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This is the worst era, the six major companies monopolize Hollywood.

This is the best era, the Internet continues to impact traditional models.

Ronan wants to climb to the pinnacle of this entertainment era and overlook the countless forests under his feet.

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Short Title:BEE
Alternate Title:最佳娱乐时代
Author:White thirteen
Weekly Rank:#1054
Monthly Rank:#992
All Time Rank:#778
Tags:Business Management, Celebrities, Late Romance, Rebirth, Showbiz,
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8 Comments on “The Best Entertainment Era
  1. Agreed. I'm someone that likes Protagonists that have a gray moral compass or don't have any at all. Hence I was instantly hooked by his other work "Hollywood Road". where in the starting coasters he directly copied the scenes from Jake Gyllenhaal's Nightcrawler. Although that was little off putting but at least I knew what kind of character he was going to be. But the pedophilia stuff really turned me off. The MC (21) even has sex with with a 16 year old girl. Although the girl came on to him and he never forced her. But he could have just said that he would get into a relationship with her when she turns 18 or something like that. That's still understandable cause some girls despite their age may be well developed that they seem mature. But what's worse is that James Franco is openly shown as a pedo and according to the author that just his weird quirk. And later he is even shown pursing a 12 year old girl. Despite all that the mc is good friends with him. And the author even says in the narration that James might have weird taste but he is still a good guy. Although pedophilia is a mental illness and not all pedophiles are bad guys but just need treatment. But Jamsa is shown to actively purse minors. I understand that the MC has no moral compass so I could ignore it but from a pragmatic view he should have stopped associating or atleast kept a professional distance from James. Since he is from the future and should know how bad such things are for his reputation especially with growth of the internet. I'm still only 100 chapters in tight now, I wonder what's ahead.

  2. its good and top novel for this genre for me. request to @mtlnovel to upload some of this novel genre (hollywood/american/financial/stocks).

  3. Kayaknya sih tapi saya kurang tau sumber di korea. Soalnya kalau situs korea kebanyakan lebih premium kontennya jadi susah kalau mau baca :v

  4. This is the latest of five novels this author has completed with this basic premise (reborn in Hollywood, use future knowledge to take advantage in the showbiz industry). If you like this one, check out the other four. Raw titles are (in chronological order of writing) 好莱坞制作 (also on this site), 重生在好莱, 好莱坞之路, 最佳影星, and 最佳娱乐时 (this one). I personally feel the author has improved over the years, so the last three are noticeably better than the first two. Hopefully MTLnovel keeps adding them, they're all decent.

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