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The Boss Has Been Tricked By the Lord God Again

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Novel Summary

Yun Chu was thrown into the small world for training, and he just wanted to fill up his progress and go back to make trades.

Unexpectedly, I met a difficult and clingy little devil.

The young man hooked his lips softly and stalked him, but the indifferent daughter of Heavenly Dao was indifferent.


Someone on the edge of blackening leads the big guy into the pit step by step.

“You can’t escape~”

【Quick Pass/Main Sweet/1v1】

#Also known as “The Big Brother Is Actually Not Cold”, “The Love Diary of the Little Lord God”#

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:大佬又被主神套路了
Author:Yun Jiu Ci
Weekly Rank:#2951
Monthly Rank:#3145
All Time Rank:#6380
Tags:Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Quick Transmigration, System,
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7 Comments on “The Boss Has Been Tricked By the Lord God Again
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  1. Okay, first off, I only read up until chapter 22 because I couldn't bear to read further. I'm sorry, I love brain-dead stories, but this is next level of boring and making a mountain out of a mole heap. It is the first world and not only does it take chapters for nothing to happen, but at the same time they can change venue three times in one chapter. I could perhaps tolerate reading if the events were described with any feeling whatsoever or if they just added some interesting discussions, dialogue or events. The events or dialogue can be tiny, but they are necessary for the reader to connect with the story and actually care about what happens to the characters. The cherry on the cake for me was when the mc said that she knew all along the answer (that I'm not spoiling)... bruh, no you didn't, you literally stated two chapters ago that you are sure the answer is something(someone) else. The idea for this story could have made a really good story...I'm just kinda sad that they didn't execute it well.

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