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The Big Shot’s Girlfriend Is a Demoness

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The Siren Luo Xi was suddenly thrown to Earth. Apart from the drop-dead beautiful face and golden tail, she was as poor as a church mouse. When someone tricked her with “providing housing, food, and soaking in the water”, she immediately left with that person.

Later, the melon-eating people found that something was off with that showbiz newbie who was as beautiful as a witch……s-s-she didn’t make sense at all!


There were three most lively rumors in the capital city:

Reportedly, Lu Hao Zhi kept a pretty “mermaid” with a soft body and a fair skin. He spoilt her rotten and won’t allow outsiders to take a look at her.

2. Reportedly, that “mermaid” loved young master Lu to the marrow of her bones. Her emotions run so deep they were doomed to be evanescent. She had to sing a lullaby to young master Lu every night.

3. Reportedly, the mermaid who quietly sang to Lu Hao Zi has fled away. Moreover, she has fled away after dumping Lu Hao Zhi.


The melon eating people: Young master Lu must have been heartless and done something contemptible to the other party.

Then, one day, people suddenly found that young master Lu’s “mermaid” and that Luo Xi from showbiz who was as beautiful as a witch are the same person!

Everyone mocked: Didn’t you say before that you don’t like her? Pah! Play. Just play.

Lu Hao Zhi: Uhm. It’s delicious.

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Short Title:TBSGID
Alternate Title:大佬女友是妖精
Weekly Rank:#6528
Monthly Rank:#6991
All Time Rank:#5709
Tags:Beautiful Female Lead, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Showbiz, Transformation Ability,
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11 Comments on “The Big Shot’s Girlfriend Is a Demoness
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  1. Entertaining birth of a Kraken into a modern entertainment story. I felt the last quarter (all about a hidden cultivation world) was pretty complicated and dull. Like the author stuck a Hong Kong horror movie into the plot. 3 of 5 stars.

  2. Muy buena historia, en definitiva el carácter de la FL me gustó, siempre fiel a lo que ella era. Si por ella fuera sería un pez salado pero aprendió que para vivir así necesitaba trabajar un poco. Al final me encantó la pareja que hacía con el protagonista. El siempre trataba de darle lo mejor a ella y cuidarla en la palma de su mano. Me hubiese gustado que hubieran más extras, pero me conformó con lo que hay

  3. Very good novel, just made an account to comment that i need more chapters, also if someone read my comments please recommend some awesome novel to me. Thank you

  4. I'm finished, I liked the extras but god it took me way too long to finish. My tablet fucking broke during this time so yayyy! :3

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