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The Anarchic Consort

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She, a 21st century mercenary queen, had crossed over into a tragically betrayed body of a waste. Waste? She will show them what it means to be a waste! Betrayed? With the Ancient Manual in her hands, she will astonish all the despicable men and cheap women!

Wait! Didn’t everyone say that she was an evil woman which everyone feared? Why is his Third Highness, full of mystery and charisma, so interested in her?

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Short Title:AC
Original Title:一世盛欢:爆宠纨绔妃
Author:Zhan Qi Shao
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Josei, Martial Arts, Romance, Xuanhuan
Weekly Rank:#425
Monthly Rank:#410
All Time Rank:#232
Tags:Ancient China, Appearance Changes, Artifact Crafting, Beast Companions, Beautiful Female Lead, Black Belly, Broken Engagement, Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Dense Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Money Grubber, Possessive Characters, Protagonist Strong from the Start, R*pe, Revenge, Ruthless Protagonist, Secret Identity, Transmigration,

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