The first thing to react was Qi Yusen. He picked up Jun Qianyu and stood far away from Mu Ling.

The tone was extremely unkind: "Don't even think about it!"

Mu Ling: "..."

Qi Chengyu squinted his eyes, murderous intent brewing in his eyes, "Want to marry our little princess? You really dare to think."

Qi Xingyou shook his head and said, "Why do you want to die at a young age?"

Mu Ling: "..."

Jun Yexuanhu said with a face: "Stay away from my daughter in the future!"

Mu Ling: "..."

Qiao Qing was so funny that he glanced at a few people who made a noise, "How are you competing with a child? Don't be afraid of others laughing."

Mu Ling's eyes lit up immediately, and he took Qiao Qing's hand to please, "Pretty aunty, are you supporting me, right?"

Qiao Qing: "..."

Seeing the expectant gaze of the boy in front of her, she suddenly remembered the scene when Jun Yexuan did her mother.

Before she opened her mouth to speak, Jun Yexuan took over.

Jun Yexuan hugged Qiao Qing while twisting his eyebrows, and looked down at Mu Ling condescendingly: "If I covet my daughter, I still take advantage of my wife. Be careful I throw you out!"

Mu Ling: "..."

People present: "..."

Having been married for so long, I still can't get rid of the jealous problem.

Mu Jingheng squatted down and took his son who was about to be shot into a dice into his arms. "Son, Dad can only say that your vision is good, but it's a bit unrealistic."

Mu Ling: "..."

Mu Jingheng then spared no effort to attack his son, "You have to know that Qian Yu has a daughter who controls her father, eighteen nieces who control uncles, one granddaughter who controls her grandfather, a couple... What should Qian Yu call Qingqing's grandfather and grandmother? Coming?"

A crowd: "..."

"Oh, forget it." Mu Jingheng continued: "In short, Qianyu is the palm favorite of a big family. I don't have the ability to fight for you this marriage."

Mu Ling: "..."

This dad is really unreliable.

He turned to look at Sang Wu, "Mom, I just let it go, she is really my future bride."

The crowd in the living room became cold again upon hearing this.

Sang Wu's forehead was in a cold sweat, "Forget it for your mother, your chasing your wife will be harder than your father-in-law."

Mu Ling: "..."

Jun Yexuan: "..."

One family: "..."

Qi Yusen glanced at Mu Ling coldly, "You are not allowed to see Qian Yu again!"

Leaving this sentence behind, he hugged Jun Qianyu and turned upstairs.

Mu Ling, "..."

It's really stupid, it looks like a long-term plan.

In the end, Sang Wu saw that everyone except Qiao Qing was so protective of the calf, and he was not embarrassed to ask for a baby kiss.

Coupled with the hostility of the Qi family towards her son, she did not stay long.

After a while, he went home with Mu Jingheng.

On the way home, Mu Jingheng's family of three took a car and Mu Jianguo took another.

In the Maybach car, Mu Jingheng hugged Mu Ling and looked at Sang Wu and said, "This **** in our family can really marry Xiao Qianyu?"

Sang Wu didn't care about the "our house" in his mouth, and nodded when he heard this.

"But it's very difficult. If you compare Jun Yexuan's way of chasing his wife to seven or forty-nine difficulties, his way of chasing his wife is at least ninety-nine and eighty-one."

Mu Jingheng was silent for a moment when he heard the words, and then he slapped Mu Ling's head, "Son, how difficult your father-in-law is, I've come all the way."

Mu Ling raised his head, "So?"

Mu Jingheng suddenly smiled unkindly, "So, I wish you good luck."

Mu Ling: "..."

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