"What will protein become when it enters the small intestine?" A teacher wearing glasses, Liu, spit out in class, and her long teaching career allowed her to successfully grow from a gentle and touching little girl to a terrible female man. "So Simple questions, some of you will still make mistakes! "

The students below are all drowsy. The senior year is the most critical period. However, after the bombardment of multiple rounds of examinations, the students obviously become a little dumb. I don't know if everyone is unresponsive or absent. No student answered the teacher. The problem.

"What will it become !?" Teacher Liu's voice increased three tones in an attempt to use the voice to motivate students.

No one still answered, Mr. Liu patted the desktop vigorously and said, "Some people's answer is that it will turn into shit! One of you classmates wrote on the test paper that protein will turn into **** when it enters the small intestine!"

"The grader asked the teacher with a smile and saw which class taught it. I was also laughing at that time, and the students who wrote this kind of answer. It took me a long time to teach it to my class. You have lost all my face! "


The dull classroom atmosphere became warm, and the sleeping classmates suddenly laughed.

Compared with boring knowledge, adolescent boys and girls have a different interest in "duanzi" and "weird words".

Teacher Liu scratched half a chalk head and threw it on Xiao Ming's head on the test window position on the right side, and said with anger: "Xiao Ming! Even after class, I'm still sleeping! What I said is you! Protein enters the small intestine and turns into feces. You wrote! Only your small intestine has this special function! "

"Hahaha!" The classmates got excited and looked at Xiao Ming one after another.

Xiao Ming, who was still groggy just now, suddenly looked up at Teacher Liu, his eyes were cold and a little scary.

Xiao Xiaoming's eyes were indifferent, and his listlessness was much different, which surprised Mr. Liu.

High school students are in a period of severe rebellion and depression. Last month, there was a good high school girl in the city who jumped off the building because she was scolded by the teacher.

老师 Ms. Liu thought of this, her tone became milder immediately, and said, "The college entrance examination is about to happen, the teacher has not given up on you, and you have no reason to give up on yourself."

Xiao Xiaoming set his mind firmly, some are not accustomed to his changes.

前 Before the first Chinese class, he had heart palpitations. He had difficulty breathing, and he lay uncomfortably at the table during the lesson. At last, he felt that his thinking was becoming more and more blurred. Then it was cold and unconscious.

When he woke up again, it was already the penultimate lesson in the morning biology class, that is, Xiao Ming had been lying on the table for several hours without any reaction. He was now cold and heartbeat was very weak, like a dead man who had come back to life.

At the same time, some dizzy Xiao Ming has a lot of vague memories. He feels that he has lived for a long time on a higher intelligent planet called Pan Shaxing, where he has anti-gravity cars, suspended houses, and space shuttles. A kind of bio-chip communication and play games called EV equipment, people live on highly industrialized energy blocks and energy reagents, and many more ...

Xiao Xiaoming is a science and technology warrior on this planet. He lives by acquiring resources of low-tech planet in the universe.

记忆 The memories of the two worlds are intertwined, Xiao Ming suddenly stands up, staring at the surrounding with wide eyes.

Xiao Ming's action surprised Teacher Liu again. She hurried over and said, "Xiao Ming, are you okay, are you unwell? Would you like to go home and rest?"

The students also stared at some abnormal Xiao Ming.

In everyone's impression, Xiao Ming is a very low-key slag. In class, he usually sleeps on his stomach or reads novels. He does not cause trouble or gain trouble. His grades are stable. He is the last in the stable class. It's all fortunate.

同学 How can Xiao Ming, a low-key and restrained student, make such a bold move in class?

Xiao Xiaoming stood up like a curse, and then he sat down.

Extra memories flooded into the brain like a flood, and there seemed to be something inexplicable in the brain.

"Pan Shaxing!" Xiao Ming said to himself, his voice was a bit loud.

"Ha ha ha ha!" The students who were just worried and laughed, Xiao Ming is really full of laughs today!

"Xiao Ming, are you reading more novels, or are you thinking of Watts?"

"There is no Panshaxing here, only Blue Star here."

Xiao Xiaoming suddenly flashed a thought, and he was just resurrected after he died suddenly.

The memory of the past is very close but it seems so far away——

She's family is quite ordinary. Her father is a local paper mill worker and her mother buys non-staple food outside the community. There is only one son, Xiao Ming, in the family.

It is a pity that Xiao Ming, who was an excellent student, had an unbalanced mentality after missing the place of Jiangcheng No. 1 Middle School by accident.

Throughout the high school, Xiao Ming gave himself up, and his grades plummeted. When he came back, everything was too late. The high school curriculum was not a day or two. Let Xiao Ming become self-closed.

He completely gave up himself and began to indulge in the virtual world of games and novels. He stayed up late for a long time without eating and exercising, his body became weak, and a good skin became a living skin.

Last night I looked like I was up late last night to read a novel until five in the morning. I went to school without breakfast in the morning and died suddenly in the class.

"Alive!" Xiao Ming, who had experienced life and death for a short time, was very scared. He was enamored with the current air and everything.

But Xiao Ming felt that he seemed to have been in Pan Shaxing for decades. The world was so real and long. He blinked hard and looked at the world "Everything is real!".

Xiao Ming reconfirmed the world he is in. Now it is November 20, 2009. The most advanced electronic products are HTCTouchHD and iPhone3G; the most advanced civilian transportation is jet aircraft ...

No anti-gravity car, no spaceship, no energy block ...

But how do you think the test questions on the blackboard are so simple? !!

Xiao Xiaoming's eyes widened and stunned! He is sure that the questions on the blackboard will be his own! The key is that the reason for his meeting is not because of the serious study meeting in the third class of Jiangcheng No. 3 Middle School, but the Pan Shaxing learning meeting in memory!

Is the dream of death real?

老师 Ms. Liu is still voicing that many people made a lot of low-level mistakes on this exam ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ For example, simple recessive dominant diseases will not be counted, and the logic of setting the experimental group is not clear. Of course, the lowest level of error is Xiao Ming's small intestine digestion of protein into feces.

At this time, Xiao Ming stood up again and walked to the podium in diameter.

"Xiao Ming, what are you going to do?" Teacher Liu was very headache today. The student was ready to talk to the class teacher. If these students with poor grades are asked to take the initiative to persuade them to go home and rest, they wo n’t be able to take the test anyway. in high school.

In the eyes of the aggravated crowd, Xiao Ming wrote in chalk on the blackboard.

He was writing the complete sequence of protein absorption by the human body in a wireframe. Xiao Ming felt that he had really learned this knowledge and learned it very well!

After a few minutes, the picture of protein metabolism was finished, and I looked at the classmates and teacher Liu who were silly below.

Protein metabolism is not a difficult knowledge for ordinary students, but not for poor students.

Even if Xiao Ming had just read the book and could write it on the blackboard, it would be great!

Teacher Liu was also amazed by Xiao Ming's chalk words, with a stroke and a stroke! Better than Chinese teacher's blackboard!

Xiao Ming's magic puppet generally put down the chalk and said to Mr. Liu: "Exogenous proteins are broken down into amino acids and small peptides in the intestine, ... the small peptides are completely hydrolyzed by aminopeptidase, carboxypeptidase and dipeptidase and enter the blood. "

Correct! I really plenary!

Xiao Xiaoming is a little incredible!

After speaking, Xiao Ming returned to his seat.

Warm applause erupted from my classmates! Teacher Liu also applauded!

Amazing, Xue Ming Xiaoming still has the opportunity to express himself like this!

At this moment, Xiao Ming's body collapsed, something appeared in his mind.

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