The door was closed, and only Corinna and Charlotte were left in the room looking at each other.

Just now, Irene's behavior was a bit beyond their expectations, so that they didn't know what to say, and even repeated the same sentence in an awkward atmosphere, as if to drive someone away. The same drive Lynn was forced to leave the room.

After the   man left, Corinna suddenly felt a little regretful.

  She regretted that she seemed to be unable to fight back because she seemed to be vacillating in a sharp confrontation.

  Although she has not figured out how to counteract such a method now, but not making a move and not knowing how to make a move are two completely different concepts.

  Even if the latter behavior may be a little uncomfortable, it has a certain possibility of success after all, but it is impossible to succeed without taking action.


  The girl gritted her teeth, wondering why she was sulking.

  Charlotte was not as angry as she was, but her eyes were a little shocked: "Okay, so bold."

"Bold?" Corinna pulled out of her anger, slightly puzzled by the word, and then seemed to understand something, "Yes, indeed bold, we are still here, how could we do such... such a shameful thing Where are you coming?!"

"Eh?" Charlotte tilted her head, "Is it a shame, it doesn't seem to count? After all, they are unmarried couples with a marriage contract. Such behavior should be very normal. She is bold because there are few people usually Will show such intimacy in the eyes of others."

   "." Corinna's eyes were incomprehensible, "Is that just what you think? Aren't you angry?!"

  Charlotte couldn't understand at this time: "Angry, why are you angry."

   "she, she"

   She talked for a long time, but Corinna couldn't hold back another word.

   What is she?

   If you want to say that she swears sovereignty like that, shouldn't you react as someone who has some thoughts about him?

  If she really said that, Charlotte would answer that she doesn’t know what, but it will definitely evaporate.

  Her skin does not allow her to face such a straightforward and naked topic.

  If you can’t say this, what can you say?

  Whether it is from morality, justice, or other aspects, they have no way to say that there is something wrong with this behavior. The only way to question it is through their own selfish psychology.

  After thinking about it for a while, Corinna realized that she really couldn't do anything about her, and she was so angry that she muttered.

   "Damn bastard, femme fatale, curly-haired orangutan."

  Charlotte didn't hear Corinna's whisper, she held her face in her hands, and asked suddenly: "Corinna, do you like him too?"

   "It stinks like hell?!"

  When Charlotte's words reached Corinna's ears, the continuous cursing was forcibly stopped, and her face turned red like the air after a balloon filled with pink gas was punctured.

   "What are you talking about! Even if you are His Highness, you can't just slander others!!"

  The girl screamed and retorted, but Charlotte easily defeated her weak cover with a single sentence.

   "To be honest, it's not called slander, but I can clearly hear your heartbeat when you look at him."


  Charlotte stretched out her hand, patted Corinna's head softly, and said like coaxing a child: "Be honest, honest children will have candy."

   "Your Highness!" Corinna yelled, and quickly lost her temper, "I, I, I."

  The shame in her heart and the reserved etiquette she had practiced as a nobleman for a long time still couldn't make her admit this shy fact.

After talking with me for a long time, she finally forced herself to find an excuse: "I just got along with him of the opposite **** these days, and after going through so many things, I saw his excellent ability. I developed a little liking for him." It's normal too"

   Agreeing a little bit is the biggest concession she can make.

  Charlotte did not continue to ask, but laughed, with crooked eyebrows and eyes.

  She smiled beautifully, but in the eyes of the extremely embarrassed girl, her smile more or less carried some not-so-good connotations.

  So Corinna angrily dragged her into the water together.

   "You still laugh at me, don't you do the same."

   "Same." Charlotte tilted her head and said, "It's different, you just have a crush on him, but I really like him."

   "Like, wanting to be his wife—even though it's unlikely."

Corinna didn't hear the girl's second half of the sinking words clearly. At this moment, her eyes widened, and she couldn't believe that this almost undisguised intention came from a person who had always been timid and shy. words.

   "You, you, you" the girl with a flushed face mumbled her lips, and said with difficulty, "Well, since you like him, still, let it be, let it be Irene"

   "Huh?" Charlotte seemed not to understand Corinna's words again, "You mean, let them go. That, this, am I going to stop them?"

yes! Just to stop it! Then do it yourself! !

  Like, that is possession!

   You sit by and watch! You are not uncomfortable!

"No." Charlotte patted Corinna's head again, and said softly, "Everyone has different views on everything, so in my understanding, what I should do , it shouldn't be like this."

   "Marriage is two-way, and love is also two-way, but liking is something that belongs to us alone."

   "If you want to interfere with the other party's affairs for this reason, it seems a bit too selfish."

Selfish? So am I being a selfish person in the first place?

   Corina had doubts about her outlook on the world and life for a moment, but she quickly reacted.

  Yes, I am selfish! Who is not selfish!

  Gritting her teeth, Corinna said angrily: "If you are not angry, you are not selfish, and you are generous enough, then they will run away with others, and you will not have your share!"

Charlotte blinked, and didn't answer her question directly, but said: "Although I'm really not angry, but the latter two, your feelings are wrong. In your opinion, everything will end in the ending you like. It's the end."

   Corinna froze suddenly, and her hands and feet felt a little cold.

"I have read many story books, such as the hard-working ants moving, the prince's adventure story, and the brave dragon-slaying journey. Every time at the beginning of the story, I would think about what the ending would be like, but every time, I can't seem to figure it out."

"I watched the ants move, thinking that they could get a stable life after moving, but the fact is that they are always on the way to move, otherwise the cave will be destroyed by the storm, and they will never stop. Watch the adventures of the prince and see him meet A princess who treats him very well, I wonder if they will get married together and live happily ever after, but in the end he chose a commoner girl, and then the commoner, the princess and everyone are celebrating for them; Long Journey, I thought he would definitely kill the disaster-causing dragon and become a hero, but unexpectedly, he himself became the incarnation of disaster in the end. The ending of every story seems to not be as I wished."

   Corinna opened her mouth, closed it again, and opened it again: "So shouldn't we work hard to change the ending?"

  This time Charlotte did not refute: "Yes, we should try to change, but don't try too hard."

  “If you are too obsessed with the ending, then the process will be meaningless.”

   "If you care too much about others, you will forget about yourself."

"So when you said I was generous, I would refute it, because I am not generous, and I am also selfish." She smiled softly, with pure moonlight reflected in her eyes, "I like him because I like him I will be very happy when we are together, and I will become the way I like myself, but if I am too obsessed with being like this, I may not like it, or I forget how to like it, and then I don’t like it own"

   "Charlotte will only become a brave person occasionally, always a brave person, and I will not be called Charlotte, and I will no longer be myself."


  Korinna realized that the other party seemed to be enlightening her, because her heart seemed to have loosened a bit, and her resentment towards Irene was not so great.

She felt that what Charlotte seemed to be saying was a bit right. No matter whether she was robbed of something or provoked by the other party, she should not be so angry. Instead, she looked like a cursing shrew who lost a few gold coins in a fit of exasperation.

  However, it seems to understand, but not fully understand.

   What she can't understand is how to achieve this mentality.

"It's fine if you don't expect it, just don't expect it." Charlotte said softly, "As long as you only think about doing everything you should do, or everything you can do, and then throwing away what will lead to consequences Worry, laugh out loud, and you're good enough."

   "As long as you don't expect too much, the joy will not be discounted."

   Corinna was silent for a long time, and finally sighed.

"I still don't quite understand, but at least I'm not so angry." She suddenly threw herself into Charlotte's arms and muttered, "Really, why am I angry? What's wrong with me? Kiss me What's wrong with the mouth, I still "

  Charlotte tilted her head: "Still?"

   "cough cough cough"

   Shaking her head violently and covering her rosy earlobes with broken hair, Corinna hugged Charlotte tightly, took a deep breath of the faint fragrance of her body, and then let go.

   At this time, she regained her vitality, her eyes sparkled and sparkled.

   "Okay! I'm fine Charlotte, thanks!"

   "You're welcome." Charlotte said with a smile, "This is what I should do."

   "What should be done?" Corinna suddenly laughed, "Cleaning up lovers is usually done by the hostess, and you said you didn't expect it."

   "Hey" the girl said in embarrassment, "You can't bully me like this."


   Reaching out to loosen the little princess's hair, and then pinching her smooth little face while she was tidying up her hair, Corinna felt that her energy was almost bursting, and she could fight any opponent for 300 rounds.

  But this time is not the time for fighting.

   "Good night, Your Highness."

   Corinna waved and bid farewell to Charlotte.


  The door was closed, Corinna leaned against the door panel, and let out a sigh of relief.

  Speaking of which, His Highness seems to be very suitable to be the mistress of a dignitary.

  The mistress of a noble family does not require high ability, but she must have absolute affinity.

  Because the male host is destined not to put too much thought into social situations, this task will definitely fall to the female host.

  If you have a personality that can have a good relationship with everyone, then this will undoubtedly become the best supporter for your husband.

Coupled with her weak and decisive personality, she is destined to be unable to become a real decision maker, so she will not take power, and she is even willing to hand over what she owns to the real master of the family, even if she falls into a trap because of calculations, That is also the reason why the lack of IQ of the male protagonist was not discovered.

  In conclusion, Charlotte is really suitable to be the hostess of a great noble family.

  Especially, she is actually good at motivating people, even women.

You have to know which patriarch of a noble family is not a red flag or a colorful flag fluttering. If the mistress is a very jealous person, then the appointment will cause a lot of trouble in the backyard, and Charlotte doesn't have to worry, she even It can help you sort out other women's emotions and handle their relationship with each other.

  Thinking about it, Lian Corinna really felt that it was a pity that Charlotte didn't fight for it.

   "Really, if you have the ability, don't use it, it will kill me."

   Mumbling, Corinna's footsteps suddenly stopped.

  She turned her head sideways and looked at the door beside her.

   This is Lynn's room.

  At this moment, a ray of warm yellow light leaked from the crack of the door, which means that he has not rested yet.

  Silent, pondering, seeming to realize something.

   "As Charlotte's friend, it's only natural for me to help her!"

   "It's definitely not because of any idea of ​​'I want it too'. I just want him to see that Charlotte is the best woman in the world!"

  Korinna knocked on the door, then stretched out her hand, pushed Lin En who opened the door back, kicked it with her little foot, and the door closed.

  In the small attic office, Irene stretched and let out a sigh of relief.

"Let's hand over this task to him tomorrow. Although I really want to do it myself, even I can't get rid of the shackles brought by my female identity. Complete the task in the shortest possible time."

   "After the Christines are cleaned up, it's their turn."

   "In the end, will we people welcome us into the city like heroes?"

   Rubbing the center of her eyebrows, Irene let go of this thought for now.

   Turning the chair, she lazily stretched her slender legs and faced the French windows.

   "Speaking of which, that Miss Christine is really vulnerable. She has nothing but emotions. On the contrary, that Highness has a sense of wisdom and foolishness, and her luck is so good that I am a little elusive."

   "However, that's all."

  She picked up the teacup, took a sip and put it down, then looked down at the courtyard.

  The lights in the courtyard have been extinguished, and there is no light other than the moon in the entire courtyard, and even the reflection of the light in the room is no longer cast on the ground.

   "Are you asleep?"

  The girl narrowed her eyes, resting her head on her pillow, and suddenly laughed.

   "I was a little shy about what happened just now."

   "So tonight, will you dream of me?"


  The wind blows outside the window, blowing the leaves and scattering the moonlight.

   "Tsk." The girl smiled more happily this time, "It seems that I will."

   "After all, the moon is hiding shyly."


   She yawned.

   "Good night, sir."