Chapter 796 Extra 2: Prenatal Depression

   Yun Chu was seven months pregnant, and her belly was already obvious.

   Aside from being a little inconvenient to move around and unable to control herself always paying attention to her lower abdomen, there is only one difference from before. She likes spicy food very much recently.

   No, I have always liked it, but recently it has become better.

  Yun Chu heard from elders that proper prenatal education is good for babies.

   Feng Yu thought it made sense, so he bought a bunch of early education books for the baby.

  Yun Chu sat on the sofa and opened a book.

   "Origin of God"

  Very good, she hadn't even read the book herself.

   Yun Chu began to look.

   After watching for a while, the main **** in a plush pajamas came out of the kitchen with a cup of hot milk and walked straight to Yun Chu.

  The sound of footsteps approaching, Yun Chu subconsciously looked up.

   Feng Yu handed her the milk and looked down at her belly.

  Yunchu: ... Here again.

   She reached for the milk.

   "Hot, with added sugar, the baby should like it too." Feng Yu said.

  Yunchu: "Oh."

   was originally prepared for babies.

   Feng Yu bent down and made his altitude level with Yunchu.

   He raised his hand and held Yun Chu's shoulder lightly, his eyes closed lightly, and he kissed Xia Yunchu's forehead.

   "Is your body still adapting?" Feng Yu asked, "Anything you want to eat?"

   Yun Chu lifted his eyelids and ignored him.

   "What's wrong? Not feeling well?"

  The main **** began to get nervous.

   Feng Yu was at a loss for a moment, and it didn't take long before he was so nervous that he sweated on his forehead.

   He immediately lowered his head and carefully picked up Yun Chu horizontally.

   This sudden surprise was simply frightening.

   Cloud first meal.

   squeezed the glass in his hand.

  It’s okay, not spilled.

   "Do what?"

  Yun Chu raised his head, grabbed the corner of his clothes, and looked confused.

   She just didn't speak, why does it feel like something serious has happened.

   Thinking so, Yun Chu silently glanced down at his bulging belly.

   about to give birth? doesn't hurt.

   She began to wonder if her nerve endings were firing.

   Feng Yu hugged Yun Chu, raised his feet and walked out: "Go to Tiandao Dad to see if he can relieve the pain and discomfort."

  Yunchu: "..."

   "Put it down, I don't hurt."

   The morning sickness period was over early, and the baby in the belly only kicked occasionally. Generally speaking, there was no discomfort, but the whole person was a little bulky.

   Feng Yu was too nervous, and was stunned for a while, and after a moment of loss, he obediently hugged Yun Chu back to the sofa and put her down carefully.

  Yun Chu took a pillow into his arms and answered his previous question.

   "Hot pot, spicy."

  Yun Chu stared at Feng Yu and said word by word.

   "Okay, I'll go get ready."

   Feng Yu nodded in response, and was about to get up and leave. Thinking of something, he retreated silently, hugging Yun Chu carefully, as if he was afraid of breaking something, and lowered his head to cover her lips, moving slowly and with the utmost gentleness.

   Yun Chu blinked.

   Feng Yu kissed her nose and eyes again before leaving obediently.

   Yun Chu laughed a little, lowered his eyes and touched his stomach, and began to drink the hot milk that the child's father prepared for her.

   The sweetness is just right, and the temperature is still hot.

   When Yun Chu looked up again, he found that the child's father forgot to change his clothes and went out in his pajamas.

  Actually, Yun Chu found out long ago that Feng Yu has been a little out of the state recently and always has nightmares.

   looks extremely insecure.

   "In addition to what you said, does he suffer from loss of appetite, low mood, sleep disturbance, difficulty concentrating, or being overly concerned about your symptoms and that of your child?"

   Yun Chu's prenatal guidance doctor folded his hands and asked casually.

   Looking back, Yun Chu nodded: "Yes."

   Hearing this answer, the doctor smiled lightly and said, "The situation of the Lord God is also very common and belongs to prenatal depression."

   Yunchu paused.

   "Prenatal depression?" She was slightly puzzled.

   Isn't she the one who is going to have a baby?

   seemed to see Yun Chu's puzzlement. The doctor said: "This situation will not only happen to the mother of the child, but also the father of the child, and even the people around the pregnant woman may suffer from prenatal depression."

   Yun Chu nodded, "Doctor, what should I do?"

   "Enlighten him a lot, let him relax, don't be too nervous, take a walk, listen to songs..."



   Feng Yu came back with a big bag and a small bag, and there was another person behind him.

  Tian Dao raised his amber eyes, carrying a pile of baby supplies in his hand.

   Yun Chu glanced down silently.

  Good guy, both boys and girls, direct double arrangement.

   "Baby, I'm back." Feng Yu opened the mouth and said, walked in front of Yun Chu, turned things back, bent down and kissed Yun Chu's forehead, and immediately went to the kitchen.

"I went to cook."

   Yun Chu blinked and nodded Mumu.

  Tian Dao walked in after him and spread out the baby supplies.

  Yunchu was still confused, Tiandao raised his eyes and asked, "Achu, what do you think is missing besides these? I'll make up for it."

   After saying that, he stood up straight and walked outside, as if he was in a hurry to go shopping.

   There is a row of question marks in Yunchu's head

  No, she hasn't said what she's missing!

  Why today, Dad Tiandao looks weird...

  Wait, Yun Chu suddenly thought of the doctor's words-even people around pregnant women may suffer from prenatal depression.

  Yunchu: "..."

   Yun Chu had a sudden meal, a little square.

  Should she also be depressed before giving birth, so that she can better integrate into this big family?

   Yun Chu was looking forward to this little life and was also a little nervous.

   But she is not nervous like Feng Yu and Tiandao's father, she looks like two Tie Hanhan.


   A family of three sat around a table, Yun Chu held chopsticks and stared blankly at the hills of meat and vegetables in his bowl.

   Feng Yu: "Baby eat more meat and supplement protein."

   said, and put a piece of fat cow into Yunchu's bowl.

the other side.

   "Don't forget to eat more vegetables, mix meat and vegetables, and have a balanced nutrition." Tiandao said.

  Therefore, there were more green cabbage and baby vegetables in Yunchu's bowl.

   followed closely, and the two men stared at Yun Chu together.


   Yun Chu silently bowed his head.

"I eat."

   The hot pot was very filling. After eating, the two men scrambled to clean up and wash the dishes.

   Yun Chu saw through the world and announced a fact to them.

   "You were prenatally depressed."

  Feng Yu & Tiandao: "?"

   was stunned for a few seconds, and the two men continued to work as if they didn't hear anything.

  Yun Chu touched his stomach, suddenly felt speechless, got up and walked to the bedroom.

   Yunchu was going to take a bath.

   After filling the bathtub with water, Yun Chu bent down slightly and reached out to test the temperature.

   "It seems a little hot."

   Will it burn the baby?

  Yun Chu frowned, expressionlessly added a little cold water in.

   Tried the temperature again.

   "It seems to be a bit cold again now."

   At such a temperature, will the baby catch a cold?


  Yunchu heated the water again...

five minutes later.

  Yunchu is still adding water.

   Feng Yu returned to the room after packing, and found Yun Chu in the bathroom.

   Hearing Feng Yu coming in, Yun Chu seemed to have found a savior, and immediately turned around and asked, "Ayu, come and try the water temperature for me to see if this baby can adapt to the water temperature."

   said, Yun Chu turned around again, put his fingers in the water, and continued to ponder.

   Feng Yu immediately stepped forward and tested the water temperature with Yun Chu.

   After half the trial, he turned his head and looked at Yun Chu, staring at Yun Chu's eyes without blinking.

  Yun Chu meal: "Look at what I do?"

   Feng Yu smiled lightly, reached out and gently pinched Yun Chu's face.

   "Baby, you are prenatal depression, relax."

   Yun Chu's body stiffened.

   looked down and found that his palms were already sweating.

   Oh, prenatal depression.

and many more!

   Prenatal Depression?

   Yun Chu blinked blankly, she was also... prenatal depression?

the next day.

   The family of three found the doctor and stared at her solemnly.

The doctor    said that she is a little flustered now.

   These three sitting in front of her, oh no, four.

   One is the main god, the other is the way of heaven, and the other is the way of heaven in the future.

   There is another one who is amazing.

   is the child of the Lord God, the grandson of Tiandao, and the child of Tiandao in the future.

   She is a doctor and a prenatal guidance doctor. I have never seen such a scene.

  The doctor raised his hand to wipe the sweat, and asked cautiously, "Do you have any questions?"

   Yun Chu replied: "They both were depressed before giving birth, um, I seem to be a little bit too."

  The doctor moved for a while, and after a while, he showed an extraordinarily reserved smile, "I see, this is normal, this..."

  Suddenly, the doctor's words stopped abruptly.

   After a few seconds, the voice was crying: "Lord God, that's my personal honor certificate, don't tear it up..."

   Hearing the sound, Feng Yu stopped, looked down at the fragments in his hand, and was stunned for a while.

   "Sorry, I was just a little distracted."

   The doctor's heart is bleeding.

   Yet followed.

   "No, Lord Tiandao, there is white paper there, don't draw on the wall..."

  Tiandao paused, took back the pen calmly and gracefully, glanced at the graffiti, and said softly, "Sorry, I'm sorry."

   Seeing that Lord Tiandao had cleared the graffiti, the doctor was relieved.

   is still the Lord of Heaven.

   But the next second.

  The doctor hugged his head and cried: "Lord Yunchu, those instruments are very expensive, they are not Lego toys..."

  Yun Chu had just dismantled it for a while, when he heard the doctor's heart-breaking voice, he stopped, and raised his eyes obediently.

   paused for two seconds.

   said seriously: "Maybe the baby wants to play Lego."

   After the doctor was silent, he raised his face: "Three adults, your symptoms are very serious. Next, please cooperate with my treatment."

  Three people: "Hmm."

   Well-behaved like a primary school student.

  The doctor was tired, took off his white coat with a blank face, and bravely picked up the teaching stick.


   The family just wants to be neat _(:*∠)_

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   (end of this chapter)