is written at the end

  This book has gone through nearly seven months from July 1st last year to today’s February 23rd, and it’s finally finished.

  This book also has a lot of problems. The character design has not been properly controlled, and it should have collapsed several times _(:*∠)_

  Thank you very much for the friends who have always loved and supported. Without everyone, there would be no Yun Jiuci.

  Stupid writers will continue to work hard and write every story well.

   The next book is a new theme and challenge.

   Try to recharge your brain and write a little different story.

  The new book is an infinite streaming theme, and it has opened for pre-collection. The most likely update time is at the end of April.

   has also been mentioned in Zuohua before, not much nonsense, interested little cutie, we will see you in our new book, so what?^3^

   (end of this chapter)

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