Jing Huai, editor-in-chief of the life sciences column of an authoritative academic journal, returned to his senior year 28 years ago with a dissertation full of brains.

He originally only wanted to mix a diploma, let the bank card balance be a few more, and incidentally find a few girls to talk about it. However, I did not expect to accidentally become a pharmaceutical giant, a cosmetics giant, a food giant, and a business giant ...

"Mr. Jinghuai, lung cancer patients all over the world are waiting for your latest anticancer drug. When will the energy be produced?"

"Mr. Jinghuai, the international superstar Ms. Lili highly respects your company's mask, I hope to see you and speak for you for free."

"Mr. Jinghuai, you have changed the course of society. What is the secret of success? Jinghuai:" If you do n’t succeed, don't talk about it, but Miss Lili can still stay. "

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