Chapter 795 Extra 1: Such a big wedding


   "The wedding of the Lord God and Lord Yunchu, the gods of all the gods are here, how can I be missing? Hiccup."

   The white and clean youth held a wine glass and burped while drinking.

   The young man beside him who looked restrained and quiet helplessly pulled the corner of his lower lip, pulled the other's sleeve, and lowered his voice:

   "Master, restrain yourself." The young man looked helpless.

   The young man called Master smirked and said, "Rong Gui, don't be stunned, drink with Master!"

  Ronggui: "..."

   "Feng Hui!"

   The youth's voice became cooler.

  The corner of his clothes was suddenly pulled, and Feng Hui pulled him and walked forward.

  Ronggui stumbled and calmed down, one word: patience.

When    raised his eyes, Rong Gui saw Yun Chu in a fiery red wedding dress.

   The woman has red lips and white teeth and picturesque eyebrows. It is not an exaggeration to say that she is a beautiful country.

  The rumored Lord Yunchu is cold-hearted and taciturn.

   The first time Rong Gui saw Yun Chu was on the day of his wedding today.

   The other party was wearing a fiery red wedding dress, and his temperament looked extremely cold.

   This was Yun Chu's first impression of Rong Gui, but later, Rong Gui planned to take this sentence back.

   His master raised his glass and greeted him, "Master Yunchu, I, Feng Hui, this is my apprentice, Rong Gui."

   Fenghui stretched out his hand and pushed Ronggui forward a step.

  Ronggui: "..."

  The young man in white nodded lightly to Yunchu: "Sir, I'm going home."

   Yunchu nodded.

   Yun Chu, who didn't know how much he drank, was empty.

  Fenghui glanced sharply, pulled the person next to him, and said, "Fill up the wine for Lord Yunchu."

   Yun Chu paused for a while, there was no emotion in his black eyes, and he couldn't see the drunk state.

   She handed out the wine glass, lowered her eyes to fill it up, and retracted her hand.

  Feng Hui: "Lord Yunchu, you and the Lord God are getting married today, why don't you smile, you will look better when you smile."

   Ronggui heard this: "..."

   Yun Chu was stunned for a moment, and after a while, he said seriously, "Am I not laughing?"

  Feng replied, paused, and immediately showed a bright smile.

   followed and said: "Lord, look at me, I'm just laughing."

   "You smile!"

  Rong Gui really wanted to pull Fenghui away, but in front of Yun Chu, he was not easy to take action.

the other side.

   Yun Chu thought about it seriously and nodded: "Oh."

  Feng Hui suddenly laughed happily: "That's right!"

  Ronggui:…………! !

   Then, Rong Gui saw an unforgettable scene in his life.

   Yun Chu felt that what this person said was right, she wanted to smile.

   In the past, no matter what mood Yun Chu was in, he was accustomed to being indifferent. His emotions would not be exposed, he would not laugh much, and he would not let people see his sorrows and joys.

   She is very happy now, she wants to laugh.

   The drunken Highness Shen Yuan tugged at the corner of his mouth, revealing a very strange arc.

  Fenghui shook his head immediately: "Sir, you can't do it. Laughing is even uglier than crying. Be more natural, like me."

   said, the young man showed a big smile and tilted his head slightly.

  Ronggui: "..."

   He tried to be calm.


  According to the character of Lord Yunchu, she should be angry.

  What's going on, I won't pay attention to Feng Hui anymore.


  Yun Chu blinked, oh, the corners of his lips raised slightly, his eyebrows stretched.

When    laughs, it seems that the sky and the earth are pale, and everything is inferior.

  Fenggui gave a thumbs up: "Your Excellency is so smart, you have learned the essence of yours!"

  Rong Gui supported his forehead and looked at Yun Chu with surprise.

   The one in front of him seems to be different from the rumored one.

   Nice to talk, look, and a little silly? ? ?

   Yun Chu restrained his smile and raised his glass: "Thank you two for coming to my wedding with Feng Yu."

  The wedding was held in Shenyuan, inviting the people of the entire Divine Realm.

   specially selected Chinese wedding.

   Before starting, Yun Chu passively learned the etiquette of various weddings.

   After thinking about it, she still wanted to be the one who was socializing outside.

   Feng Yu can't drink, she can do it for him.

   Yun Chu felt that her alcohol intake would at least be better than Feng Yu.

   There were too many people at the banquet, and Yun Chu drank all the way, but he didn't see anything.

   Although he can't see his drunken state now, his consciousness is not sober.

  Rong Guiqian was polite and polite, and returned a cup to Yun Chu. Feng Hui clinks glasses with Yun Chu carelessly, and said with a smile: "I wish the Lord and the Lord God a long life and give birth to a precious son early!"

   Having said that, Feng Hui paused for a while, his eyes squinting towards Yun Chu's lower abdomen.

   aware of his gaze, Yun Chu frowned, "What are you looking at?"

Rong Gui really wanted to drag Feng Hui away quickly, but Feng Hui frowned and threw his hand away, and continued to look at Yun Chu cheerfully: "My lord's lower abdomen is flat, and it looks like he is not pregnant yet, but it's a pity, otherwise, I will be happy. Joy!"

  Yun Chu listened, lowered his eyes and stroked his lower abdomen with his fingers.

   The bead hairpins and jade curtains on his head tinkled down from the black hair.

   Yun Chu said softly: "Well, not yet."

  Feng Hui said: "The adults and the Lord God are newly married Yan Er, the baby will be there sooner or later, just work hard!"

  Young man, I have experience, and he looks like someone who has come here. Rong Gui watched and straightened his forehead. He really didn't understand.

   But the legendary cold and incomparably cold Lord Yunchu still listened to Feng Hui's advice very seriously, not only was not angry, but also humbly asked for advice.

  Ronggui: ? ? ?

  Yun Chu stopped to think about what Feng Hui said, and nodded: "You are right."

   "I have to work harder." Yun Chu said seriously.

   Fenghui nodded cooperatively, expressing his agreement with Yun Chu's words, and gave a thumbs up.

  Rong Gui remained silent on the side, never saying a word from beginning to end.

  Yunchu drank all the wine in the glass and continued to walk forward in a daze.

   Cup after cup, a faint mist of water gradually appeared in his black eyes.

  When the pace started to be unsteady, I finally finished the toast.

  The number of etiquettes has been exhausted. It is the seriousness of the wedding. This cannot be perfunctory.

  Yun Chu raised her hand, her palm resting on her cheek, her vision seemed to be shaking, she held on to the pillar, opened and closed her eyes, it was like this for a long time, and finally she got better.

   Things don't shake anymore.

   She lowered her eyes, rubbed the silver bell on her wrist with her white fingers, then lowered her sleeves and walked towards the wedding room.

   Feng Yu was still there waiting for her.

   It has been a long time since I was sent to the bridal chamber.

   He was alone in the room, no one, boring.

   What a pity.

   Yun Chu thought so, and walked to the door of the wedding room.

   She just slammed open the door, and after entering, she glanced at Feng Yu.

   The little boy sat quietly on the bed, with his hijab covered obediently.

  Yun Chu bent his eyes, the corners of his lips rose slightly, and smiled.

   Then he turned his head, closed the door, raised his hand, and skillfully placed the barrier.

   She walked unsteadily and stumbled towards the bed.

   Feng Yu heard the sound early in the morning, and the footsteps were getting closer and closer to him.

When    was close at hand, the beautiful black eyes of the young master **** shone brightly.

  Yun Chu looked at Feng Yu, didn't say anything, just fluttered.

   Throwing Feng Yu on the bed, he touched the girdle with both hands very dishonestly.

   Feng Yu was so caught off guard first, and the girdle was pulled by Yun Chu again.

   He was stunned for a moment, holding Yun Chu's hand, wondering: "What's wrong, Chuchu."

   Yun Chu raised his head slightly, and the pearls on his head jingled.

   seemed dissatisfied with being interrupted, frowned, and lifted Feng Yu's hijab.

  When the lips of the Lord God were blocked, he felt the strong smell of wine.

   After realizing what, the lips and teeth have been pried open by Yun Chu.

   The beautiful eyelashes of the young Lord God quivered up and down, and while he was stunned, he still had some reason.

   He turned his head, avoiding Yun Chu's kiss.

  The girl's lips fell on her cheeks.

   Feeling that something was wrong, Yun Chu was stunned for a moment, then blinked.

   She raised her head, lowered her eyelids, and straightened Feng Yu's head with a light expression.

"do not move."

   Yun Chu was about to bow his head, but Feng Yu reached out and covered her lips.

   Yun Chu was confused, his eyes blinked, and he looked at him puzzled.

  Why not give a kiss?

  Thinking about it, I'm going to pull the girdle and do what I say.

   Feng Yu's ears were slightly red, and his voice was low and hoarse: "I haven't had a glass of wine yet, and the ceremony has not been done."

   Hearing this, Yun Chu was stunned for a moment and stared at Feng Yu for a long time.

   Finally, she withdrew her hand, frowned and said:


   said that, but still got up from Feng Yu obediently.

   Yun Chu walked to the table in confusion and poured two glasses of wine.

   went back and put a glass of wine into Feng Yu's hands.


   is fierce.

   Feng Yu blinked, took the wine, and the two awkwardly posed.

   The little Lord God drank it all in one gulp, and there was a joy that was even brighter than the stars in his eyes.

   Not for a while.

   each withdrew their hands.

   Feng Yu was stunned when he looked down.

   Yun Chu didn't drink, and the wine in the wine glass remained untouched.

   At this moment, the little girl handed her glass of wine to Feng Yu.

   In a coquettish tone: "You feed me."

Every word of    is a little soft, and Yun Chu's black and white eyes are misty.

   Feng Yu is very stiff.

   was also stunned.

   stared blankly at Yun Chu for a long time, and was still stunned when he took the wine.

   Then, the young Lord God clumsily went to feed Yun Chu the wine.

  The wine glass was brought to his lips, but Yun Chu frowned.

   She pursed her lips, brushed Feng Yu's hand away, and said, "It's not like that."

   Feng Yu: "Huh?"

   After being stunned for a moment, the Lord God immediately understood what Yun Chu meant.

   There was a little surprise in his eyes, but more than that, he was still happy.

   He lowered his eyes, took the wine from the glass into his mouth, and lowered his head to cover Yun Chu's lips.

   He pushed the wine in, and the little girl in his arms hugged his neck.

   After swallowing, his teeth began to restless, grinding his lips little by little.

   There was a numbness on his lips, and the numbness gradually spread from the lips to the whole body.

   is faster than current.

   Before Feng Yu realized it, he was pushed to the bed again.

   The girdle was pulled, and after a while, the clothes came loose.

   Yun Chu raised his head slightly.

   The straight black hair fell, and the skin it touched was tingling and itching.

   Yunchu said:

   "I work hard, we make a person together."

   The girl's black eyes were bright and she said seriously.

   Feng Yu was startled again, he said, "Chuchu, you are drunk."

   Yunchu tilted his head slightly: "Really?"

   Feng Yu: "Well."

   "Why do you drink so much?" He reached out and touched Yun Chu's head.

   At this time, the little girl who was pressing on him suddenly became serious and looked down at him.


   Feng Yu's movements stopped and his ears perked up.

  Yunchu suddenly pressed down, leaned on his shoulder, and vaguely said the reason for the unfinished sentence.

"……I love you."

   Every detail of the wedding cannot be ignored.

   The wine that should be toasted, she didn't drop a single one, she drank a lot...


   She is very happy.

   Yun Chu curled his lips and smiled, and the young master lost his mind for a moment.

   After being stunned, he turned over, took the initiative, and bowed his head to kiss his wife.

   "I love you too, Chuchu."

   "We work together."

  The Human Creation Project.


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   Three thousand words.

   Capture a drunken cutie.



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