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After a year and a half, the "Black Age of Science and Technology" was officially announced today.

For a year and a half, thank you very much for your support.

When Biting wrote the "Fourth Biological Empire" at the beginning, he built a hazy worldview, hoping to complete a small science fiction trilogy with this worldview. Because I was afraid of hitting the street, I don't know if it can be completed, so I didn't mention the trilogy before completing the "Black Age of Xueba".

Now that the "Black Age of Science and Technology" is completed, if it starts from the "Fourth Biological Empire" and lasts three and a half years, a total of 4.8 million words, it can be regarded as a simple end to the trilogy.

It is very regrettable that "Black Technology of the Plane" has been banned for some reasons and is incomplete. "Fourth Biological Empire" can only be read on the app for some reasons.

Here, I can also officially explain to you some clues and relationships between the "Fourth Biological Empire", "Plane Black Technology", and "The Black Science and Technology Era of Xueba".

The story begins with a researcher named Shen Huai, who is also the protagonist of the "Fourth Biological Empire". Shen Huai's life experience "Fourth" is mentioned at the end, and I will talk about it later.

Starting from parasitic chlorophyll, Shenhuai started a new era of biotechnology. After Shenhuai, Earth Science and Technology has made great strides in accordance with the biological era created by Shenhuai.

Thousands of years later, human knowledge exists as energy groups of thinking and ideology. This is called the new civilization period of human beings. At this time, human beings and humans with traditional meanings have clear boundaries. However, in order to maintain the operation of thinking and consciousness, Human beings need to get resources from the depths of the universe.

In order to obtain resources, new civilization humans widely spread spores with quantum as the basic unit into the universe. After reaching the appropriate environment, these quantums will synthesize spores according to established procedures, and then use the local environment to grow and develop to form a horrible silicon-based life. Gain the resources and energy of the planet, which is the green skin monster mentioned in "Plane Black Technology".

For a single quantum, there is no space or time limitation, so the spores reach Blue Star.

This blue star is actually the earth after millennia in the "Black Age of Science and Technology".

Here we refer to the earth of "Fourth" as Earth 1, and the real world where Chen Nuo of "Plane Black Technology" is located is Earth 2, and the blue star world that Chen Nuo shuttles is called Blue Star. The Age of Science and Technology became Earth 3 for easy narration.

Chen Nuo, the protagonist of "Black Plane", accidentally shuttled to Blue Star.

When Chen Nuo just arrived in this world, he saw floating houses, sky cars, iice equipment, and so on. These are the products launched by Pangu Technology in the "Era of Science and Technology". Among them, the iice equipment is the second-generation Qinghe equipment. Because the human civilization of Blue Star was fighting a large number of human beings during the battle against the Green Phantom, the third generation of Qinghe equipment almost disappeared. Human beings could only use the Qinghe 2nd generation products in stock for communication.

That is, the alien blue star in "Black Technology from the Plane" is actually Earth 3 years after the "Black Age of Xueba".

In the last chapter of the "Black Age of Science and Technology", I received distant information and raised the super artificial intelligence.

Muzi is the artificial intelligence Muzi of "Black Plane".

Muzi's voice is exactly the same as that of Super Xiaochu, because Muzi is the super Xiaochu after thousands of years.

Muzi's Houshan Laboratory is actually what Pangu Technology Houshan Laboratory looks like after a thousand years.

It's a pity that "Black Technology of the Plane" has not been completed, only mentioning that Chen Nuo found Muzi, and Muzi informed him that human beings have a cosmic observatory in Neptune.

If you can finish the book, it will be mentioned later in "Plane Black Technology", in fact, the space observation station in Neptune is actually a navigation station for human seeds.

In the course of combating silicon-based humans, Bluestar's human beings learned that Bluestar's human civilization is hopeless, so they projected a large amount of human thoughts and memories, as well as gene banks, into the depths of the universe in the form of quantum conscious clouds. Neptune is the solar system The last navigation station on the journey of human civilization.

In "Plane Black Technology", human civilization (quantum thinking energy cloud) finds a suitable cosmic space, where the thinking cloud survives.

In order to get a new life for human civilization, the thinking cloud spreads out in the universe in the form of quantum, one of which came to Earth 1 of the "Fourth Biological Empire", entered the brain of the protagonist Shen Huai, and let Shen Huai "open wisdom" .

This is the last chapter of the "Fourth Biological Empire" written about Shen Huai's life. The real Shen Huai is actually dead, but it is only because of the entry of the thinking quantum that Shen Huai is brought to life, but the biological civilization pioneered by Shen Huai was actually destroyed. His wise human civilization.

If "Plane Black Technology" can be completed, then I will mention that in order to save the Blue Star civilization, Chen Nuo recreated the civilization of Earth 3 with the remains of the Blue Star civilization, and finally battled the silicon-based life of Blue Star and biological civilization. In fierce battles, biological civilization set up at the outpost of Mars.

Here is a warrior of Pan Shaxing (here, Pan Shaxing is actually the place where new humans lived in thinking state after 10,000 years on the earth where Shen Huai of the Fourth Biological Empire is located). Breaking down, came to the "black technology era of Xueba" world is Earth 3, into Xiao Ming's body.

And Xiao Ming, the official pioneer of Pangu technology and Blue Star civilization.

It's a bit confusing.

In the next thousand years of "The Black Science Era of Xueba", mankind flees in a quantum state of mind and arrives in a stable space far away from the universe. In order to save itself, mankind spreads quantum into the universe. Empire "Shen Huai's body.

Ten thousand years after the biological civilization pioneered by Shenhuai, for resources

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The civilization was unintentionally plundered, the world of Xiao Ming in the "Black Age of Xueba" by Xiao Ming a thousand years later is the blue star in "Black Technology of the Plane" ~ ~ then Where does Chen Nuo's real world in Black Technology come from?

I have a suspense, what if I write the fourth part? Haha!

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The new book has been released, "I really didn't want to be a big brother." The transformation work, the results are unknown, I will work hard.

The protagonist is the story of the rebirth of the editor of the life science column of "Dark Science and Technology Era".

The city of science and technology should be more literary, and the flow of urban life should be a bit longer.

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