Time flies so fast...

"This is the Chinese Super League. The focus of the 17th round of the 2021 season is the match between Shandong and Guangdong. These two teams are also the front runners of this season. Guangdong now leads Shandong by 2 points. In the game, they played at their home court against the Shandong team that came to challenge.

Audience friends, please prepare your 3D glasses and prepare to watch this game. I, Sun Xiang, and Ma Jiqi will give you a commentary on this game. Wu Ye, how about it, tell me, what do you think of this game? "

"Guangdong is stronger, but I am more optimistic about Shandong." Although Majqi is a Croatian, his Beijing accent sounds more interesting than Sun Xiang. He stayed in China for a long time while playing football and retired. After that, I even got a job as an interpreter because his tone is very interesting and popular. "Although Guangdong is better in every way, but Shandong has the most incredible one this year. The players."

With these words, Sun Xiang also sighed, "Yes, who would have thought that Brother Zhao actually returned to the domestic club to play at the end. I always thought that he was just talking about it."

Speaking of this, Sun Xiang also remembered to introduce to the team, “Some of Zhao Yaning’s situation may not be remembered by younger fans. As one of the most famous stars in the world, he played for the team in Europe. Monaco, Liverpool, and Real Madrid have three teams, and then returned to Monaco in the late career. At the beginning of this year's winter transfer, Zhao Yaning left Monaco and returned to China to play for the Shandong team in his hometown. And we I have to say that although he is already a 37-year-old player, the state that Zhao Yaning has shown in the past half-season still makes people realize what is called a world-class star."

"After all, he and us are not the same way." Majiqi also talked. "As early as the beginning of the season, I asserted that he would definitely be one of the best players in our league. At that time, some people didn't believe it, saying that the current Chinese Super League is The most fierce competition in the world is not suitable for people with old arms and legs to play. Now it’s silly. Some people have old arms and legs, and that’s not too much to provoke. What’s more, Zhao Yaning returned from a transfer. It's not because of lack of strength, but because of awkwardness with the team."

"Well, speaking of this, everyone knows what happened this time. Zhao Yaning encouraged his son Zhao Rang to play in the Premier League. In the Champions League knockout games, Zhao Rang played on behalf of Liverpool and scored twice in three minutes. The ball knocked out Monaco. After the game, Monaco coach Pires expressed dissatisfaction with Zhao Yaning. In the end, the situation escalated. Zhao Yaning bought out the contract and left Monaco in a rage. In fact, why bother, Monaco can be regarded as him. He played for Monaco twice for almost ten years. He took Monaco to win two Champions Leagues and five league titles. He left for such a trivial matter."

"He also declined in Monaco and his core position was unstable. I remember that in the last time, he had been arguing with Pires for more tactical status. He also had an idea, so he wanted to return to China to play football. , In order to more securely guarantee the status of his national team. After all, next year will be the World Cup, but he still wants to show his face in the běi World Cup." Majiqi said, "Moreover, this is not the first time he has played with The coach quarreled, isn't it because he left Real Madrid because he was at odds with the coach."

"Yes... That was something in 2013. Eight years ago, some fans may not know it well. I will introduce here. Zhao Yaning's results in Real Madrid were very good at the beginning, the league champion from 07-08, and then 08 The Champions League at -09, the double crown at 09-10. After that, although Ancelotti left Real Madrid to coach the Italian national team, Real Madrid’s results are still good after being replaced by Mourinho. The 10-11 season completed the dream of three consecutive Champions League. However, Zhao Yaning and Mourinho's tactical ideas were also a bit different. In the 11-12 and 12-13 seasons, Real Madrid stopped in the semi-finals in a row after the Champions League. After Neo resigned, Real Madrid hired Dortmund’s coach Klopp. However, Klopp and Zhao Yaning had a serious conflict, and even Zhao Yaning believed that Klopp insulted China and the conflicts intensified. Real Madrid was re-elected in 14 years and the new chairman took office. Zhao Yaning automatically submitted the transfer application and returned to Monaco, where his career began. That incident was a big deal at the time. Klopp later apologized for improper remarks, but Zhao Yaning still ignored it. Later in the 17-year Champions League final , Zhao Yaning assisted Monaco defender Zuma with a corner kick to kill Real Madrid, and he still avenged his revenge."

"But that's the last time that Zhao Yaning won the Champions League, right? Monaco's strength has declined in the past two years, coupled with the expansion of the Champions League, the number of matches has increased, and it is becoming more and more difficult for Monaco to play good results. The small team has no big boss. After all, money can't keep up."

"So when Zhao Rang went to Liverpool, Monaco would scold the streets. Zhao Yaning played in Monaco for eight years and became famous in Monaco. However, the peak was three consecutive championships in Real Madrid and he stayed for seven years. Let his son go to Liverpool where the time is the shortest." Sun Xiang sighed, "However, speaking of it, it is also related to Zhao Rang's technical characteristics. His technique is an enhanced version of Henry, although his body is more powerful. , And the competition is like his father’s blood, but he plays football, but he is not as stable as his father. I have been in contact with that child, and the child is too anxious, without his father being calm, I like to open and close. His style of play is just right to go to the Premier League. And the Liverpool coach is Alonso, and Zhao Yaning has a good relationship with him. Let him go there and let his old friends take care of his children."

"And speaking of it, Zhao Rang doesn't necessarily listen to him, right."

Although they are sons, everyone knows that Zhao Yaning and Alizee were not married in the end. Before leaving Real Madrid, Zhao Yaning married his high school classmates. This incident was also raging at the time, and Zhao Yaning was also burdened with the infamy of "Zhao Shimei". However, it was later discovered that Zhao Yaning and Alizee still often looked after their children together, chatted and went shopping, and no one understood their relationship, and the comments on the matter were somewhat difficult to explain.

However, no matter what their generation is, since Zhao Rang became famous, he has hated others to compare him with his father. It is not a good thing to have a too powerful Laozi. Since Zhao Rang started playing football at the age of 11, he has been the focus of media attention all over the world. Everyone regards him as the successor of Zhao Yaning for granted. Such a son makes him quite Because he is not used to it, what he wants to play is his own football, not relying on Lao Tzu's reputation.

"If Zhao Rang really doesn't listen to his father, he should go to Manchester United instead of Liverpool. If nothing else, isn't Zhao Yaning's wife still a lawyer for some Liverpool association."

Zhao Yaning's wife has always been very low-key, but people have also inquired that she is a lawyer who has been working for the Hillsborough tragedy in Liverpool for a long time and has contributed to the disclosure of the truth. For this, she even received a commendation from the dead queen of England, but she rejected it herself. After marrying Zhao Yaning, she did not go out to work again. Instead, she raised her and Zhao Yaning's daughter full-time at home.

"Who knows these, these are all housework. But speaking of it, what exactly is Zhao Rang doing for this World Cup? What does the Chinese Football Association think? Is there still no credibility?"

The Chinese Football Association has always refused to accept foreign players. Even if fa is acceptable, they cannot accept it either. Although Zhao Rang has Chinese ancestry, he has no Chinese nationality because he stayed in Europe with his father for a long time since he was a child. However, whether he should join the Chinese team is a big question.

In terms of strength, he is qualified. In terms of seniority, he has a good old man. Regarding willingness, he himself has intentions-but now, the biggest problem is the national policy.

Although many people are calling for Zhao Rang's strength and for his own country's home World Cup, they should also open their mouths, but after all, such things are not so easy to open.

In addition to China, France is still trying to persuade Zhao Rang to join. Although according to the tradition of the football world, someone from the father’s generation is a national team, it is assumed that the son will continue to follow the father’s generation to mix with the national team-this is the practice of the French immigrants from Africa, even a strong figure like Zidane Because he wanted his son to join his wife's nationality and join the Spanish national team, he was infamous. Zhao Rang used this rule in the same way. But the problem is that China has never let go, and Zhao Rang hasn't made a decision.

"I heard that it is being considered by the above..." Sun Xiang sighed, "But speaking, it may still be difficult. After all, this influence is too bad, even if Zhao Yaning's 20-year national team captain's reputation, it is difficult to say that it is let this matter pass. But then again, Zhao Yaning is a 37-year-old man, and he is still fighting like this for the World Cup~www.mtlnovel.com~ The national team is ashamed not to give him this face? Anyway, if it is me, I will give it."

"The problem is that it doesn't count what you said."

Sun Xiang shrugged and looked at the stadium. "The game has started. As we imagined, Zhao Yaning is still the most eye-catching one on the stadium... This is really amazing. We all know that the current Guangdong and Shandong, there are all international players, this is very difficult to see in the Super League, after all, it is different now, and most of the players who are in their early days have basically gone abroad. They are all counting on Guangdong and Shandong. A few super new stars. But this one...this is really not a class."

"For those in Shandong, Zhao Yaning has led for half a season and has made significant progress. We can see that now the running passes are more calm than before. The skills are hard to say, but the confidence has risen too much."

"This is for sure. After all, Zhao Yaning is an old man in the team and knows how to bring new players. To say that he is not afraid of embarrassment, didn't we also bring it out at the time? As a result, we have all retired now, and he is still playing. When we played, when the national team ranked low, it was more than 60 or more than 70. As a result, the national team fell out of the top 20 this year, and it was a clamor-don’t even think about it, the World Cup host country does not play the World Cup preliminary , Which ranks well before the World Cup?"

"Everyone is also a heart, and they all want to see if Zhao Yaning can win the World Cup this time. Actually, who doesn't want to know? We all want to look at Zhao Yaning and get this stuff. From the uncrowned king to the real The king of the ball, this coronation ceremony has come a lot late."

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