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The Barrage Said, I Am the Final Villain In the Game

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My name is Lynn, I am fourteen years old, I am from the Rhine, I live at 75 Brilliant Avenue in Catalina, I am unmarried but have a fiancée.

Now I am studying knowledge at the Rhine Institute, and I will go home before eight o’clock every day at the latest, even if I am pestered by my fiancee. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink alcohol, I go to bed at eleven o’clock in the evening, and I guarantee eight hours of sleep. Drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed, wake up and say good morning to the mirror. When the world ushers in the comfort of the morning light of the second day, I will practice the family-inspired swordsmanship as usual. In this way, everyone said I was normal.

–until today.

【Finally you are here! Fire Tong Liu Ming! 】

[Galgame is animated, will there be many exciting parts…..]

【Where the dream begins…… Wait a minute, I’m super! Where is this? Who are you handsome? ! 】

[Let me introduce:]

【What is standing in front of you now is the owner of a special physique who can become a suffering master anywhere. The only owner of the green to shiny crown. The emperor who created the empire and the tyrant who destroyed order. Because he is too miserable, he can’t see others. Well Lived Ultimate Villain – Mr. Lynn Blazer! ! 】

Lynn: “???”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:BSIAFVIG
Alternate Title:弹幕说,我是游戏里的最终反派
Author:Medical gauze
Weekly Rank:#7504
Monthly Rank:#8524
All Time Rank:#8975
Tags:Chat Rooms, Comedic Undertone, Cunning Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Nobles, Pragmatic Protagonist, Summoning Magic, Sword And Magic, Villain, Weak to Strong,
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15 Comments on “The Barrage Said, I Am the Final Villain In the Game
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  1. Maybe because machine translate , their riddle become more confusing like if you dont drive me away,if you wish . Or something

  2. Meh~ pretty good for a new concept. Just the story feels lackluster. Mc is portrayed as smart ass but fails. just makes the character out of touch. Can't really relate to him much.

  3. Most villain in anime or game got pretty smart and badass for their background, so when main hero defeat him it will make wah come on zero to hero awesome love love, something like that

  4. Total score: 5   Category: [Live text]   Indigenous protagonists, Western Fantasy World, similar to Truman’s world live streaming, the protagonist’s every move is under the watchful eyes of a bunch of people, the cheat is a barrage posted by others, there are various spoiler effects, watch It sounds a bit unclear, so it feels too self-indulgent, many barrage plots are awkward, and the sense of substitution of the indigenous protagonist is also very poor. In short, it feels weird   Settings: 4   Plot: 5   Writing style: 5

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