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The Ancestor of Body Repair

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In the early world of immortal cultivation, there was no physical cultivation among immortal cultivators. And a top bodybuilder who came from the earth has opened up a new path here and became the ancestor of physical training.

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Short Title:TABR
Alternate Title:体修之祖
Author:stone tree
Weekly Rank:#3901
Monthly Rank:#2722
All Time Rank:#5540
Tags:Body Tempering, Male Protagonist, Transported into Another World,
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21 Comments on “The Ancestor of Body Repair
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  1. ch30 so far pretty garbage. the author doesn't even bother going in depth and justifying the mc's background and actions. for example its mentioned that the mc is a male in his 30s that owns a fitness gym. yet the mc proclaims his aspirations is to reach the peak of human body. if that is the case he should have been a fkn geneticist instead of owning a gym, cause your literally getting into body modifications at that point. but whatever lets assume that the authors bullshit logic make sense. after the mc is transported to the new world literally he knows fkn nothing about this world aside from that it has people and wolves yep and martial arts. basically nothing he has the audacity to accept a task from some stranger when he literally has a million other issues that he has to deal with. and yes before all the fkn karens start jumping out and crying that the old man saved his life, i'm well aware that doesn't mean you fkn go potentially killing yourself to repay him. plus he could have just said i will do what is within my ability and preferably after i get up to pace. next when he joins the sect or whatever he goes around showing off as if his face is plated with gold or something like how fkn stupid could you be. not only are you on a potential undercover mission but you know nothing about this sect yep which he joined without even thinking about, he goes around sharing all the details about his training including his skills etc with others as if hes scared the whole fkn world doesn't know about it. anyways its still really early so i'll update as i go hopefully the mc grows a brain as clearly he needs that more than strengthening his biceps.

  2. ch 150 dropped, well at least i didn't have to read another couple hundred ch to know this is hot garbage. the mc is clearly all muscle and no brain cause every time he makes a decision its pretty much stupid. back at the tekken sect the mc ends up fighting the patriarch even though it was completely unnecessary if he had just laid low and cultivated in secret but nope of course we can't have that cause mc is #1 flexer, gotta be flexing to everyone out there to let em know whos awesome. basically gets into a fight with someone whos stronger than him and without him understanding much of the situation like what a cultivator is even capable of which can be seen when the old guy basically spy's on him through the spirit stone which he didn't know. of course idiot mc gets saved by plot armor. funny thing is after everyone dies but him he returns to the sect and goes yep everyone is fkn dead but me and everyone just accepts that without any suspicions. next he goes in search of the other parchment techniques and stumbles into the poison sect yep just so it could have a cultivator yep how coincidental. after a confrontation he discovers that the sect indeed did have the technique but the sect master gave a copy to the girl who was a cultivator, and of course mc learns of this but proceeds to pick the riskiest option of all because well why not hes got to risk it a bit, i mean how else is he going to kill himself with plot armor saving his ass 24/7. oh yeah at this point i pretty much turned my brain off i wasn't expecting much out of this idiot anymore but i stuck with it because i wanted to know the cultivation as i picked up this novel because i wanted to read a novel that focused on body cultivation. the last saving grace i was hoping he'd invent a new branch of cultivation entirely but yep not happening. when he later breaks through to foundation building its basically the same thing as the traditional system with the exception being cultivators store their qi in their dantian while he stores it in his muscles but the process is still essentially the same. anyhow after that i'm dropping i only put up with all the nonsense because i wanted to know the cultivation, second that turned to shit i'm out.

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