The weather in March was warm and cold at first. Although it was just after six o'clock, the sky was already dimmed. In the snack bar on the roadside, the owner moved the sign of'Boiled Fish 10 Yuan Special' under the sign to make it more visible under the light. Then he stood at the door and looked at the customers in the store.

The small shop is not big, there are only about ten tables. On a table in the corner, three young students ordered two pots of boiled fish, a plate of peanuts, and a portion of fried mushrooms. They were eating enthusiastically. Half a bundle of beer was lying on the ground, and the other half had become empty bottles on the table.

"Ning Zi, I think you should report to a sports student." When Li Ke said this, he was eating boiled fish, so that in March, a layer of sweat was on his red face. . But looking at his look, he is absolutely serious, at least he didn't drink too much, "Your grades are too bad. With your grades, you can't go to any university, and the exams are useless. You might as well take the exam for sports students." You are not us, you really have that ability."

Zhao Yaning didn't say a word. This was silently holding up the wine glass, dulling a glass.

"Sports students are still taken care of after all. Although you don't touch football now, you have played football anyway. It is not difficult for people who come out of sports school to find a way to pass the physical examination." Zhang Jun also said to the side. , "Your score is really hopeless. Our own brothers don't say that it is false. If you go on like this, you will be nothing."

"I just thought it would be fine if I passed the exam. I have to have a high school diploma, right?" Zhao Yaning smiled and shook his head, responding to Li Ke's words, "If there is that, I think it will be more than a year. After I graduated from high school, I got my graduation certificate and went straight to find a job. Go to **** school, I have enough, I will find a job by myself, and go on my own."

"It's all nonsense, now it's not easy to find a job with your parents, but you still do it yourself? Do you watch too much TV? Just your temperament, get a high school diploma, and still look for a job? Can you write and count, Still have the strength to sell? Don’t be nonsense.” Zhang Jun retorted, “Go back and talk to Auntie, let her pay you some money for errands. Isn’t it a major event in a lifetime? Anyway, at least it matters to you. Ten years from now?"

"If my family can spend such a sum of money, why bother to come out of the team? I was willing to pay for the coach back then, I may become a star now." Zhao Yaning said silently in his heart, but did not say come out.

The school curriculum is tight. The three brothers skipped class and came out to drink boring alcohol. There is no need to mention those who are unhappy.

"If you really don't go to school, just go to work like this, Beibei, what are you going to do?" Li Ke said again, "She can't accompany you on the road, right? She didn't get a second grade test. Question, if you have any luck, you can even get a copy. If you go to rush, you can rest assured that she will go to university alone?"

"I'll go to work wherever she goes to college, can't it work? Anyway, I graduated from high school and everything is easy to do."

"If you think about it, she wants to go to the school in Beijing. Can you keep the prices there after graduating from high school? And when you go to college, do you think Beibei is worthy of you?"

"Okay, you're a 38. Your official boyfriend doesn't bother you. What are you doing." Zhang Jun interrupted their conversation looking at Zhao Yaning's increasingly unsightly expression.

Zhao Yaning didn't say anything, and got bored with the wine in one sip.

Li Ke didn't say anything, but refused to take a sip of the wine, but picked up the glass and drank slowly.

"I said Ning Zi, do you think there is a show in Rome this season?" Zhang Jun saw the embarrassment of the two people, and casually changed the subject, "I always feel quite mysterious when I look at it. Batty is starting to sleep again. This year's championship feels hanging."

"Didn't Montella perform well?" Zhao Yaning lowered his head and drank, "You have considered these issues, do you think Capello can't think of it? Maybe they have planned, the problem should be not big, I think hope is better than Milan It’s a lot with Juventus."

"It's time for Rome to regain the championship. Lazio has won the championship, and they were 5:0 by Rome. And Batty is this age, and there is really no chance if he doesn't win the championship." Zhang Jun smacked his mouth. With a frustrated face, "Brother Totti, you can't make Brother happy again."

"You asked for it. It's okay to see Rome." Li Ke commented unceremoniously, "I don't have this trouble."

"I don't understand what's so good about Manchester United's games. The little girl just looks at Beckham. What are you going to do with you." Zhang Jun retorted, "Right, Ning Zi?"

"Don't say that, each league has different characteristics..."

"Fuck, come and muddy again." Zhang Jun scolded with a smile, "As for Totti's pass, that shot, who can Manchester United compare to? Except for a Beckham who eats on his face, what else do they have?"

"I said I am a fan of Solskjaer, I don't like Beckham." Li Ke angered, what else did he want to say, a bell rang around his waist, and he took out himself from his bag When I put my PHS phone in my ear and listened, my face changed drastically.

"It's broken." Li Ke looked up at the two brothers. "The old class doesn't know what's wrong, so I went to the class to stare at self-study."

Zhao Yaning and Zhang Jun looked at each other and knew something was wrong at the same time.

"I've only been in class for a few days now, and it's like skipping classes, unorganized and undisciplined!" On the podium in the class, Mr. Kang, who was nicknamed Master Kong by the students, was yelling. He shouted hysterically for a long time, so that the hairspray on his head was wet with sweat, revealing the top of his bald head, which was extremely ridiculous, "Someone asked me for leave, saying that I was sick! I still want to take the college entrance examination! All those who ask for leave are the same. No, after the three of Li Ke come back, they will go to my office! I don't want to go to the fuck, this is only a sophomore in high school, what is it like!"

"Report!" Li Ke appeared at the door. The three of them are now very embarrassed. They just drank a lot of beer, and ran back to school before the alcohol was over. Standing at the door of the classroom, there was a smell of alcohol all over his body. The girl near the door of the classroom frowned.

"I'm back? You are absent from self-study late for no reason. Who did you ask for leave?"

Master Kong looked at the three people with mixed eyes. To Zhao Yaning, he only has disgust and dissatisfaction. This child is a sports student and has all the characteristics of a bad child-early love, drinking, not listening to class, not writing homework, and full of poisons. But Li Ke and Zhang Jun are among the best students in the class, and mixing with this kind of children every day can only make him feel sorry.

Fortunately, it won't be anymore.

The three people stood at the door and said nothing. They have nothing to say. Absent from class ran to drink and was arrested, still carrying the alcohol that has not dissipated, expecting the teacher to forgive them for being too difficult. However, they are not too scared. The school is a school for children and cannot easily expel students. At most, they are scolded and checked.

Who can't write an inspection yet.

"Li Ke, Zhang Jun, go back to your seat and sit down! Write me an examination, study early and read it aloud in the class! Zhao Yaning, come with me to the office!"

Master Kong waved his hand in disgust, and went out first. Zhang Jun returned to his seat and fell asleep directly after getting down. Li Ke returned to his seat with a wry smile, waiting for a new round of scolding.

Sure enough, as he expected, Qi Beibei's color staring at him can't be described as gentle.

"What did you do? I don't even tell me when I left. I don't know how to help you cover! Master Kong has been scolding for a long time. Do you know how worried I am? If you don't study well every day, you will know how to play!"

Every time Beibei spoke, the scolding would never stop. Although Li Ke always thought that Beibei was a good girl, he still didn't understand how Zhao Yaning endured Beibei.

"Babe, we just finished drinking and we are dizzy." Li Ke turned to his side, constantly making a smile on his face, "It's Zhang Jun's birthday, and we will go out for two drinks. Didn't Ning Zi tell you? I thought he greeted you."

Beibei stared at him angrily, but still took out a pack of tissues from his schoolbag, took out a piece of facial tissue, and handed it over.

"Wipe your face, give Jun'er one, go to bed with sweaty face, be careful to catch cold. Give me the water glass, and I will pour you some water."

With that said, Beibei picked up her cup, UU reading "Don’t know how to play every day, you are brothers, you are not used to him anymore, so you can help him cheat if you can test it. Now, it seems that the college entrance examination is about to be taken, and you still cheat for him?"

Li Ke shrugged and drank a sip of water, "It's useless to help him cheat because of his grades. I have only seen a strongman who can score zero in politics, I have only seen it once in my life."

"Then you still drag him out every day!" Beibei glared at him dissatisfiedly. "There is the dinner I sold him in the drawer, and it disappears without saying a word. The things are still there. He must be embarrassed for a while. Go directly to the dormitory and take it back to him in the evening. If you drink too much, you will get hungry at midnight."

Li Ke looked down at the drawer. A bag of milk and a bread were placed in a plastic bag and piled together on Zhao Yaning's schoolbag. There were not many things, but Li Ke kept smacking his lips, "Bebe, morning. I knew you were so virtuous when I chased you."

He was hit hard by Bei Bei on the head.

At this moment, Zhao Yaning opened the door of the classroom and walked in slowly.

"Ningzi, what's the matter?"

Li Ke realized something unusual. In normal times, Zhao Yaning would definitely fling his sleeves and leave like Beibei expected, instead of returning to the classroom.

Beibei also stared at Zhao Yaning questioningly, even Zhang Jun who was sleeping got up and looked at Zhao Yaning-obviously, he just wanted to avoid Beibei's nagging and deliberately pretended to sleep.

"Lao Kang told me," Zhao Yaning's voice hesitated, even he himself didn't believe it was true. "A letter was sent to our school, saying that it was for me to participate in a football training in France."

The three partners stared at Zhao Yaning incredulously, their eyes widened.

"Oh my God, did I really fall asleep and start dreaming?"

Zhang Jun shook his head in disbelief, saying that he couldn't believe this fact.

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