.

Although the drug can make the injury recover more than half, the remaining small part still needs a lot of rest and nursed back to complete thoroughly.

By the way, I will do some of the symbols that used the light before.

Su drunk this little black house is very comfortable.

In fact, he was a bit worried at first.

If... the man proposes to double with him, how can he deny it.

After all, in the hearts of men, they have already determined that they are Taoists.

However, he was alert for a few days and found that men did not seem to mean that.

Most of the time, he was soft and did not move on the bed. Only two dark eyes turned and observed his activities.

About to see his doubts, the man also deliberately explained: "Your physical condition is special, before the root bone has not grown, the double repair will damage the foundation."

Su drunk: "..............."

Very good, but also round bugs, it is very important to let the system learn this advanced skill.

He calmly thought, is to take 502, or the system's super glue, to give the bird's mouth to him.

Lest you get rid of it all day long!

Men are not always moving. In addition to observing the ecology of Su drunk, from time to time, they will suddenly get up and take a sip on Su drunk, stealing a few mouthfuls of blood to drink, and then slowly lie back.

Su drunk will also be symbolic and alert at the beginning, and the number of times will be numb.

In fact, the longer I get along, the clearer the feeling in his heart.

In a million falsehoods, there are always one or two copies that can be grasped.

Two people playing in the small hotel room to play the focus of the small black house, the outside of the Xuanmen has become chaotic.

One is the magical array of Xu family.

The illusion suddenly broke down. If there were so many drunks, it would have saved so many people. Nearly all the younger generations of Xuanmen’s seedlings were almost folded there.

Even if these seedlings of the last Xuanmen were still preserved, the nature of this incident was extremely serious, and there must be an explanation that could not be lightly revealed.

The illusion is the Xu family in charge, even if Xu Jia tried to explain that they did not have the ability to control the illusion, there was no objection to the risk of the ancient illusion, but the pot always had someone to come back. At the time of liquidation, as a management family of the illusion, they are undoubtedly the target of most victims.

Of course, the same, the Xuanmen Association and several big families who participated in hosting this event can't escape.

The Xuanmen family is bound to be chaotic for a while. The situation in Xuanmen is bound to have a small change, and there will be many forces to shuffle this.

The second one is Meng Qingzhi's escape.

Under the eyes of the public, Meng Qingzhi first smashed almost all the Xuanmen children to pave their own way, and later they did not hesitate to pull the entire Xuanmen water to ensure their own interests, and finally slipped under the eyes of all people, their heart is selfish, to the presence The Xuanmen elders left an indelible impression and harvested countless curses and curses.

In the future, unless Meng Qingzhi saves the whole world of comprehension in the same way, he does not want to wash it.

The Meng family, who was born in Meng Qingzhi, was also excluded by the family because of such a scum.

Even though Meng’s original strength was very strong, after all, it was difficult to support the monopoly, and it could not withstand the joint exclusion of so many forces. The defeat of the Meng family was almost predictable by the naked eye.

To this end, Meng Jia also hated Meng Qingzhi, can not wait to immediately pull him out to pull hatred, so that Meng Jia less points to anger.

Everyone wants to find out Meng Qingzhi, but Meng Qingzhi seems to be evaporating, and even a little trace is not revealed.

Under heavy pressure, Meng Jia finally chose to start the ban, using his closest relative, Meng Heyang's blood to speculate his position.

After Meng Heyang was abolished by his ability to practice, he became a normal middle-aged man with a tired face and a mean eyebrow.

He was taken a **** heart, his body was still weak, and no one was in charge of him.

He looked at the back of the Meng family and smiled ridiculously: "... How could he be so stupid?"

Meng's blood exploration is not a secret. Since Meng Qingzhi has used so many people in a premeditated manner, he will certainly not leave such a big flaw.

From the moment Meng Qingzhi abandoned him, he saw it. He is a blind man who is cooler than anyone else.

Such people, when they are developed, do not mind giving you a share of it.

But when the crisis comes, the companion will only become his stepping stone and the ghost.

Sure enough, the Meng family’s blood test did not find any results at the end, and Meng Qingzhi still did not know where to go.


In addition to Meng Qingzhi, the disappearance of another person has also caused a lot of attention.

It is Su drunk.

Unlike Meng Qingzhi, who caused Xuanmeng’s public anger, this young man who saved almost the entire Xuanmen junior has used his own actions to reach a small peak in his own and Su’s fame in a very short period of time.

He has outstanding qualifications, holds a huge resource in his hand, and saves so many people... Su drunk for a time in Xuanmen, no one knows, and the heat and Meng Qingzhi are comparable.

Only one is a good heat, one is a fever of insults.

These two heat centers have never appeared.

Xie Yu, who has been working with Su drunk, has found it, but he also does not know where Su is drunk.

At the end of the day, he was thrown out with the children of the family, and he knew that there was no more than others. The communication device that Su was given to him was used in the magic array. Now there is no way. Use again.

Unlike Xie Yu who took the initiative to escape, after the illusion broke, the outside people could no longer see what was happening inside. Many people speculated that Su drunk might be too serious to hurt, and thus could not escape the bursting of the illusion. hurt.

Xie Yu said that he is not willing to believe this possibility.

In his mind, Su drunk is the most calm and powerful person he has ever seen. How could it be so simple to die?

Moreover, he intuitively feels that Su drunk is not so compassionate and selfless in nature. Since he can spare no effort to save so many people, it is impossible not to leave a way out for himself.

Thanks to the simple way of thinking, in this matter, suddenly it was unusually clever.

The same thoughts as him, and the group of children who were saved by Su drunk.

However, they did not understand Su drunk, the reason why he insisted that he did not die, part of the worship, and the other part of the admiration.

"When he finds it, I have to thank him personally."

"There is still an apology. Before I was in the Brahma Little Secret, I followed Meng Qingzhi with him..."


The last thing is that the Phoenix is ​​missing.

This matter is more important than the other three things, but almost no one knows except the ruling.

Only a few veteran figures in Xuanmen knew vaguely, and a ruling adult in the ruling was implicated in this change.

The status of the phoenix is ​​precious. Today's situation is very special. The spread of the matter is too broad and does not help. It will only cause people to tremble. If it is broken into the image of the phoenix, it will increase the danger of the phoenix. Low-key processing.

But dealing with low-key does not mean that the strength of the search is small.

The gods and beasts have their own way of finding a companion, just as the atmosphere of Suzaku can open the space at that time. The strong behavior of Brahma's small secrets opens the second entrance to introduce the phoenix. The sensing ability between the beasts and the beasts is very strong.

The ethnic group is dying. If it is a single soldier, it is easier to cause trouble. This is the gift of Heaven to them.

Especially the Qing dynasty as a phoenix's entourage, the relationship with the phoenix is ​​intimate and unimaginable. Qing dynasty said that as long as the phoenix is ​​still alive in this world, he will certainly find some clues.

However, the fact quickly hit his face.

For half a month, he did not have any gains, and even a bird of the phoenix was not found.

In this case, there are only two possibilities.

One is that the phoenix is ​​dead.

However, given the fact that Phoenix’s suppression of the ruling’s truth did not reveal a dead end, this possibility can be easily ruled out.

Only the breath of the phoenix was completely covered up.

I don’t know if he is, or is his own hand.

If you cover up yourself, it is not a big deal. Phoenix may be rehabilitated and inconvenient to be disturbed.

If it is covered up by others, the situation is serious.

Because only the strong side can completely cover up the breath of others.

But in this world... Is there really a stronger existence than the phoenix that entered the body?

Suzaku knew about it, and the guess in my heart was more certain.

He reasoned the results "rigorously" with his own sloppy thinking -

Oops, the green 鸾 is really too rigid, and the phoenix is ​​obviously going out to have fun, hiding and not wanting to come back!

I want to do so much!

However, he did not dare to say to the Qing dynasty, he can see it clearly, Qing dynasty is a phoenix without brain blowing, in his eyes, the Phoenix is ​​fair and selfless, the pressure is calm, certainly will not make the collapse of this class Set things.

So Suzaku said a phoenix's bad words, just licking his own black bean eyes, squatting to the front of the green scorpion, taking advantage of his young bird form, only the slender tail feathers of the slender hairs, tilted up and showed him : "Green, you look at my tail. I felt a little pain yesterday. I didn't bother you. I can't help it today. Look, I am worried that my tail will be bald?"

Qing Yan listened to him saying that he was a little anxious.

For many birds, especially the males, the tail is the facade, and the beautiful tail will become an important bargaining chip when courting.

The most famous is the opening of the peacock, a tail that is sufficiently eye-catching, basically laying the position of this male in the ethnic group.

Its importance is about the same as human hair.

The bark of the bark is fiddled on the feathers of its tail. Look carefully at the flaws on it. The sound is a bit cold: " should tell me yesterday."

Suzaku endured the itch of the tail root, quietly tilting the tail higher, and the red seems to be more vivid: "No, I see you are very busy, do not want to bother you, I am a good bird, today is really forbearing Living."

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