Chapter 798 Fanwai 4: No Sweetness, No Money (End)

   When Fengmian was one and a half years old, he could call his parents and walk alone with trembling support.

   Yunchu was taking a nap.

  Fengmian was wearing cerebellum axe pajamas, his hands resting on the bed, and he moved over the sponge pad little by little.

   The little guy raised his leg.

   The bed was too high, she tried several times but could not get on the bed.

After    several times, Feng Mian raised his head in a huff.

  What should I do if I can't go up?

   will be stunned.

   The little guy was not discouraged, he looked back, his big round eyes stared around, and after a while, he saw something, and he smiled.

   The cerebellar axe walked in the direction of the door, straight at the small bench placed at the door.

   Don't look at her small, Feng Mian is also very strong, as soon as he took the bench into his arms, he walked back hummingly.

   Put down the small bench, Feng Mian grabbed the quilt hard, and climbed onto the bench.

   At this time...

   Fengmian felt his father's breath.

   She clutched the quilt in one hand and turned her head, so she met Feng Yu's sight.

  The main **** was wearing a white shirt, with one hand in his pocket, leaning against the door casually, his dark eyes staring at Feng Mian quietly.

   The little guy blinked.

   Feng Yu's face was expressionless.

   Xiao Fengmian let out a sigh of relief, hugged the quilt tightly, and stared at Dad vigilantly.

   Feng Yu remained expressionless.

  Xiao Fengmian paused for a while, and imitated Yun Chu's face.

   Seeing that Feng Yu was indifferent and didn't react at all, Feng Mian's cheeks bulged and he made a face.

   and then turned around.

   She lowered her head and slowly climbed onto the bed like a small snail, about to burrow into the bed.

next moment.

   The collar of the back shirt was lifted.

  Fengmian blinked, and looked down with a blank face, his body was being lifted, and there was no resistance at all.

   When he realized something, he was already brought out of the room by Feng Yu and hugged back into his arms.

   The little guy is still a little confused.

  No emotion could be seen on the face of the Lord God, he was very skilled in holding the child, his beautiful thin lips were pursed lightly, and he did not speak.

   Next second.

   Feng Mian squeezed his father's face with his two little hands and tugged curiously.

   Feng Yu: "..."

   The little guy giggled, and after a while, he said in a milky voice, "Dad."


   "Bad guy." Feng Mian made a serious accusation, and pulled the Lord God's ear again.

   Feng Yu was silent.

   After putting the little guy in the crib, he hummed a song softly, and coaxed Fengmian to sleep without giving Fengmian a chance to refute.

   The little guy was so energetic that he couldn't sleep, staring at Feng Yu with wide eyes.

   Feng Yu knew what she was thinking.

   He whispered: "Want to sleep with mom?"

   Hearing these words, Feng Mian sat up directly from the bed, nodding like garlic, and staring at Feng Yu.

   opened his little hands, asking Feng Yu to carry her back.

   The voice is also milky.


   Then, it was pressed back again.

  Fengmian: ?

   Feng Yu lowered his eyes and said, "When I was as old as you, I was already independent."

  Fengmian: ?

   doesn't seem to understand.

   "Learn to sleep on your own."

   said, Feng Yu stuffed a doll into Feng Mian's arms, and slowly covered the baby with a quilt.

   Fengmian only showed his head, and Feng Yu didn't understand many of what Feng Yu said, but subconsciously hugged the doll tightly.

   Feng Yu said, "A long time ago, there was a..."


   After a story was told, Fengmian fell asleep with his small mouth slightly open and slept soundly.

   After confirming that the baby was asleep, Feng Yu raised his hand to set up a protective barrier before leaving the room softly.

the other side.

   Yunchu just woke up.

   After sitting up, she found that Feng Mian was not there, and Feng Yu was not watching, she paused and got out of bed immediately.

   Yunchu's brain was a little blank, when he rushed to the door in a hurry, he just threw himself into Feng Yu's arms and was embraced by his waist.


   Yunchu's body was suspended in the air, and he was carried into the room, and the door was closed with the sound.

   Yun Chu paused, his toes touching the ground.

   "I'm going to find Mianmian." Yun Chu said.

  Although the little guy is full of divine power, unlike ordinary humans, he can't touch or touch her, and there is almost nothing that can hurt her.

   But if you get lost, it is very dangerous.

   Yun Chu was not worried about Feng Mian being abducted or being bullied, but worried that this little devil would bully people outside.

   This kind of thing is not once or twice.

  Feng Yu lowered his eyelids and brought back Yun Chu, who was eager to leave, with a grim expression.

   "Mianmian just fell asleep."

   "Oh, just fell asleep..." Yun Chu breathed a sigh of relief.

   followed closely and was hugged by the waist.

   Yun Chu was stunned.

   Feng Yu hugged her to the bed, and pushed her up involuntarily, her slender and fair fingers clamped her wrists.

  The black hair was scattered on the white bed sheet, the black and white contrasted, and the color was bright and beautiful.

   All of this happened between lightning and flint, and it was hard to prevent.

   The main **** lowered his head, his voice hoarse: "Chuchu."

   Yun Chu hummed.

  Feng Yu lowered his eyes, his long eyelashes like crow feathers swept gently, he didn't speak, he looked very aggrieved.

   The pale phalanx slightly lifted, gently cupping Yun Chu's cheek.

   Four eyes are facing each other.

   "Look at me, look at me more." His voice was low and a little hoarse.

   A person who is obviously very cute, but now he seems a little dejected and looks very sad.

   Yunchu paused.

   reached out and touched Feng Yu's head. During this time, he seemed to be a little left out.

   Yun Chu didn't expect that the influence on Feng Yu would be so great, and the spirit of the little cute is not very good.

  The wrist was clamped, Yun Chu could only raise his head, his lips pressed against the other's lips, and he retreated.

   In the black and white eyes, at this time, only Feng Yu was left.

  The main **** has always been very good-looking, and his appearance has inherited all the advantages of his parents, without any flaws, perfect to impeccable.

   In character, sometimes childish, occasionally a little arrogant.

   But at critical times, he always likes to rush ahead and is willing to be a meat shield.

  Whatever is on my mind, I also like to hide it in my heart. I don’t say it, but write it on my face.

  Thinking like this, Yun Chu couldn't help but bent his eyes, quietly got rid of the restraint of a certain god, and put his hand into Feng Yu's shirt.

   She lowered her eyes slightly.

   When the fingertips touch the skin, the waistline there is beautiful and unusual, and it doesn't seem to get tired of touching it for a long time. The palms of the hands are slightly hot, and so is the face.

   Yunchu was expressionless, and he touched little by little, exploring like a child.

   In the next second, a suspicious voice overflowed from the Lord God's throat, and the end of his eyes also turned red.

   He pursed his lips, put his fingers into the hem of his clothes, and grabbed Yun Chu's hand.

   The movement was suddenly stopped, and Yun Chu raised his eyes suspiciously.

   Then, he couldn't help but startled.

   The young master's eyes were deep, and his **** and beautiful Adam's apple rolled down.

  The hot breath and the snow-like breath on his body poured down together.

   "In the beginning..."

  's voice was hoarse, as if trying to restrain something.

   And it seems, he can't restrain himself at all.

   He lowered his eyelids and said, "This time, Mianmian will not be disturbed."

  Yunchu also became confused at this time, and hummed.

   After that...

  When the wind and waves hit, no one present was spared.

  The waves under the waves are rolling, the undercurrent is surging, the ships are swaying, and they are in danger of being overturned and broken at any time.

   Two hearts seem to be able to blend with each other when they are closest to each other.




  Silver bells collide.

   The tinkling silver bells seemed to whisper in the wind.

   (End of the sideshow)

   The back is really gone _(:*∠)_

   The full text is over.



   (end of this chapter)

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