New World, Hezhi Country, Flower City, the largest brothel, in a secret room, a man and a woman are talking.

The    man had a standard villain face, and his eyes showed a mad dog-like madness. The most eye-catching place on his body was his big airplane nose.

   This man is the owner of this brothel, crazy dead man, and now the famous running dog of the general Heitan Osna in the country of Wano, but his real identity is Denjiro, the retainer of the former famous name Mitsuzuki Mitian in Kuri.

   More than ten years ago, after Mi Tian died, he changed his appearance in grief and changed his name to Kuang Si Lang. Then he became the gang boss of the Flower City by force, and then pretended to surrender to the black charcoal Orochi and be an undercover agent next to the black charcoal Orochi.

   And sitting across from him at this time is a beautiful woman with a prosperous beauty.

   She has long, beautiful emerald hair, combed with the hairstyle of a noble princess in the neon Edo period, with good features, delicate eyebrows, and a decent manner. She wears a pink flower headdress on her head and wears a luxurious splendid kimono.

   This person is the most famous oiran in this brothel, and the most famous oiran in Wano Country, Xiao Zi, but his true identity is the daughter of the former Kuri famous Mitsuki Mita Mitsuki Nihe.

   After Mita's death, Kwangtsuki Riwa was rescued by his retainer Kasatsu, but afterwards, Kasatsu had an accident, and Riwa, who was living on the street, was discovered by Chuanjiro, who had already known as Kushiro, and protected.

In order to restore the Guangyue family and overthrow the cruel rule of the Black Charcoal Orochi, Rihe uses the pseudonym Xiao Zi. She has become the oiran of the country step by step by virtue of her outstanding appearance and outstanding skills. Property has been secretly preparing funds for the rebels.

   "Master Brando really promised to come and defeat Kaido and Black Charcoal Orochi? Denjiro."

   Xiao Zi said excitedly, looking at Chuanjirou with piercing eyes, hoping that the other party could give her an accurate answer.

"It is true, Your Royal Highness, this matter was told by Your Excellency Brando personally using a phone worm not long ago. There will be absolutely no falsehood. I believe that the country of Kaido will soon be able to rule from the brutal rule of Kaido and Orochi. Liberated from it."

   Denjiro was also very excited, and answered with a smile, with a look of hope in his eyes.

More than a year ago, the two witnessed the battle between Brando and Kaido in the sky above the country. At that time, the two were shocked at the scene where Brando and Kaido were able to contend head-on with Kaido and hardly lost the wind. Also learned from Brando and Kaido's dialogue that Brando is Kaido's mortal enemy.

Based on the idea that the enemy’s enemy is a friend, Denjiro and Hiwa tried their best to obtain information about Brando, and finally learned from some pirates of the Beast Pirate Group that Brando belonged to an outside party called the Navy. A powerful organization, this organization is also an important force in the world against pirates.

  Brando is a young supernova in the Navy. He has the power of a naval admiral at the age of 20. He is currently the head of G5, a divisional base set up by the Navy in the New World to fight against the Pirates of Beasts.

   The reason why he would fight Kaido before was because Kaido led the beasts and pirate group to attack G5.

  In order to get revenge, he single-handedly came to the country of Wano and made a riot on the island of Onijima, the resident of the Hundred Beast Pirates in Wano. The battle between him and Kaido at that time almost turned the entire ghost island into ruins.

   After learning about Brando’s identity and strength, Denjiro Kazumi decided to find a way to get in touch with Brando, and finally managed to get in touch with Brando through a rebel warrior who risked his life to break out of the country of Wano.

   Over the past year, the relationship between the two parties has been very close.

   Brando provided funds and various technical assistance and promised to help them defeat Kaido and Orochi. Correspondingly, their people contributed resources and helped Brando eliminate the pirates.

Brando’s G5 was able to recover so quickly after the attack, which has a lot to do with the help of Denjiro and the Japanese and other Japanese rebels. Wano is indeed a treasure land, not only rich in sea stone, but also rich in gold. And various rare minerals.

   These resources have made Brando's G5 base a lot of money, and the economy has once again become independent.

After    and the rebels of the country had a stable supply of materials at the Brando G5 base, life was much better, and they also had the opportunity to go to sea to experience under Brando.

Because of this, Brando now has a large number of Wano country samurai. They are all swordsmen who master the armed colors. Some of them are elite and even master Ryuzakura's domineering. Asura Doko is exactly this line of Wano country samurai. Captain.

   I have to say that the unique swordsmanship environment of Wano Country, the quality of swordsmen produced in Wano Country is very high, and many outstanding swordsmen have been born.

   "It's great, it's great, we finally see hope."

   Hiwa received a satisfactory answer from Denjiro, and couldn't help but shed tears with excitement, and started sobbing softly.

   How many years, in order to defeat Kaido and Oya, she suffered countless hardships, and now she finally sees hope.

   It's not that she doesn't believe her mother's prediction, but the tangible hope that can be seen now undoubtedly makes her feel more at ease than the hope that she has been unable to wait for.

   When I think that that powerful and stalwart figure is about to lead countless powerful people to liberate the country of He, Rihe feels full of security in his heart.

   "Yes, your Royal Highness, but it's not the time to be happy. We need to pass this news to others in secret, and then be prepared to welcome the Lord Brando and them."

   Chuanjiro has endured humiliation and undercover by the black charcoal Orochi for more than ten years. He has long been proficient in emotional control. He quickly converged his emotions and said calmly.

Hiwa understood what Denjiro meant, and quickly recovered her calm, nodded and said, "You are right, Denjiro, this matter must be kept secret, and the preparation work must be done beautifully, and it will definitely not drag Brando. Your hind legs."

   A few days later, the rebels scattered throughout the country of Wano began to secretly gather in the Flower City. This situation is naturally not hidden from the current ruler of Wano Country, Heitan Orochi.

   Although the Black Charcoal Orochi is very poor in governing the country, he is a good player in internal fighting. He has secretly sent some spies to the resistance army, and secretly has been paying close attention to the movement of the resistance army.

After learning that a large number of rebels were beginning to gather in the Flower City, and it was obvious that they were going to make big moves, the Black Charcoal Snake immediately became anxious. He quickly contacted Kaido and said anxiously, "Kaido, those rats are starting to move again, this time The coming is menacing and there are still a lot of numbers, you have to help me."

Even though Mitian has been dead for more than ten years, the Black Charcoal Orochi is still worried about his position as a general, because he knows that his position is not right, and there are still very strong resistance forces in various places. This force cannot overthrow his rule. , The reason is a person.

   Yes, this person is Kaido.

   With strong personal force, this sea emperor who used the black charcoal serpent as a puppet secretly controlled the country of Wano to suppress all resistance forces in the country of Waka, and then made a mess of the country of Waka, which was still rich in the past.

   "Reassure, Orochi, it's just a bunch of beaming clowns. In the face of absolute power, they come all the same. They can jump out of the mouse hole and save us the effort of catching them."

   On the island of ghosts, Kaido sneered when he received the news of the Black Charcoal Orochi, and his tone was full of disdain.

   Since the death of the powerful man named Mitsuki Mita, there has been no one who can stand against him in this country. What is left is just a bunch of ants that are surviving, and it is not worth his efforts to deal with.

   "You are so right, Kaido, yes, they are just a bunch of clowns, hahaha~"

   Da Snake knew that Kaido had promised to help him, so his confidence was enough immediately, and he flattered proudly.

   Kaido is powerful, he knows that even people as powerful as Mi Tian died in his hands, not to mention those bereaved dogs, as long as he has Kaido backing up for one day, the country of Kazou is his.

   "However, you should be more careful recently. Those rebels are jumping clowns, but the people who support these clowns behind them are not easy to deal with. If they act, it proves that the **** navy boy is going to take action."

   Hearing the big snake smile so happily, Kaido suddenly became a little unhappy, and immediately poured cold water on the big snake.

Brando’s G5 is near the country of Wano, and his neighbours are helping. How could Kaido not pay special attention to it? So he knew that Brando was engaged with the rebellious forces of Wano, but he has always been It is to open one eye and close one eye, when I didn't see it.

   No way, who made him afraid of this kid Brando, the last time he had a riot in his nest, Ghost Island, he suffered a great loss.

   Such things as tactical house changes, he couldn't bear it.

   He is no better than Brando, Brando’s G5 was destroyed once, with the help of the navy behind him, and secretly there are many large chambers of commerce in the new world who can recover quickly.

  His ghost island is different. This is the old nest that took more than ten years to build. It is really ruined. He wants to rebuild it, but it will be difficult.

   He didn’t know the current situation in the country of Harmony. He had been locked in a closed state, and had been harmed by him and the serpent for more than ten years. Now he is very poor.

   He wanted to do business, but because of the notorious name of the Beast Pirates, who would dare to negotiate business with them.

   Notoriety has its advantages, but it also has many disadvantages, even more than its advantages.

   "You mean the navy that fought with you over the capital of flowers, this time, he will also take action?"

   Orochi was chilled by Kaido's pouring cold water, and suddenly panicked again, his voice trembling.

At this moment, he remembered the white giant who fought with Kaido over the capital of flowers a year ago. The horror and destructive power displayed by the opponent's punches and kicks has made him particularly deep in his memory. The opponent is definitely a strong man at the same level as Kaido. , If the opponent came to kill him, wouldn't he be dead!

   Now there is no black coal family elder who was able to use the barrier beside him. After the opponent died in Mitian, he sat firmly as a general and died soon.

"Huh, what are you afraid of? The navy boy really wants to come to me too. He doesn't bother to care about you. You only need to concentrate on dealing with the rebels. When the time comes, I will send someone to help you. That's it. Hang up." Kaido hung up the call rudely.

Kaido hates cowardly and weak guys the most. A bad and timid guy like Da Snake is not good enough. If it weren’t for his surname Hei Tan, he still has a bit of use value. , He had already killed this useless waste, but always thinking of asking him to control it.

   "Navy boy, you are really brave enough to provoke me again and again, don't you really think that I will be scrupulous about the old nest, if my old nest is gone, you can't think about it...."

   After hanging up, Kaido's face quickly became gloomy and said bitterly.

   Then, while drinking, he muttered to himself quietly, saying the names of some people.

   At this time, his expression was abnormally terrifying, his voice contained anger, and his whole person looked a little crazy.

   The royal loyalist faintly heard the name "Vegapunk" appear many times.

   The king didn’t know why, so he didn’t dare to ask, so he had to pretend to be deaf and dumb, and continue to concentrate on monitoring every move of Ghost Island with his own ability.

   In the past few days, a white giant suddenly descended from the sky above the island of ghosts, with unparalleled aura, slamming a punch at the huge horned skull on the island of ghosts.

   The powerful overlord's color instantly enveloped most of the ghost island, and a large number of pirates of the Beast Pirate Group rolled their eyes and fainted with foam from their mouths.


   But for a moment when the white giant appeared, a huge blue dragon appeared from the horned skull, and another powerful overlord color appeared, colliding with the overlord color released from the white giant.

  At the same time, he flicked his tail fiercely, entangled the overlord color and the top armed color, and clashed hard with the fist of the white giant.


   A deafening sound appeared.

   The two behemoths fought together instantly, and a terrifying aftermath broke out.

For a time the entire ghost island was shaking, and the surrounding sea raised huge waves. The dark clouds covering the sky over the ghost island all year round were swept away, and a round blue sky appeared, making it cloudy all year round. It is rare to see the sun shine on the ghost island in the weather.

  Under the fierce sun, the white giant fought a fabulous battle with the huge blue dragon in the sky.

   At the same time, a large number of navies wearing justice cloaks jumped from several spaceships over the sea near the island of ghosts, and rushed towards the island of ghosts one by one with moon steps.

   Among them, there is also a group of samurai wearing kimonos. They also wear righteous cloaks, and follow the white giant to descend from the sky, and then fight with the large number of beasts and pirates on the island of ghosts.

   On the other side, in the beautiful flower city, a battle to set things right is unfolding.

   Guangyueri wearing a neon samurai armor and holding a loudspeaker phone worm shouted from a high place, pulled out Yan Mo from his waist, and erected a banner with Guangyue's family crest.

As Guangyue Day and his true identity were revealed, a banner with the Guangyue family crest was also erected, and a large number of samurai with cloth strips with the Guangyue family crest on their shoulders rushed to the street and went straight to the black charcoal snake. The general shogunate left.

   They chanted slogans such as "For the country of Japan", "For the sake of Mita-sama" and "For the sake of Hiwa-sama".

   After eighteen years, Wano Country once again ushered in a moment of historical change.

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