Chapter 1 for the third time...


  【Host, this is the third time...】

   In a quiet room, the sound of the system is weak.


   The third collapse of the plane! !

   The girl sitting at the table, holding a book in her hand, looked down.

   There seems to be no focal length in the black and white eyes.

  The light from the window fell in, and the hot gold fonts on the pages shone brightly in the sunlight.

As for the    system, Yun Chu didn't say anything, his eyes were light. After a while, she put down the book in her hand, raised her white and slender fingers, and casually pressed her eyebrows.

   The silver bell on the wrist swayed, and the sound was crisp and clean.

   "When does the next plane start?"

   Yun Chu lowered his eyelids and asked casually, his voice a little cold.


   The system is down.

  Yunchu: ?

  【System upgrade...】


   After a pause, Yun Chu turned a page of the book expressionlessly and continued to pass the time.


  Yunchu is the only heir of Heaven.

   She needs to go to thousands of small planes to experience the qualifications to succeed Tiandao.

   The bloodline of half-human and half-god is born with powerful divine power.

  Yunchu's system was created by Tiandao himself.

The task of the    system is also very simple, publish a task to Yunchu in the small plane.

   This is the content of Yunchu's experience.

   And the plane is over, the system will comprehensively consider the various performances of Yun Chu in completing this task in the small plane, so as to calculate the final experience progress.

   Such an assessment rule is difficult to say, but it is not easy to say it is simple.

   It's only a matter of time for Yun Chu to fill up his training progress.

  Think of the beginning.

The first day the    system was created was full of joy and passion.

   The system thought it had brought a worry-free host.

  Look, the little girl is quiet, strong, and the daughter of Lord Tiandao.

  Rao is that the system did not expect that when Yun Chu came up, the small plane... collapsed.

   This terrifying divine power that can destroy the plane at every turn...


  The system trembled.

   In view of the failure experience of the first three planes, Tiandao summoned the system and gave it an upgrade.

Soon after.

   The man in the seat raised his eyebrows, his amber eyes calmly staring at the void.

   He was facing the light at this time, with a slender figure, as if all the brilliance had lost its color in an instant in front of that person, becoming a foil.

【grown ups】

   System opening. There was reverence for the gods in his voice.


  Tian Dao nodded slightly.

   "Are you aware of the new rules?"

   The man clasped the table with his fingertips, his voice was slightly low, as thin as night.

【very clear】

   In front of Heaven, the system never dares to be vague.

   The rules have always been remembered clearly.

   After this upgrade, Yun Chu's divine power will be suppressed by 90%.

   In addition, the Lord God will strip the demon from his body and put it into a small plane to supervise Yun Chu's every move.


  【The inner demon of Lord God? 】

   The system is confused.

  【Sir, will the inner demon be harmful to the host? 】

   The voice fell, Tiandao lowered his eyes, and slowly retracted his fingertips on the table.

   After being silent for a while, he raised his hand to prop up his forehead, closed his eyes, and said in a low voice, "No."

   "The main **** is him, and so is the inner demon."

   "He won't hurt Ah Chu."

  【Ok, sir】


   Not long after, the upgraded system returned to Yun Chu and explained the newly added rules.

  Yun Chu listened lazily without raising his eyelids.

   The emotion in his eyes was still light.

  【Host, the collapsed plane has been repaired. 】

  【Does the host want to continue to rest, or start the next plane? 】

   The system asks aloud.

  Yunchu: "Send it."

  【Ok, host】

  —off topic—

  This probably like this.

  Yunchu is dedicated to his career.

  Little Lord God just wants to fall in love.

  Feng Xiaoyu: If you don't talk to me, I will blacken it for you!


  Yunchu: I'm really scared of you.


  Quick wear, main sweet, 1v1

   Don't ky. Don't be rude. Don't be foolish.

   On July 1, 2020, Yun Jiu resigned.

   (end of this chapter)