Chapter 921 Never Obedient

   "Come on, let's start the game."

  This sentence directly confused the director and other people around him.

  "What starts the game?" The director looked in astonishment, "Isn't the game over?"

   Su Xia looked innocent: "Huh? When did it end? The three of them obviously haven't selected a room yet, what are you talking about?"

  Bai Jie quickly recovered from her surprise. She quickly stood beside Su Xia and nodded solemnly: "Xia Xia is right. The game hasn't started yet."

  "." The director almost didn't come up at once.

He walked a few steps forward, completely missing the ecstatic look just now: "Didn’t you have an appointment with our program team to have one person on each side? If you win, I will give you all the ingredients for the next few days. If you lose, you will sleep on the beach hungry, haven't you said that?"

   "No." Su Xia shook her head, "Not at all, do you have any evidence?"

  They were all verbal appointments just now, and they had made an appointment before the official start of recording. At that time, the machine hadn't been turned on, so how could evidence be recorded.

  The director looked at the replay that just opened.

  He said that the original game plan was for three pairs of guests to compete, but after Su Xia’s proposal, he changed the game.

  But at that time, Su Xia neither admitted nor denied.

  Director: "."


  Su Xia's arms crossed her chest, her gaze fell on the director's face and she glanced a few times, gently curling the corners of her lips.

  How can you beat the director?

  That is even more dog than him.

Su Xia looked at the director and sighed slightly, then turned to discuss with a few other people, and continued: "Well, let's not live in the ocean view villa tonight. You can give us some Tent, and then simply give us a bit of food at noon and at night, we won’t have the game, and it’s really hot enough, how about it?"

   Retreat, and the director will definitely agree.

  Moreover, they really lost.

  This is also a beach sleeper, right?

  Sure enough, the director nodded eagerly.

   gave them four tents, which were **** in front of the sea view villa.

  The two married couples live together. Su Xia and Lu Jingyao are separated, and the two tents are not far away.

  The director tweeted twice, sitting under a big umbrella, watching Su Xia dragging her suitcase into the tent and sorting it out a bit, saying: "Xia Xia, you can't afford it!"

  Su Xia blinked at him, learning what he had said before, nodding: "Yes, Xia Xia just can't afford it."

  Director: "."


  The lunch at noon is also a bit conscientious for the program crew. They gave them seafood and the like. Su Xia was full and lay down comfortably under the parasol. She yawned and was a little lethargic.

  The tent at noon is really hot. There is no air conditioning, not even a fan. The evening is better, only the umbrella under the umbrella can block the sun to cool down.

She closed her eyes gently, and suddenly felt a gust of wind in her deep sleep, and the coolness caused her consciousness to return a little from her dreamland. Her eyes narrowed open, in a dim state. He seemed to see a familiar figure sitting next to him, looking down at the phone in his hand, but the other hand was holding a fan and fanning her again and again.

  It turned out to be so cool.

  Drowsiness continued, and Su Xia soon fell asleep again.

  Bai Jie and Dong Wenbin were also resting under the parasol. She felt tired after holding the fan twice and fanning it twice. Then she looked at Lu Jingyao not far away, and her elbow was twice on the waist of Dong Wenbin, who closed her eyes and rested.

  Dong Wenbin opened his eyes, lazily: "What are you doing."

   "Look at Jing Yao!" Bai Jie said, "So sweet! Look at you again!"

  Dong Wenbin raised his eyes and said nonchalantly: "Jing Yao and Xia Xia are still in love with each other. We are both old and old, so we don’t have that set long ago."

  Bai Jie did not speak. She turned her head and wanted to see Zhou Zhi and Hu Huihui, but she saw them both in reverse. Zhou Zhi fell asleep, and it was Hu Huihui who fanned him.

  Especially what Hu Huihui showed on the outside is that she dislikes Zhou Zhi, but in fact, it can be seen from the small movements that she actually likes Zhou Zhi no less than Zhou Zhi.

  Dong Wenbin saw it, so he raised his eyebrows in time, and smiled: "Come on, wife, look at them."

  Bai Jie glared at him: "Shut up and go to bed."

  Dong Wenbin: "."

   Su Xia woke up at more than three o'clock in the afternoon. Compared to noon, it was more than one and a half cooler.

  She removed her makeup before going to bed, so she is now in a completely bare-faced state, but she is still beautiful and exquisite.

  Lu Jingyao took a bottle of mineral water for her to drink, Su Xia drank half of the bottle in one breath, then looked at the sky not far away, and said with a smile: "Is this place beautiful to watch the sunrise?"

   "Yes." Lu Jingyao said, "Would you like to see? I call you to get up tomorrow morning?"

   "Okay." Su Xia promised neatly, and her raised eyes were as bright as the stars at night.

  Lu Jingyao couldn't help but softened his eyebrows. He smiled and said, "Then when I call you tomorrow, you are not allowed to stay in bed and get up."

  Su Xia knows that she already has many such precedents, but she is still very confident that she will be able to get up tomorrow morning. With her chin held up, she hums cutely, "The one who gets up is a pig!"

   "This is what you said."

   "Yes, I said it!"

  Su Xia pointed to the camera: "It's all filming, I won't be fooling you."

  Lu Jingyao smiled non-committal, and said nothing.

  After the temperature drops, it is more obvious that the sand does not burn your feet.

Su Xia changed her pair of slippers, took the red bucket and shovel she got from the program group, and rushed into the sea with her sun hat happily. She wanted to pick up some beautiful shells on the beach. , And finally walked into the water.

  Lu Jingyao frowned and said, "Be careful, don't run far, just play here."

  Su Xia pouted: "I see, you have said it several times."

  Lu Jingyao: "Isn't it because you just agreed every time, never being obedient?"

   Su Xia tilted her head: "Am I not listening? I am obviously the most obedient."

  Lu Jingyao looked at her: "Then come here."

  Su Xia: "I don't."

  The staff are almost unable to hold back their smiles.

  Lu Jingyao looked helpless, he changed his shoes and walked to her side. Su Xia almost couldn't stand still and was held in his arms by the man.

  The man helplessly helped her stand firmly: "What am I talking about."

  (End of this chapter)