There was no wind in the silent night.

Qiao Qing went to self-study at night, and it was ten o'clock in the night after it was over.

She carried the backpack in one hand and put it on one shoulder casually, and in the other hand, she walked out of a lieutenant colonel's gate.

Passing by a row of scented barbecue stalls, there is a quiet tree-lined path.

The street lights were in disrepair for a long time, and only a pale pale light came down.

The surroundings are silent, and the sound of footsteps is particularly clear.

As she walked, Qiao Qing suddenly stopped.

The nose moved, and a strong smell of blood came over his face.

Just trying to figure out what was going on, his ankle suddenly tightened and was held by something.

Qiao Qing looked down under the faint light, a pale hand was holding her ankle tightly, and the hand was stained with blood.

No wonder it feels wet and sticky, Qiao Qing thought.

Lifting his gaze, looking along his arm, he faced a wicked face that turned all sentient beings upside down.

When Qiao Qing looked at Jun Yexuan, Jun Yexuan who was lying on the ground also looked up at her.

Thin lips opened lightly, his voice filled with pain, "Help me."

Qiao Qing had no expression on her face, and her words were cold and cold, "I never make a loss-making business. Give me a reason to save you."

Jun Yexuan's breath was suffocated. It seemed that she didn't expect a girl to be so cold and cold, but she also admired people like her.

So throw money temptation, "One hundred million."

After his voice fell, Qiao Qing did not say anything, nor took any action.

Jun Yexuan thought to himself, is she too young?

Think about it, how could his life be worth only 100 million?

Just about to increase the price code, I heard Qiao Qing’s deserted voice from above her head, "I am not short of money."

Jun Yexuan was completely shocked, and sighed that there was such a person in Liangcheng, and he was intrigued for a while.

The wound on his chest is still bleeding, and his life is in danger at any time, but his face is calm and light.

The corners of his lips evoked a wicked smile, "How about showing your body?"

When Qiao Qing heard the words, her face was still not loose at all, and she seemed to have run out of patience.

"Not so."

After leaving such a word, Qiao Qing lifted her foot to break free of his restraint and left without nostalgia.

Jun Yexuan: "..."

He thought that his heart was cold and cruel enough, but he didn't expect to meet someone no less than him.

Is he going to die here today? Jun Yexuan thought to himself.

At the same time, the obsession that arises somehow, if he survives, he must meet this cold-blooded girl again.

When his consciousness was dim, there was a sound of footsteps from far to near, and then a pair of soft and boneless hands picked him up.

Looking at Qiao Qing who had gone back and forth, Jun Yexuan's lips curled with joy, and she passed out in her arms with peace of mind.

The warm nose gushes on the side of her neck, Qiao Qing frowns, throws his head away with one hand, and walks forward with the other supporting him.

Not long after leaving, Qiao Qing stopped again.

After the eardrum was stirred a few times, five people in black rushed out from all sides to block in front, each with a murderous air.

Qiao Qing thought with a headache, she really saved the trouble.

Peng Yue, the headed man in black, looked at Qiao Qing and said, "Children, put people down, I can save your life."

Qiao Qing sighed when he heard the words and glanced at Jun Yexuan pointedly, "Your target this time is him?"

Peng Yue: "It has nothing to do with you."

Qiao Qing shook her head, "When people get into my hands, I can't help you."

Peng Yue seemed to have heard some joke, and smiled contemptuously, "There is no one in this world who we want to kill but can't kill!"

Qiao Qing blew a strand of hair in front of her forehead, "Coincidentally, there is no one in this world that I want to save but can't save!"

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