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For more than ten years pretending to be a pig and a tiger, Qiao Qing has never taken fame seriously. But someone pushed her nose to her face in an attempt to hurt someone she cares about. Qiao Qing decided not to pretend to be herself. Straw waste? Genius IQ shocks your eyes! Lo.... Read more

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~ The new book is coming! ~ Afterword Chapter 1017 season finale

Chapter 1016 So you don't have no feelings for Jing Heng? ! Chapter 1015 This dad is really unreliable. Chapter 1014 When I grow up I want to marry this girl as my bride. Chapter 1013 meet Chapter 1012 I think it is necessary for me to do a paternity test with you. Chapter 1011 With your lacking brain, it's no wonder that Xiao Wu hasn't been found for so many years. Chapter 1010 You seem to know from the beginning that I am your old man. Chapter 1009 Ben Shao pinches and counts, uncle, you will have a **** disaster these days. Chapter 1008 The status of Jun Yexuan

Chapter 1007 Jun Yexuan was scolded by his son and daughter Chapter 1006 Jun Yexuan's face turned black Chapter 1005 Recognize godmother

Chapter 1004 naming Chapter 1003 I will never let you suffer this kind of sin again Chapter 1002 Childbirth 4 Chapter 1001 Childbirth 3 Chapter 1000 Childbirth 2 Chapter 999 Childbirth 1 Chapter 998 Pregnancy 3 Chapter 997 Pregnancy 2 Chapter 996 Extra Three-Group Pets During Pregnancy 1

Chapter 995 Gong Yi (5) Chapter 994 Gong Yi (4) Chapter 993 Gong Yi (3) Chapter 992 Gong Yi (2) Chapter 991 Fan Wai 2-Gong Yi (1) Chapter 990 Honeymoon 8 Chapter 989 Honeymoon 7 Chapter 988 Honeymoon 6 Chapter 987 Honeymoon 5 Chapter 986 Honeymoon 4 Chapter 985 Honeymoon 3 Chapter 984 Honeymoon 2

Chapter 983 Fanwai-Honeymoon 1 Chapter 982 Wedding night Chapter 981 Farewell love rival Chapter 980 Wedding (12) Chapter 979 Wedding (11) Chapter 978 Wedding (10) Chapter 977 Wedding (9) Chapter 976 Wedding (8) Chapter 975 Wedding (7) Chapter 974 Wedding (6) Chapter 973 Wedding (5) Chapter 972 Wedding (4)

Chapter 971 Wedding (3) Chapter 970 Wedding (2) Chapter 969 Wedding (1) Chapter 968 That voice was my son, right? Chapter 967 child Chapter 966 Mysterious wedding gift Chapter 965 If I don't make myself better, how can I be worthy of you? Chapter 964 Xiao Xuanzi who keeps talking about love Chapter 963 Other girls have them, how could I let you not? Chapter 962 These... you planted them all by yourself? Chapter 961 Who allowed you to hurt yourself? Asked my opinion? ! Chapter 960 Beaten

Chapter 959 Brother Qi asked: Qingqing? Chapter 958 Who is this here? Chapter 957 Anxious Sand Sculpture before marriage Chapter 956 The position of the prince Chapter 955 Review Conference Chapter 954 If you still disagree, then you can not use it to attend our wedding Chapter 953 Seeing Qiao Qing’s tears, everyone present panicked Chapter 952 Turns out she has always kept it in her heart Chapter 951 Just still our sister Qing Chapter 950 Do you marry? Do not marry and pull down! Chapter 949 There is no endurance, no need to endure. Chapter 948 When can I marry Qingqing?

Chapter 947 This is a great shame for men! Chapter 946 Home son-in-law Chapter 945 To be honest about your position in Qingqing’s heart, you may not be higher than your uncle Chapter 944 No one should try to rob him, neither is the old man! Chapter 943 His father-in-law has today Chapter 942 When did his status in the family become so low? ! Chapter 941 He seemed to have done a terrific thing last night. Chapter 940 You are mine, no one can covet it! Chapter 939 What evil did I do? ! Chapter 938 Golden opportunity Chapter 937 He won't be drunk too? Chapter 936 After tonight, the fame of his lord's lord was completely ruined.

Chapter 935 The old man was drunk, and he was still worried about stealing her daughter. Chapter 934 drink Chapter 933 This little padded jacket is not only uncomfortable, but also leaks air. Chapter 932 How do you feel that you and my daughter’s roles are reversed? Chapter 931 Restore memory Chapter 929 Surprise Chapter 928 Confrontation Chapter 927 Did I do so few things that made him hate me? Chapter 926 Disrespectful Chapter 925 I'll interrupt you with my leg! Chapter 924 Haven't you seen Qingqing's unwavering feelings for me? You have no chance! Chapter 923 Does your kid like my girl too?

Chapter 922 I don't seize power, and he will try his best to deal with me. Chapter 921 Sorry, I am her father. Chapter 920 What is your relationship with Duke Quan? Chapter 919 There are such shameless people in the world. Chapter 918 It's a miracle! Chapter 917 Make your own Chapter 916 monitor Chapter 915 If the cause of death cannot be found, I will leave it to you again. Chapter 914 What are you afraid of? Ok? Chapter 913 Do you know what this woman did? Chapter 912 This is obviously to support her! Chapter 911 The tacit understanding between father-in-law and son-in-law

Chapter 910 Uncle's position in Xia is very important! Chapter 909 I think he, the emperor, has done his best! Chapter 908 Have you found the evidence? Chapter 907 She left it to me to clean up Chapter 906 Quan Zexi, your daughter was bullied, why are you still here? ! Chapter 905 Emperor Yin posted a message saying he would kill his relatives righteously Chapter 904 I want you to send someone to arrest Qiao Qing and convict him. Chapter 903 You don't want to sit in this seat, some people are willing to sit! Chapter 902 If you don't admit his words, you won't toast you when we get married. Chapter 901 Lao Zhangren was rushing on the road to death, and Ladu couldn't help it. Chapter 900 Actually, you can also consider finding me a stepdad Chapter 899 Even if he can't remember, you can re-cultivation of feelings!

Chapter 898 Parents meet Chapter 897 Is it okay to scold yourself? Chapter 896 He was actually expecting this result. Chapter 895 He married another? ! Chapter 894 My granddaughter's boyfriend? Chapter 893 Ghost man Chapter 892 This look, this momentum, at first glance is your kind Chapter 891 I don’t necessarily agree with you to be my son-in-law! Chapter 890 When you recover your memory, you may regret it. Chapter 889 His Lord Sir is not a thing. Chapter 888 I'm not interested in movies like your little girl! Chapter 887 Quan Zexi and Qiao Zibo look exactly the same.

Chapter 886 Why does the whole world acquiesce that he is a father? ! Chapter 885 Did he really get married and had such a big daughter? Chapter 884 Would you like to consider breaking the contract with them and forming an alliance with me? Chapter 883 Negotiate terms Chapter 882 Lord Duke, can you take off your mask to show the younger generation? Chapter 881 Don't you feel ashamed? Chapter 880 Do you think this person's figure is a bit familiar? Chapter 879 Confrontation Chapter 878 Couple outfit Chapter 877 Brother, perhaps, this is a breakthrough. Chapter 876 Get ready, we will return home immediately. Chapter 875 Still threat useful

Chapter 874 I hope you will not regret it in the future. Chapter 873 If you are not his grandfather, now the tombstones are all erected! Chapter 872 Grandpa seemed surprised to see me, so who are you waiting for? Chapter 871 In order to force me, he really did everything. Chapter 870 If I want to be emperor, can he still sit in that position until now? Chapter 869 If I offend no one, I can’t offend her! Chapter 868 He is the only bargaining chip you can negotiate with me. Chapter 867 Emperor Yin, Duke Xia Hou died. Chapter 866 Uncle Gu Chapter 865 Because I want to become stronger, stronger than anyone Chapter 864 He couldn't help but feel a deep resentment towards his father-in-law, who he had never met. Chapter 863 You two still know each other?

Chapter 862 Is life important or is it important for a while? Chapter 861 This is for you Chapter 860 Let him be such a fairy to dig out the entrails of the chicken? That picture is too beautiful. Chapter 859 He looked at the boy's appearance a little familiar, but he didn't know who he looked like. Chapter 858 Qiao Qing was caught stealing something. Chapter 857 I'm so smart, how can you cultivate such a stupid person? Chapter 856 As for whether he is going back now, he must have a bargaining chip against Xia Guo. Chapter 855 who am I? where am I? This person is doing it! What! What! Chapter 854 Contacting the country master Ruan Guo said that I agreed to cooperate with him. Chapter 853 When we find our father-in-law, we will return to China to get married, okay? Chapter 852 Brother, right? Chapter 851 You are more active than him!

Chapter 850 After experiencing tonight, she dare not leave him alone Chapter 849 It's you Chapter 848 It's Gu Chapter 847 Qingqing, am I still clean? Chapter 846 You are finally mine Chapter 845 Jun Yexuan is gone! Chapter 844 Old illness Chapter 843 Xuanzi Chapter 842 Too cruel, really cruel Chapter 841 You let someone who has seen the Lion King evaluate a wild dog? Chapter 840 Bullying Chapter 839 Even in order to hit her, she must get this man!

Chapter 838 He still doesn't know how many times he has to kneel durian for this moment of laziness. Chapter 837 I always feel that the brushwork of this painting is a bit familiar Chapter 836 Let him have another attack Chapter 835 Is this amazing? ! Chapter 834 Chapter 833 Chapter 832 Chapter 831 Chapter 830 Chapter 829 She is a cold-hearted person Chapter 828 Save people Chapter 827 The little wife of the domineering president

Chapter 826 Qingqing, are you satisfied with what you saw? Chapter 825 Chapter 824 Don't look down on people Chapter 823 Fenghen, we are still friends. Chapter 822 Quan Zexi Chapter 821 This person's poisonous tongue remains the same Chapter 820 Choose one of them to get married and hold them for three years Chapter 819 You don't know how much i like you Chapter 818 I am a dirty being Chapter 817 life experience Chapter 816 Do my bird things? Chapter 815 Marriage

Chapter 814 Xia's succession to the throne must be you Chapter 813 Distressed Chapter 812 Even if I die, I won't let this woman see a doctor. Chapter 811 He has old illnesses? Chapter 810 Of course you are harmful to his reason, blame me. Chapter 809 The desire to survive is proper. Chapter 808 Get off the horse Chapter 807 The little Lord is now resurgence of Miss Joe's heart? Chapter 806 How can the heart be controlled? Chapter 805 Has his status in Qingqing's mind surpassed that of his little uncle? Chapter 804 I can't even do this for her. What qualifications do I have to be her man? ! Chapter 803 And Jun Yexuan, of course, is Emperor Yin's grandson.

Chapter 802 Knowing that I don't welcome you, come here shyly? ! Chapter 801 So, I can pass on the family to him. Chapter 800 I want to go home with you Chapter 799 Chapter 798 Chapter 797 Chapter 796 Chapter 795 At this time, I'm still showing my love and spreading dog food, and I'm not afraid of thunderstorms. Chapter 794 Crash Chapter 793 The wicked are rewarded. Chapter 792 If you want to take Leng's home, it depends on whether they have that fate! Chapter 791 Run away

Chapter 790 I almost suspect you are in love with me Chapter 789 Do you have to count this clear with me? Chapter 788 I'm going to tell the old man, let him drive the mother and son out of Leng's house! Chapter 787 Leng Jie and this sloppy middle-aged man look like five or six points! Chapter 786 I will know how much liquidity there is when I razed your casino to the ground. Chapter 785 Are you such a talkative person when I am Qiao Qing? ! Chapter 784 Then bring the lost money Chapter 783 Why is his third brother's focus so strange every time? Chapter 782 My aunt, why are you? ! Chapter 781 I haven't had fun yet Chapter 780 Gambler Kitano Chapter 779 Gambling skills

Chapter 778 Black belly Chapter 777 What should I do if my wife has a little secret for him? Chapter 776 If you want to eat black, look at the object! Chapter 775 Who said this girl is a layman? I think it's hidden, right? ! Chapter 774 The rich are willful Chapter 773 Really silly Chapter 772 Is Qingqing good at gambling? Chapter 771 I bet with your casino. Chapter 770 Didn't you say you want to go to the casino? Chapter 769 He really has no conscience at all! Chapter 768 Qingqing is fine Chapter 767 Does this person really plan to die alone for Qingqing? !

Chapter 766 What does grandpa want me to do? Chapter 765 The most taboo of the superiors is to be soft-hearted Chapter 764 Then let him die! Chapter 763 Why are you suddenly following us? Chapter 762 Luo Chen is here Chapter 761 I'm so sad that I can't use alcohol to eliminate my sorrows? Chapter 760 Idiot Chapter 759 At present, Qingqing seems to be more like a pig's hoof. Chapter 758 Did you forget one thing? Chapter 757 Why don't other rivals have this consciousness? Chapter 756 I am not willing to toss her at this time. Chapter 755 You don't give me her idea!

Chapter 754 faint Chapter 753 Miss Qiao, Master is saved now, right? Chapter 752 Chapter 751 Chapter 750 Chapter 749 Chapter 748 Chapter 747 Mr. Fang, she is videotaping! Chapter 746 It's my dad, Qiao Zibo. Chapter 745 Where did you get this design drawing? ! Chapter 744 Not much, just a deep-sea honeycomb international embassy. Chapter 743 Why haven’t you heard of your architectural works before? !

Chapter 742 The key people still have the capital to drag! Chapter 741 Shock the audience! Chapter 740 Uncle Zhou, go and get a computer from it. Chapter 739 Young Master Qi is worthy of being a top-notch sister, and Young Master Jun is worthy of being a spoiled wife! Chapter 738 You have delayed me for twenty minutes. Chapter 737 This woman is all right to look for trouble! Chapter 736 This is Leng Yan, one of the Six Young Masters in the world, right? So hanging! Chapter 735 Live. Chapter 734 Step on that conceited woman thoroughly! Chapter 733 Threat Chapter 732 It turns out that her status is higher than she thought Chapter 731 If she knows how to design, would Leng Yan still use it to find me?

Chapter 730 Make your own Chapter 729 You can detect his embarrassment even without looking at his face. Chapter 728 Big brother turns on brainwashing mode Chapter 727 My brother is relatively free, so he accompanies me. Chapter 726 Is it possible that the designer of the Deep Sea Honeycomb International Embassy is Qing Qing? Chapter 725 Is it worthy of you? ! Chapter 724 Just let her be my assistant Chapter 723 but! ! What he ruined is the image of his young master, OK? ! Chapter 722 Meeting him is the greatest fortune in my life. Chapter 721 Distressed Chapter 720 What if she is attracted to Ben Shao and covets Ben Shao? Chapter 719 Separated from Qingqing for too long, miss her.

Chapter 718 The president has gone out in the past few months, and Jane has been transformed! Chapter 717 The power of love is really great! Chapter 716 Is it true that I Leng Yan can retaliate with virtue for a lifetime? ! Chapter 715 It's okay to praise yourself Chapter 714 Why didn't I know that I was dying? Chapter 713 Who makes the cry, who is responsible for coaxing. Chapter 712 You will only make my conscience uneasy for the rest of my life! Chapter 711 Disease exposure Chapter 710 This is nothing compared to what he did for me. Chapter 709 This amazing technology is simply against the sky! Chapter 708 In my opinion, he should fight. Chapter 707 uninvited guest

Chapter 706 Give up his life to accompany the gentleman. Chapter 705 I'm robbing Yan Wangye Chapter 704 If he died, I would be ashamed for a lifetime. Chapter 703 Are there such people around him? Chapter 702 She doesn't have to work hard for him too long Chapter 701 Have you ever seen her cry? ! Chapter 700 why did not you tell me? ! Chapter 699 What I want to leave to her is the help that can help her in the future, not a hot potato. Chapter 698 You are running all the way to see me now, do you want to give me a chance? Chapter 697 In this way, he was relieved. Chapter 696 Not as handsome as me Chapter 695 Uncle Zhou, is it Qingqing?

Chapter 694 Goddess Joe became chubby Chapter 693 Jun Yexuan threat Chapter 692 How come the dignified young master is like a little daughter-in-law in front of this little girl? Chapter 691 Country L, she must go Chapter 690 Do it again, I will still do that Chapter 689 In this life, enough memories Chapter 688 Do not live Chapter 687 I found out, it's Qiao Qing Chapter 686 This slapped face came too quickly. Chapter 685 She alone saved your team! Chapter 684 She personally created the second peak. Chapter 683 Did you also use this kind of incense when you made the wild green?

Chapter 682 Chapter 681 Chapter 680 Chapter 679 Chapter 678 Chapter 677 Chapter 676 Human heart Chapter 675 Burst 57 Chapter 674 Explosion 56 Chapter 673 Explosion 55 Chapter 672 Explosion 54 Chapter 671 Burst 53

Chapter 670 Burst 52 Chapter 669 Burst 51 Chapter 668 Burst 50 Chapter 667 Burst 49 Chapter 666 Burst 48 Chapter 665 Explosion 47 Chapter 664 Burst 46 Chapter 663 Burst 45 Chapter 662 Burst 44 Chapter 661 Burst 43 Chapter 660 Burst 42 Chapter 659 Burst 41

Chapter 658 Burst 40 Chapter 657 Burst 39 Chapter 656 Burst 38 Chapter 655 Burst 37 Chapter 654 Burst 36 Chapter 653 Burst 35 Chapter 652 Burst 34 Chapter 651 Burst 33 Chapter 650 Burst 32 Chapter 649 Burst 31 Chapter 648 Burst 30 Chapter 647 Explosion 29

Chapter 646 Burst 28 Chapter 645 Burst 27 Chapter 644 Burst 26 Chapter 643 Burst 25 Chapter 642 Explosion 24 Chapter 641 Burst 23 Chapter 640 Explosion 22 Chapter 639 Burst 21 Chapter 638 Burst 20 Chapter 637 Burst 19 Chapter 636 Burst 18 Chapter 635 Explosion 17

Chapter 634 Explosion 16 Chapter 633 Burst 15 Chapter 632 Burst 14 Chapter 631 Burst 13 Chapter 630 Burst 12 Chapter 629 Burst 11 Chapter 628 Burst 10 Chapter 627 Burst 9 Chapter 626 Burst 8 Chapter 625 Explosion 7 Chapter 624 Burst 6 Chapter 623 Burst 5

Chapter 622 Burst 4 Chapter 621 Burst 3 Chapter 620 Burst 2 Chapter 619 Burst 1 Chapter 618 Really consider yourself the president's wife? ! Chapter 617 Okay, take me to perfume. Chapter 616 You are not that capable. Chapter 615 Then don't be tempted to find someone else's girlfriend! Chapter 614 Maybe you can get the first place? Chapter 613 What do I want, doesn't Young Master Jun know? Chapter 612 Do you want to kiss me indirectly? Chapter 611 Xiao Yi, are you going to be a junior?

Chapter 610 I am used to Chapter 609 Recognize the master Chapter 608 This person is not easy to mess with Chapter 607 Are you a trainer? Chapter 606 Show affection, sprinkle dog food, be angry with the enemy Chapter 605 Jun Yexuan belongs to Qiao Qing! Chapter 604 This guy has today too! Chapter 603 She doesn't want to try to ride this guy, right? Chapter 602 Then we ride a horse, and I will take you. Chapter 601 Score ten goals in ten shots, without fail! Chapter 600 Give me the cue Chapter 599 provocative

Chapter 598 Wishful thinking Chapter 597 Isn't she Jun San's girlfriend? Chapter 596 Are you inviting me to kiss you? Chapter 595 When I put a green hat on Jun Yexuan, I'll help. Chapter 594 Mingren doesn't speak secret words, I want to chat with Qingqing alone. Chapter 593 You are now in my hands Chapter 592 This man with a small belly is afraid of Gong Yi and Leng Yan prying the corner Chapter 591 Young Qi with a black belly Chapter 590 Gong Yi said that if you want him to help, you have to ask the little girl to go to country z in person Chapter 589 Actually, you really don’t need to be angry and sad for your dad’s old man Chapter 588 How distressed I will be for you Chapter 587 Brother, do my paternity test with him!

Chapter 586 Don't you know me? Chapter 585 Five...Fifth brother, why are you here? Chapter 584 what happened? Dad is fine, are you unhappy? Chapter 583 When Dad wakes up, can we get married? Chapter 582 She can't give her hope to let her down again. Chapter 581 Did your brother confess to you? Chapter 580 What happened to you...? Chapter 579 Fight for favor Chapter 578 Last night, she seemed to have done something extraordinary. Chapter 577 The woman in front of me is a bit like Jun Yexuan Chapter 576 elopement Chapter 575 Not willing to go! I don't want to be separated from my brother and Big Trotter!

Chapter 574 Want to see the big trotters in women's clothing! Chapter 573 runaway Chapter 572 He thought that his third brother would be difficult, but he didn't expect it would be so difficult. Chapter 571 Shout, brother, I'll give you my life. Chapter 570 Sister, isn't this... drunk? Chapter 569 Good brothers should share difficulties. Chapter 568 So quickly I took my elder brother's fox skin. Chapter 567 This is simply the biggest harm to face blindness. Chapter 566 If anyone wants to challenge the anger of the Junqi family, just try to provoke her again! Chapter 565 Now the Qi family can't afford to climb Qing Qing. Chapter 564 My sister's surname is Qiao and her name is Qing Chapter 563 Big Brother deserves to be Big Brother

Chapter 562 Brother, please start your performance Chapter 561 Who said there are no girls in this generation? Chapter 560 evidence Chapter 559 Acknowledge? She was so beautiful! Chapter 558 Hold on Chapter 557 Flatter Chapter 556 Recognize relatives Chapter 555 First lady Chapter 554 Birthday feast Chapter 553 Am I unable to support you? Chapter 552 Are you not Qingqing's friend? Are you familiar with my eldest brother? Chapter 551 We went to smash the place today

Chapter 550 Tiantian is ready to admit her tonight. Chapter 549 Does Auntie have any children? Boys and girls? Chapter 548 Although my husband is not around, I have a very good... Chapter 547 Grandma's little daughter has been found! Chapter 546 Do you think that woman looks like my mother when she was young? Chapter 545 Mom, will you go to Kyoto? Chapter 544 Miss Qiao was finally no longer alone. Chapter 543 How can someone protect a sturdy girl like his lady? ! Chapter 542 Then you have to ask for your uncle's consent to pass the level of the relatives. Chapter 541 Where is your son? Chapter 540 My wife ran away! Chapter 539 I'm happy

Chapter 538 What should I do if my wife is too straight? Waiting online, very anxious. Chapter 537 What if you were my grandson-in-law! Chapter 536 Everything that belongs to you is still yours, and no one can take it away. Chapter 535 This Chapter 534 Since it's not like me, I don't care about it. Chapter 533 Save my dad Chapter 532 Raw rice, cooked rice, get the certificate, which one do you like? Chapter 531 It's enough if Qingqing loves me and spoils me Chapter 530 You care about me Chapter 529 To visit rivals Chapter 528 Realistic version of white lotus Chapter 527 Is Jing Lixuan afraid that you will be held accountable? !

Chapter 526 Face slap Chapter 525 Threat Chapter 524 Qingqing, let's change one. Chapter 523 birthday present Chapter 522 Do you have a friend suitable for him? Can you introduce him to him? Chapter 521 Dead pigs are not afraid of boiling water Chapter 520 Should we let Xiaoqing recognize her? Chapter 519 Failure Chapter 518 Qingqing is possessive of me too. Chapter 517 Is there anything you won’t? Chapter 516 Qingqing, would you really be a national hero? Chapter 515 Why is it so troublesome to deal with you?

Chapter 514 Qiao Qing goes crazy Chapter 513 My sister must go to Tianyu! Chapter 512 That is Qingqing's company! Chapter 511 Surprised? Was it unexpected? Chapter 510 Wouldn't Xiaoqing also treat your leg? Chapter 509 National hero? The national bear is pretty much the same! Chapter 508 Isn't it a fake? Chapter 507 Brother, tell you the truth, I am a national hero. Chapter 506 She just watched how this woman killed herself. Chapter 505 Catch the ducks Chapter 504 You'd better not give the old lady a chance to escape! ! Chapter 503 I can help you

Chapter 502 You can kill a chicken with a sledgehammer Chapter 501 National hero found Chapter 500 Is that national hero you? ! Chapter 499 Qi Yusen Chapter 498 You offended my little girl. Chapter 497 Face slap Chapter 496 You are not qualified to interview me Chapter 495 Jun Yexuan's calculations Chapter 494 sugar Chapter 493 Qingqing is the chairman of Tianyu Chapter 492 Who else can stand in front of the president? Our chairman! Chapter 491 Did you attend this party and then go to the finance and settle your salary, or do you go now?

Chapter 490 Dog bites dog Chapter 489 Is she always targeting her chairman? ! Chapter 488 Face slap Chapter 487 I'll cooperate with whatever you want Chapter 486 Good show Chapter 485 Are you going to kick her out? Chapter 484 In her eyes, Qiao Qing has already been classified as a fool Chapter 483 Bullying Chapter 482 You help this girl, what benefits can she give you? Chapter 481 Annual meeting Chapter 480 Turn your elbow out Chapter 479 Have you forgotten the glorious deeds of this girl? !

Chapter 478 These three **** seem to be able to bear the anger of a big family. Chapter 477 Qi Sanshao meets Jun Sanshao, it is really enough to drink a pot. Chapter 476 Brother, go all the way. Chapter 475 It seems that you have to sleep in a room to watch you, my destined beloved. Chapter 474 It's a pity that you just thought that your two legs were just connected. Chapter 473 You edit, you continue to edit. Chapter 472 Big brother is a great dramatist Chapter 471 What are you hiding behind my back? ! Chapter 470 Milk... Grandma? Why are you here? Chapter 469 What do you misunderstand? Treat me as a tigress? Chapter 468 Why does he look like he stepped on a landmine? Chapter 467 Is there a cat with the same name here?

Chapter 466 You helped me again. Chapter 465 Hunt down Chapter 464 Chairman, are you here! Chapter 463 Show me this kiss scene on the spot. Chapter 462 Are you familiar with the inside of Tianyu? Chapter 461 Who said she is irrelevant? ! Chapter 460 Go to Tianyu Chapter 459 Who are you Leng Yan? You seem to protect him. Chapter 458 I'm jealous Chapter 457 Answer my two questions and let you go Chapter 456 Now we come to the issue of responsibility for causing trouble. Chapter 455 Mu Jingheng: My dad had a car accident

Chapter 454 I want to give birth to a monkey for you! Chapter 453 Dig the foot of the wall face to face Chapter 452 Hug me if you want. Chapter 451 Everyone, do you look good? ! Chapter 450 She is the person with the highest IQ here! Chapter 449 Qingqing is a group favorite Chapter 448 Third brother, I seem to have seen Qingqing! Chapter 447 Find heir Chapter 446 How did this dead woman target my sister? ! Chapter 445 party Chapter 444 When Qingqing and I’s children are born, don’t let them call Sijiu! Chapter 443 He scared him

Chapter 442 You will have children for me and grow old with me. Chapter 441 I did it on purpose Chapter 440 Keep away from me! Chapter 439 You really are the blessing you have cultivated in your eight lifetimes! Chapter 438 Whether it is my third brother or sister-in-law, one finger can kill you. Chapter 437 My third brother has a family Chapter 436 Qiao Qing fortune telling Chapter 435 You have no end to your life! Chapter 434 Curiosity killed the cat Chapter 433 When the time comes, do you want to follow the wind to grab people? Chapter 432 Sugar sugar Chapter 431 Who doesn't want to get it?

Chapter 430 Brother, we cannot be separated if you want Chapter 429 I tell you! From now on you and my sister are over! Chapter 428 The people over there said that Young Master Jun and Miss Biao were in Aiqing Hotel! Chapter 427 No, if there are more carrots, more people should grab you from me Chapter 426 Let's get the certificate Chapter 425 you are mine Chapter 424 The two princes are fighting for a girl! Chapter 423 Master Qi and the sealer, which one do you prefer? Chapter 422 Find the fault + fight face Chapter 421 Genius girl Chapter 420 This guy has a girlfriend and still hooks up? Chapter 419 The one who snatched his girl is here

Chapter 418 Am I beautiful? How about three less than the king? Chapter 417 how old are you? Chapter 416 That contemporary Valkyrie is talking about sister Qing, right? Chapter 415 Can't get up anymore! Chapter 414 Teach me Furutake? Is it worthy of you? Chapter 413 From now on I will be your Guwu master. Chapter 412 OK, then break up Chapter 411 Everything ended today Chapter 410 Do not live Chapter 409 Who showed that hand just now? Chapter 408 No one can hurt me. Chapter 407 How many identities do you have? Pour it out all at once

Chapter 406 Why would you choose me? Chapter 405 I now truly feel that you are not worthy of Qingqing. Chapter 404 This is the true goddess! Chapter 403 Concentrated is the essence Chapter 402 Cha God, come out for everyone to see you. Chapter 401 Car **** v587! Chapter 400 The car **** is here! Chapter 399 Who says women are inferior to men? Chapter 398 I have not seen this person before, so I lost all my good feelings! Chapter 397 The dog man who attracts bees and butterflies is not good enough for my little sister! Chapter 396 Poor Qi Yunyan Chapter 395 Qi Jiaerlang is so pitiful

Chapter 394 For Mao, I think Qingqing seems to be better than you Chapter 393 Success brings fame and fortune, and failure brings laughter and generous Chapter 392 I guess his third brother will finish Chapter 391 I am waiting for your return Chapter 390 A bunch of idiots, you regret it. Chapter 389 There is a car **** in China, which green onion are you? Chapter 388 Openly dating Chapter 387 Woman, third sister, sister Chapter 386 Guilty Chapter 385 Relationship exposure Chapter 384 Rain and dew Chapter 383 Because he bullied Big Trotter!

Chapter 382 Is it you, Q? Chapter 381 You go away, i come Chapter 380 How to explain to her three sister-in-law brothers? Chapter 379 If she is dead, wait until I'm full before giving her funeral. Chapter 378 She is here, more important than fate. Chapter 377 Why can't my girlfriend be here? Chapter 376 What you owe him will last forever! Chapter 375 Never die Chapter 374 Third brother, do you have backache? Chapter 373 I don't need you to tie it, I can't run. Chapter 372 What a stupid brain! Chapter 371 It seems that someone is going to become an ex-boyfriend!

Chapter 370 Brother is jealous Chapter 369 I instructed Chapter 368 I was so blind at first! Chapter 367 You are not afraid of the third master, I am still afraid! Chapter 366 racer Chapter 365 birthday Chapter 364 You and Mu Jingheng won't have any problems, right? Chapter 363 The chairman of Tianyu, is that you? Chapter 362 How does it feel to be spoiled by your own girl? Chapter 361 Sever relationship Chapter 360 Aunt Lian, people recognize you as a mother again! Chapter 359 My fellow Yin Feili, Chairman of GR Company

Chapter 358 It's so lively here! Chapter 357 I'm not booking this marriage Chapter 356 That is my idol Chapter 355 To solve the memory, give me a computer. Chapter 354 Engagement banquet Chapter 353 Come back to recognize your daughter Chapter 352 Qiao Qing gaffe Chapter 351 I'm here to find you. Chapter 350 What does she compare with her? Chapter 349 Jun Yexuan, go out Chapter 348 Looking at the rearview mirror and eating my sister’s dog food Chapter 347 The garbage in my mouth refers to concepts in general, not to your books!

Chapter 346 Really, the sand sculpture pig teammates are more happy Chapter 345 What fairy author do I fan? Chapter 344 Did you hand in your resignation, or did I fire you personally? Chapter 343 Don't make this face too loud! Chapter 342 Then face Chapter 341 Face slap Chapter 340 Third-rate writer? Chapter 339 When the face slap is in progress Chapter 338 Ancestor Qiao Qing Chapter 337 If he loves me, he won't be willing to miss my wedding. Chapter 336 Take off the pants Chapter 335 This particular family is all black-bellied goods!

Chapter 334 Brother, hand over our little cousin. Chapter 333 The price after the fire Chapter 332 Face slap Chapter 331 Fengci came out to defend rights? Chapter 330 I won't give you a chance to murder your husband Chapter 329 Do you think I am dead? ! Chapter 328 The person in your own hand, even if you kneel down, spoil it? Chapter 327 Don’t think Qingqing admits that you are a boyfriend, so you can sit back and relax Chapter 326 Jun Sansao, from now on, we will compete fairly. Chapter 325 I suddenly felt that Qingqing was losing out with you. Chapter 324 Brother, i'm in love Chapter 323 I am Fengci, I am here to attend the opening ceremony.

Chapter 322 I use the head of the item to guarantee that it is confidential! Chapter 321 Seek comfort Chapter 320 I seem to be too kind to you Chapter 319 Grab you back Chapter 318 Tian Zhen Chapter 317 I believe you have some questions in your mind, let me explain it for you Chapter 316 Face slap Chapter 315 Don't you want an explanation? I give you Chapter 314 Does this guy remember that Beijing University is his alma mater? Chapter 313 For my girl. Chapter 312 If you are asking about the identity of your boyfriend, I think you already are. Chapter 311 Are you together?

Chapter 310 The vinegar jar is turned over again Chapter 309 If you don't want to be held accountable, it doesn't mean that others are willing to carry this black pot! Chapter 308 Qiao Qing's Zheng skill is really much better than her! Chapter 307 His little girl is not too cute! Chapter 306 dispute Chapter 305 Work Chapter 304 I can only show my face to my wife Chapter 303 Why am I not willing to come? Chapter 302 This **** dare to scare her! Chapter 301 Simple and rude Chapter 300 Without being in front of him, I can exercise my boyfriend's rights against you? Chapter 299 You jump, I watch

Chapter 298 Third brother, you are going to see the deity of Fengci, right? Chapter 297 Jealous Chapter 296 Teach dancing Chapter 295 Jun Yexuan, you don't have to make an inch! Chapter 294 Like the most common sweet couple Chapter 293 My girlfriend, I teach myself. Chapter 292 Small face slap Chapter 291 match Chapter 290 Couple dance Chapter 289 Am I her boyfriend now? Chapter 288 So i am your boyfriend now Chapter 287 Don't fall in love with me, i don't do lily

Chapter 286 You can't provoke the person opposite. Chapter 285 What if I did it on purpose? Chapter 284 As for who our chairman is, sorry, no comment. Chapter 283 Counterattack Chapter 282 Face slap Chapter 281 I am afraid that they are trying their best to protect the little girl, who is stronger than they thought. Chapter 280 This Chapter 279 Because you need me Chapter 278 Master Qi's face is dark Chapter 277 Be besieged Chapter 276 I gave you and your sister a chance Chapter 275 Jun Yexuan's little belly chicken intestines

Chapter 274 Bald old man Chapter 273 My mom can't recognize me Chapter 272 Why does he spoil this arrogant sister so much Chapter 271 Face slap Chapter 270 test Chapter 269 You have to change the role of the heroine Chapter 268 Threat, prelude to face fight Chapter 267 You don't need to use me as a gunman. Chapter 266 Do you also like the author of Fengci? Chapter 265 Audition Chapter 264 Duplicate little girl Chapter 263 Bai Lianhua is not as **** as him!

Chapter 262 He really is, underestimate him Chapter 261 The admiration of admiration, the beauty of this beauty Chapter 260 The instructor is... Chapter 259 Brother is jealous Chapter 258 Third brother, you ask for more blessings. Chapter 257 Which one do you like better, Big Trotter or Brother? Chapter 256 Smile on face, mmp in my heart Chapter 255 Qiao Qing digs people Chapter 254 Is this because he thinks his wife chase is not difficult enough? Chapter 253 Brother is nervous Chapter 252 It's not that I haven't eaten it before Chapter 251 Their boss said so popular!

Chapter 250 Mind making a table? Chapter 249 support Chapter 248 Threats and Slaps Chapter 247 Lingering Chapter 246 This is such a thing, I dare to come to Xiao Xiaoqing Qingqing! Chapter 245 Boyfriend power Chapter 244 Don't you know me? Chapter 243 If I don't respect you enough, you are now my third master. Chapter 242 When can I get a regular? Chapter 241 The possessiveness of two men Chapter 240 Immerse yourself in the beauty of the beautiful girl boss Chapter 239 doubt

Chapter 238 Then face Chapter 237 Face slap Chapter 236 Yuanjia Road is narrow Chapter 235 Is the lady familiar with Kyoto? Chapter 234 People who don't know thought you liked her. Chapter 233 Take the vinegar of your brother-in-law Chapter 232 Even if you are her brother, believe it or not, I can still take it? Chapter 231 Am I your sister? Chapter 230 Possessive Chapter 229 Desire to survive Chapter 228 Master Jun, where is your face? Chapter 227 I can give her the whole world alone

Chapter 226 Sister control Chapter 225 Muffler Chapter 224 Third brother! Someone wants to cut Hu! Chapter 223 Seek name Chapter 222 Let her go! Chapter 221 Then face Chapter 220 Face slap Chapter 219 What is the origin of this girl? Chapter 218 Jun Yexuan is angry Chapter 217 Incoming call Chapter 216 Face slap Chapter 215 This girl is going to finish

Chapter 214 lesson Chapter 213 His third brother can't live without Qiao Qing? Chapter 212 Jun Yexuan, domineering and protect his wife Chapter 211 punishment Chapter 210 Why was she so naive before? ! Chapter 209 Disinfection Chapter 208 Catch the current Chapter 207 Princess hug Chapter 206 It seems that her daughter's charm is still not small Chapter 205 Husband Chapter 204 Qiao Qing is drunk Chapter 203 Jun Yexuan

Chapter 202 Silence for Qiao Qing for a second Chapter 201 Jun Yexuan Chapter 200 classmate reunion Chapter 199 Between you and me, never need to say thank you. Chapter 198 From now on, her world will be guarded by him. Chapter 197 Distressed Chapter 196 Why do people always want to die? Chapter 195 What are you waiting for when you meet such a man? Just marry it! Chapter 194 Birthday wish Chapter 193 Face slap Chapter 192 This face is really loud Chapter 191 Face slap

Chapter 190 When the face slap is in progress Chapter 189 You will treat me as your brother from now on. Chapter 188 I am waiting for the day when Qingqing will accept me completely and be my bride Chapter 187 Two peerless men fighting for a girl? Chapter 186 The first family in Kyoto-the third master of the monarch family? Chapter 185 Face slap Chapter 184 Beg Chapter 183 She will change her son-in-law when she goes back! Chapter 182 There are women in a family Chapter 181 Let her inflate for a while Chapter 180 Face slap Chapter 179 Young Master Qi is here

Chapter 178 Crushing Chapter 177 Science champion Chapter 176 bring home Chapter 175 Qi Yusen Chapter 174 There is no case, she can only be my person! Chapter 173 Your choice can only be me Chapter 172 Zipper Chapter 171 Dress Chapter 170 Is it possible that Qingqing is Fengci himself? Chapter 169 Qingqing, are you human? Chapter 168 SAT score Chapter 167 Suddenly, what happened to his third brother's green head?

Chapter 166 Do single dogs need human rights? Chapter 165 Unsettled Chapter 164 It was unbearable to make clothes for his women in front of him. Chapter 163 You drink the water I have drunk Chapter 162 Qingqing, a man's co-pilot is not just sitting casually Chapter 161 Jun Sanshao's worries Chapter 160 girlfriend? ? Chapter 159 Little girl is going to be an adult? Chapter 158 Dealing with rivals Chapter 157 I didn't see the wrong person Chapter 156 She feels that the world is crazy! Chapter 155 Is this person really stupid?

Chapter 154 Don't come too fast! Chapter 153 Then face Chapter 152 Face slap Chapter 151 Say something quickly! Let go if you have fart! Chapter 150 Prelude to Face Slap Chapter 149 Big misunderstanding Chapter 148 Duplicate little girl Chapter 147 Why not thank you in another way? Chapter 146 Unless I die, you can only be my third master in this life! Chapter 145 If you let the third brother let me go back, I will not object to you being my sister-in-law Chapter 144 Is it bad to be alive? Chapter 143 So happy

Chapter 142 Justice! Chapter 141 When the face slap is in progress Chapter 140 If only he could ask Qingqing to be my grandson-in-law! Chapter 139 Stop talking nonsense, three of you, who will come first? Chapter 138 To teach them to be human Chapter 137 The shame was thrown at grandma's house! Chapter 136 Our hope in Liangcheng is pinned on you Chapter 135 It’s not too late to be called a senior if you have the ability to get admitted to Beijing University Chapter 134 Go Tournament (2) Chapter 133 Go Tournament (1) Chapter 132 When is the injustice reported? Chapter 131 Qingqing isn't in a relationship, right?

Chapter 130 Black near ink Chapter 129 Chapter 128 Jun Yexuan, who fell in love with Qingqing, doesn't mind being a lunatic. Chapter 127 If she could think of me the other way around, I might wake up when I dream. Chapter 126 punishment Chapter 125 Three doctors, eight nurses Chapter 124 Get out! Be Qing Qing! Chapter 123 Take your third brother and get out of Liangcheng Chapter 122 Qiao Qing is angry Chapter 121 Confessed in public Chapter 120 Qiao Qing with a dumb face Chapter 119 Want to be crooked

Chapter 118 Jun Sanshao deliberately dropped the horse Chapter 117 Jun Yexuan is drunk Chapter 116 Playing chess with me, with her, also worthy? Chapter 115 Is it easy for you to make money as a prodigal wife? ! Chapter 114 Face slap Chapter 113 When the face slap is in progress Chapter 112 I just watched you die quietly Chapter 111 Priceless Chapter 110 Why don't you tell me which trash can you throw in and I will pick it up. Chapter 109 Dealing with such a stupid **** lowered my IQ! Chapter 108 Shou Li Chapter 107 Stunning the audience

Chapter 106 I really got planted Chapter 105 The daughter of his own birth must be spoiled on her knees! Chapter 104 Do you know who broke the Zhenlong game? Chapter 103 This old fox! Chapter 102 Chicken and Duck Talk Chapter 101 My tutor, walk slowly, not send Chapter 100 She is not a counterattack, but she has never exposed her true level Chapter 99 Are you crazy or am I crazy? Chapter 98 This is not to let them live! Chapter 97 Your grades are good, you are wayward Chapter 96 Slap your face hard! Chapter 95 When the face slap is in progress

Chapter 94 The first of absolute strength! Chapter 93 Teacher Yang, is the name of the first student missed a word? Chapter 92 In the last midterm exam, was there any student who missed the exam? Chapter 91 Prelude to Face Slap Chapter 90 examination Chapter 89 The one and only big sister Chapter 88 Jun San Shao Liao Qing Qing Chapter 87 Is it inappropriate to pry a corner in front of me? Chapter 86 What do you think of my son? Chapter 85 I just want to know if Teacher Liang's face hurts? ! Chapter 84 Face slap Chapter 83 How sacred is that girl?

Chapter 82 Does Sister Qing lack a girlfriend? I can! ! Chapter 81 Let me explain! Chapter 80 Expelled Chapter 79 Your husband is seen by others, are you jealous? Chapter 78 Can't show Chapter 77 Qingqing, you are so stingy! Chapter 76 I came here to find my woman. Chapter 75 Want to threaten me? It also depends on whether you have that ability! Chapter 74 Can't provoke, I have the final say Chapter 73 Qiao Qing was angry and made her head for the mother and daughter Chapter 72 Believe me, eh? Chapter 71 how much is it?

Chapter 70 What if she wants to strangle the man next to her? Chapter 69 Maybe you will fall in love with me by then Chapter 68 Since I'm back, I didn't plan to let you go Chapter 67 Jun Yexuan's domineering Chapter 66 Don't you have a b-number in your heart? Chapter 65 Just let her die! Chapter 64 Princess hug Chapter 63 Xiaoxuan is much calmer than you Chapter 62 Good-looking man and beautiful girl, worthy of you! Chapter 61 What if I tell you that I'm just windy speech? Chapter 60 Humiliation Chapter 59 It's Qingqing, for you!

Chapter 58 Face slap Chapter 57 No next time dog Chapter 56 If you dare to make the little lord angry, your concubine must make arrangements for her clearly! Chapter 55 Bring the book, I'll sign one for you Chapter 54 This Chapter 53 uninvited guest Chapter 52 Are you admitting my future husband? Chapter 51 Qingqing, don't make trouble Chapter 50 Who made him genetically weak and let your IQ follow your mom? Chapter 49 Differential treatment Chapter 48 When the face slap is in progress Chapter 47 Qingqing, are you trying to replace me?

Chapter 46 Pit Mom's Goods-Qiao Qing Chapter 45 parent meeting Chapter 44 Am I unable to get married? Chapter 43 You have no conscience, don't you want me? Chapter 42 So sweet Chapter 41 This is Qingqing's current fiance Chapter 40 Get out of these two shameless people! Chapter 39 Of course he came to be fair Chapter 38 When Qiao Qing was angry, she was slapped Chapter 37 Scheming Boy Jun Yexuan Chapter 36 It's no use calling dad! Chapter 35 Qiao Qing

Chapter 34 People are stupid and have a lot of money Chapter 33 He's crazy like jealous Chapter 32 Then I will marry her Chapter 31 Jealous Chapter 30 I can do whatever you want, don't ignore me Chapter 29 What a self-directed and self-acted drama! Chapter 28 Who teaches who to be a man? Chapter 27 This time promised to teach her a lesson! Chapter 26 Like a boy in white who came out of a comic. Chapter 25 Luochen Chapter 24 Go to the police uncle if you lose your memory Chapter 23 What a murderous!

Chapter 22 She has a serious face blindness! Chapter 21 Hero saves beauty Chapter 20 Third brother, what are you doing with Qiao Qing? Chapter 19 Flirting Chapter 18 Auntie, I am a man! Chapter 17 I just won't call you to see you? Chapter 16 There are too many mysteries on this girl Chapter 15 I'm looking for Qingqing Chapter 14 The host asked me to give this to you Chapter 13 I can wait for Qingqing to grow up Chapter 12 How about me being your son-in-law? Chapter 11 Qiao Qing abuse scum

Chapter 10 Slap, who are you? Chapter 9 What's the noise? ! Chapter 8 break off an engagement Chapter 7 Jun Yexuan wants to check Qiaoqing? Chapter 6 From now on, I am yours Chapter 5 Like a demon like a charm, the blue face is a disaster Chapter 4 Seal mark Chapter 3 Late Yan Control Chapter 2 Tell him this person is mine Chapter 1 Promise

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