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The Big Brother’s Daughter Has Become the Favorite of the Wealthy Group

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[Cute baby + group pet + face slap + five and a half year old boss]

Five-and-a-half years old, the real daughter of the real daughter with the fate of Tiansha Lone Star, was taken home.

The Bo family is extremely disgusted:

“The broom star is back, and in a few days, we will all have to die.”

“Let her live outside, I will never allow her to step into the house for half a step.”

“What kind of thing is she! Our daughter is only Xiaoxue!”

After Bo Ya moved into Bo’s house——

The old man Bo, who was seriously ill and was afraid that Bo Ya would be bullied, made a miraculous recovery, with a rosy face and an extra twenty years of life would not be a problem!

The investment failed and faced bankruptcy, but Bo Erye, who maintained Bo Ya everywhere, accidentally pulled a huge investment and made a lot of money!

Aunt Bo, who had failed to cultivate orchids and wished to apologize to her death, that night, the orchids came back to life strangely, and there were two more pots!

The Bo family, who ridiculed Bo Ya and lived a more miserable life: “…”

The top banquet, the gathering of bigwigs in various fields——

The bosses plopped down and knelt down: Little Highness, why did you come to the world?

Bo Ya, the little princess of the devil world: Dad is gone, I’m here to find Dad.

The big bosses are full of fear: … His Majesty the Demon Lord, his old man is also here?

Although Bo Xue’er is the fake daughter of the Bo family, but at a young age, she is already smart enough to be a monster.

She is the youngest disciple of the Tianyi Sect, Bai Xue from the Hacker Alliance, and the best student of a well-known piano professor…

Bo Ya: It’s so miserable, I’m just a useless crow spirit.


The master of Tianyimen, her apprentice, the hacker alliance she created, and the piano teaching her students, she can save a person with a breath of death.

The handsome young man with high power and high position curved his lips evilly and hooked his fingers lightly: Come on, take a few more sips from me.

Thin Bud: “…”

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:大佬亲闺女成了豪门团宠
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Monthly Rank:#1141
All Time Rank:#2399
Tags:Child Protagonist, Childcare, Cute, Cute Protagonist, Demon, Doctors, Family, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Gambling, Hackers, Hiding True Identity, Pets, Smart Couple, Transmigration,
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  1. Dropped at the start - too annoyed by this wooden dad... I do understand that everything is in line with his character settings, but I am annoyed with those settings. Other then this - very good read.

  2. Really? Is it the Lili I'm thinking,? Lili as in Lu Li the koi little girl, the villains daughter? By the just finished reading it just minutes ago. Thats why😁, and I love it.

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