Jiangcheng, Pangu Technology Park.

Pangu Technology Headquarters, Chairman's Office.

He Yu was busy at the beginning of the day, and stood up and stretched.

Text messages appeared in the brain, sent by Xiao Wangshu.

Five years ago, Pangu Technology Group Future Technology Co., Ltd. launched Qinghe 3.0.

Qinghe 3.0 completely solves the problem that traditional Qinghe equipment also needs to wear external equipment.

3.0 is the evolutionary version of the neuron chip, which can be directly connected to the brain, and the operation interface of Qinghe appears in the mind.

Xiao Wangshu's crisp voice came over, "Sister Yu, today is the weekend. You promised to take me out after work!"

After hearing Xiao Wangshu's voice, He Yuchu felt that his day's fatigue was gone.

She said in a very pampered voice: "Wang Shu, then you wait for your sister at school, tell your parents?"

Xiao Wangshu said happily: "Sister Yuchu, I already told my mother, I won't go back tonight, I will be with Yuchu sister!"

He Yuchu smiled happily and said, "That's good, I'll be right away."

From the Pangu Science and Technology Park's No.1 Primary School outside Pangu Science and Technology Park, Xiao Wangshu was at the gate of the suspension school, looking west and waiting for He Yuchu.

Seeing He Yuchu's skycar from a distance, he waved warmly.

He Yuchu's car parked in front of Xiao Wangshu, and Xiao Wangshu sat on his hips. "Sister Yuchu, it's finally the weekend again, really happy!"

He Yuchu touched the little boy: "Wang Shu is going to play today!"

"Let's go to the interstellar theme park!" Xiao Wangshu shouted excitedly.

He Yuchu pointed his face with his finger and said, "Wang Shu, you must kiss your sister first before going to the Star Theme Park."

Xiao Wangshu sipped on He Yuchu's face and said, "Sister Yu Chu is the best to me!"

He Yuchu pinched Xiao Wangshu's face and said, "You, your mouth is the best."

Later, He Yuchu asked: "Wang Shu, what are your parents doing during this time?"

Xiao Wang said with a chuckle, "Mom seems to want a younger sister. These days, she and her dad are on Shenlongjia vacation."

He Yuchu snorted and said, "Sure enough, it's double night and double flight. It's been weary for ten years, and it's still weary!"

Jiangcheng, New Science and Technology District, Star World.

This is the interstellar paradise that Pangu Science, Technology and Entertainment Company has just built, integrating science and entertainment.

Interstellar Park uses the margins of the universe currently explored by Pangu Technology and Aerospace as a limit, and comprehensively displays the entire picture of the universe. In addition, there are several interstellar adventure playgrounds, which are based on the Moon and Mars environments fully developed by Pangu Playground.

Players can control robots on the moon or Mars in the planetarium with blue lotus equipment, and explore on two planets.

Xiao Wangshu is ten years old this year, and the favorite story when he was a child is the story of Pangu Science and Technology astronauts exploring the moon and Mars, hoping to hear the story of building a base on the moon. When he grows up, he likes to play at StarWorld.

After reaching his destination, Xiao Wangshu ran in excitedly.

He Yuchu shook his head helplessly, and said to himself, "Wang Shu, Wang Shu, you and your father have a virtue, and you like science fiction."

He Yuchu stood in the Star Park and looked at the distant scenery.

In the spring, the summer cherry blossoms under the suspended playground are in full bloom.

The new technology area has become a city on the cherry blossoms.

He Yuchu's hands were behind his back, looking at the distant scenery, and he said to himself: "You threw this stall at me. It's ten years since you threw it away.

Xiao Wangshu waved his hand inside and shouted, "Sister Yuchu, sister Yushu! Come on! You can explore here on Mars."

He Yuchu sighed and said, "Throw a little fart for me!"

Xiao Wangshu shouted, "Sister Yuchu, hurry up!"

"Come here! Hey, it's true! My first words are bitter!"


Pan Li Institute of Science and Technology, Xu Limin is busy in the interstellar physics laboratory.

The Pangu Institute of Science and Technology's Space Observatory located on Mars has observed a large number of regular quanta in recent days.

Through analysis, these quanta appeared suddenly, rather than from some distance.

It suddenly appears like quantum fluctuations, but it appears regularly.

After receiving this news, Xu Limin immediately ordered Mars' laboratory to collect quantum information.

But for these quantum, the laboratory cannot get any information.

Suddenly, a message was sent from the Martian base and an emergency call was made to the Earth's Interstellar Physics Laboratory.

"Connect to Mars!" Xu Limin knew that there might be a major discovery.

Li Kaimo, the person in charge of Mars base said: "Teacher! There are major discoveries here!"


Li Kaimo's expression was very complicated and horrified, he said, "After we collected the quantum, the device directly appeared some videos ..."

"The video is transmitted." Xu Limin sat down nervously, maybe ... maybe this time they discovered the alien civilization.

On the big screen of Interstellar Lab, a video signal of Mars' quantum automatic combination appeared.

The blue planet, which is almost the same as the earth, appears in the picture, the camera is zoomed in, and the trees and vegetation here are withered and lifeless.

The camera came to a low mountain, the middle of the mountain, a pot-shaped facility and a white mottled house.

See here!

Xu Limin was almost shocked to fall from his seat.

The white houses in this mountain range look exactly like Pangu Technology Houshan and Houshan Labs!

Xu Limin held his breath and kept watching.

The sound comes from the video!

Xia Guo language!

"... Distant civilization ... Distant civilization ... Can you hear my voice ..."

"Super little early voice!" Xu Limin breathed loudly.

Xu Limin urgently connected with Xiao Ming! And immediately informed the discovery of Mars!

Xiao Ming is on vacation with Zheng Xuanyu at Shenlongjia. UU Reading Book www. uukanshu. com

"The news is true?" Xiao Ming asked.

"The news is true!" Xu Limin said, "I transmitted the video in time."

The voice of Super Xiaochu is taken from the most beautiful girl voice of human beings, which is unique! Xu Limin is too familiar!

The voice continued: "Distant civilization ... I am the Blue Star AI Muzi ... Our planet is invaded by unknown alien life. They have no civilization, only killing. The machines they kill are unknown creatures breeding by spores ... At present, all human beings on Blue Star have disappeared ... Distant civilization, if you hear our call, please hide yourself ... Please hide yourself ... I am your muzi, I live here alone ... Hope you are well ... "

The picture finally fell on the invading creature, about ten meters high, a strong green skin monster like a mountain.

Seeing this picture, Xiao Ming's heart hit hard! This is a silicon-based life-fighting pet kept by the Pan Shaxing warrior ...

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