Chapter 797 Fanwai 3: You are here

   "She was born, a daughter." The doctor smiled and delivered the good news to the two adults.

  The Lord God couldn't bear it any longer. Hearing the doctor's words, he hurriedly opened the door and rushed in.

  The doctor paused for a while, then said with a smile, "Would you like to see your granddaughter?"


  Tian Dao nodded and walked past the doctor without saying a word.

  The baby was placed in the cradle, with two big eyes like grapes, with slightly lighter pupils, like some kind of high-quality jade.

  Tian Dao raised his eyes slightly.

  The Lord God didn't take a look at the little baby, and sat on the edge of the hospital bed and held Yun Chu's hand.

   The little girl was pale, her black hair on her forehead was wet with sweat, her lips were pale, she opened her eyes weakly and closed them again.

  Yunchu: ...never give birth next time.

   "Does it hurt?" Feng Yu said.

   Why doesn't it hurt.

   He pursed his lips and gently rubbed Yunchu's fingertips with his fingertips.

   Yun Chu's body was slightly curled up, his eyes were closed, he didn't want to speak, so he saved some energy.


   The whole body seems to be exerting force, including the hair strands, and it hurts to the point of exploding.

   Tian Dao waved his hand and moved to the ward.

   He bent down to pick up the baby in the cradle and lowered his eyes.

   The little baby opened his eyes, and his white and tender hands stretched out, as if trying to grab something.

   After a while, I got tired, put my fingers to my lips, and nibbled without heart.

  Tian Dao slightly bent his eyes and touched the baby's soft little face with his fingers.

very nice.

   Yun Chu sat up with Feng Yu's support, leaning on the pillow.

   She looked at the baby in Tian Dao's arms, her eyebrows softened.

   I still remember that she once made a wish, which she never said or told anyone.

  In the beginning, she hoped that the mother would be reincarnated and that they could be mother and daughter again.

   However, if this is the case, Tiandao Dad may be about to collapse.

  The daughter-in-law suddenly became a granddaughter...

  Yunchu decisively gave up the idea and made a wish.

Yun Chu didn't know whether   's wish could come true, but at least, this was the reward given to her by the gods, the ancient gods who surpassed the three thousand worlds, including the realm of the gods and the abyss.

  Tian Dao turned his eyes slightly to meet Yun Chu's gaze. After a short pause, he held the baby in his arms towards the two children, and bent over to place the baby in Yun Chu's arms.

   "Look how cute she is." Tian Dao touched the little baby's face and said lightly.

   Yun Chu lowered his eyes, raised his hand, and touched the child's face with his fingertips.

   Soft and messy, fragile and delicate, there is a circle of drool on his chin, his eyes are unblinking, and his face is curious and ignorant.

   After a while.

   The little baby smiled, his beautiful eyebrows and eyes curved into the shape of a crescent moon.

   This smile instantly made people cute, and Yun Chu's heart softened.

   After teasing the baby for a while, she raised her eyes to look at Feng Yu.

   "Have you made up your mind? What name should you name the baby?"

   The Lord God paused for a while and said:

   "Wind sleep, when the wind wakes up, the flowers are not sleeping, what a nice name."

  The main **** is serious.

   "The love story of the wind and flowers, do you want to hear it at the beginning?"

  Yunchu: "..."

"In no mood."

   is just a lie.


  Wind sleep.

  Yun Chu silently recited it a few times, um, it sounds pretty good.

   Feng Yu didn't know what to say, he thought about it for a long time, and finally asked his parents for advice.

   It turned out that his name was chosen at random.

  The words in the dictionary are spread out, and when he was a child, he grabbed the word "Yu" with his hands.

   So, the name came, Feng Yu.

  The main **** expressed that he did not want to speak.

The name   , how sloppy it is.

  The main **** has always thought that Yu means to know and understand, while Feng Yu means that the wind knows its own direction and does not get lost, not confused, and not hesitant.

   His parents wanted him to be in the position of the main god, not to get lost, and to always know his position clearly, but he didn't expect, um...he thought too much.

  The reason why it is named Fengmian is purely because it sounds good.

   And their daughter doesn't need to have much responsibility and heavy duty on her shoulders, just be happy and happy.

It's just like--

  The wind blows all the time, and you will always be tired. You need to stop and take a break.

   Feng Yu blinked slightly, "Is it bad?"

   "...It sounds good." Yun Chu replied expressionlessly, touched Xiao Fengmian with his fingers, and said, "I'm a little hungry."

  The Lord God had a meal and immediately said, "I'm going to cook."

   After Feng Yu left.

   Only Yun Chu and Tian Dao were left in the ward, as well as the newborn baby.

  Tian Dao bent down and quietly looked at the sleeping baby.

   "Fengmian, it's a good name."

   He smiled lightly.

  Yun Chu stared at the Tao of Heaven, lost for a moment.

   She hadn't seen Tiandao's father show such a heartfelt smile for a long time.

   Yun Chu raised his eyelids and said calmly, "You and she will meet again."

   Heavenly Dao stiffened slightly.

   Yun Chu suddenly said such a sentence, and for a while, he was a little stunned.

   After a while, the Tao of Heaven opened his mouth.

   "It's not important." The corners of his lips curved slightly, and he reached out and touched Yunchu's head, "I haven't taken good care of you all these years."

   came from the top of his head with apologetic words, bit by bit digging into his mind.

   Yun Chu lowered his eyes, his eyes were a little hot, and his vision gradually blurred.

   "I know, Ah Chu has been blaming himself and taking everything on himself." Tian Dao sighed slightly, "You are not wrong, and no one is wrong. If there must be one person who is wrong, it will not be you."


   A tear fell.

   Yun Chu wiped away his tears and reached out to hold Tiandao's hand: "I am also at fault."

The relationship between    and the Tao of Heaven has always been lukewarm, lukewarm, neither too close nor too distant.

   In the final analysis, she has never opened her heart, thinking that she is the one who shouldn't exist, and dare not respond to Tiandao's father's approach.

   She understands a little bit now.

   After becoming a mother, she learned to think in a different position and understood why her mother did it in the first place. If it were her, she might have done the same.

  Children shouldn't be burdened with adults' decisions, and mothers wouldn't want to see their children live unhappily.

   Not to mention...

   She is the only relative of Tiandao, and she is the only one left in Tiandao.

   "Don't cry." Tian Dao reassured, "They are all mothers, and they are still crying in front of the baby. When will Ah Chu grow up?"

  Yun Chu paused slightly, Xiao Fengmian woke up at some point, giggled, and his beautiful eyes did not blink.

  Tian Dao laughed: "Mianmian laughed."

   said, Tiandao teased the baby.

  Yunchu: ...I didn't cry.

   She glared at Xiao Fengmian fiercely, the baby stared at her, looked at her, and laughed again, she was heartless and cute.

  Yun Chu was completely displeased with this little brat. Seeing her smile, his heart was warm, as if nothing else mattered.

  Unconsciously, Yun Chu curled his lips into a smile. She rarely smiles, and such a soft smile is even rarer.

   Feng Yu saw this picture when he came in with the food box.

   He paused, looked at Yun Chu, and then at the baby, suddenly a strong sense of crisis arose.

   Lord Lord God walked in without a word and opened the food box.

   He cooked light porridge, poured out a bowl, went to the bed and sat down.

   "In the beginning, open your mouth."

   "Huh?" Yun Chu came back to his senses.

   While teasing her daughter, she opened her mouth and accepted feeding.

  Feng Yu lowered his eyes and went to feed him one bite at a time.

   Every time he raised his eyelids, Yun Chu didn't raise his eyes to look at him.

   The line of sight is completely occupied by the baby, without him.

   There is no place at all.

  Tian Dao was also looking at the baby, Feng Yu lowered his eyes and looked at his little girl.

  The baby smiled happily, his eyes seemed to be staring at him.

   He touched the baby, and Feng Xiaomian laughed immediately.

   A proper little pistachio.

  Feng Yu likes children, but before that, he never thought about his family status and early attention after having children.

  The Lord God lowered his eyes and said nothing.

   After returning to Shenyuan, after coaxing the baby and Yun Chu to sleep, the main **** secretly left and returned to the realm of the gods without saying a word.


   "My mother and I will go to Shenyuan tomorrow to see the baby."

   Mu Yan spoke without haste, and was a little surprised to see Feng Yu coming at this time.


  The Lord God said: "Dad, I was wrong."

  Mu Yan: "...?"

   "You shouldn't disturb your two-person world as a child."

   Mu Yan did not speak.

   The Lord God humbly asked: "How can I make Chuchu pay more attention to me in the future?"

  Mu Yan: "..."

  Feng Yu: "You are someone who has come here."

  Mu Yan: "..."


   Mu Yan said: Heaven is good for reincarnation.



   (end of this chapter)