Ni Mengmu has misread it. The end of the full text means that there is nothing in the back.

Originally, Yan Xifan was not sure whether to write or not, but now I think it is perfect not to write.

Leng Yan is different from Mu Jingheng. He used to love Qingqing, so to write his extravaganza, it must be two or three hundred thousand words like Gong Lingtangwan's extravaganza.

Every detail and every reason of transferring his feelings to another person must be written.

Otherwise, he who loves the heroine so much that he is willing to give up his life and is willing to be single for a lifetime, it is too abrupt to fall in love with another girl in a few chapters, and it seems that his feelings for Qingqing are too cheap.

We just need to know that he was finally influenced by a tough girl step by step, which is a way to make up for some of Leng Yanfen's regrets.

Speaking of this person, I have to say that my heart is softened again.

I'm really a person who can't write a bit of abuse, all three books come down. There are small abuse points in the settings, but they can't bear to write, and they are sweet all the way.

In the outline, the set Leng Yan is dead, leaving an indelible trace in Qing Qing's heart. (Jun Yexuan: MMP)

But when I didn't write about this character, I became reluctant, so I wrote a little Firefox to die for him.

As a result, the little Firefox couldn't bear to write to death later, so it kept it alive, so it had little effect in the later stage and appeared less frequently.

Later, I saw that many people thought that Brother Leng was so gentle and didn't want him to die alone, so Ling Xi's feelings towards him were a kind of thought for everyone.

I think that at this point, I can be considered worthy of him, and there is no need to write extraneously.

After all, if you want to be with someone whose heart is full of other people, you will have to go through a bit of pain, and you will abuse Lingxi, like a Tang night, and pull down hundreds of thousands of words.

I don’t think you guys want to watch that kind of thing either, so this pair just explained it.

Not the same open ending as Gong Yi.

The two were together, but the process was a bit difficult.

This also preserved the image of Brother Leng in everyone's minds.

In addition to the baby, I will make up for him and Luo Da's small fan hair group.

Someone asked if you want to see Qi Luo, and if so, how many.

Because he has never developed the relationship line between him and Qi, it would be abrupt to write a few chapters together, so Qi Luo is not sure whether to write it or not.

However, there are other life harmony in the Shuangluo Party.

In addition, the pits dug in this article have already been filled.

Just a genius doctor Fengzhi, someone mentioned, I don't think it is important, after all, after experiencing the rescue of Lengyan and Jun Yexuan, it doesn't matter whether she is in this status or not.

After all, I didn't know what to do at first, and later solved it through hard work, and it didn't involve any slaps.

Finally, let’s talk about Jun Yexuan, this male protagonist is my favorite and the one who has suffered the most infamy.

Now the backstage still scolds him every day, they are all the children who see the front.

I am very fortunate to see that there was basically no scolding at the end, and many people saw him better.

In fact, I am puzzled. When I wrote the first two books, most people didn't like the male lead, and liked the male Er Gong Ling and Fu Yan.

But this little Xuanzi is created by Gong Ling and Fu Yan.

As a result, there are more scolding male protagonists...I am speechless.

It can be seen that most children don't like any personality, she just likes the male partner who loves the heroine but can't.

As for why Qing Qing chose Jun Yexuan instead of Sealing Mark, you guys who read here should also understand.

Maybe someone asked about the new book after the end of this article. What I want to say is that the new book does not panic.

The idea for the new book is there, but it is not spoiled for the time being to prevent someone from using it.

I will fill in all the promises to you, and I will fix the first book.

After finishing the first book, outline the new book, save the manuscript, and talk about new things.

When opening a new project, I will say in the group, as for the group, I am exhausted when it comes to this.

How many times I have said it in the sticky post, some people still say: "I just didn't see it!"


Let’s talk about the general group number here, um, the second group is also full, and the third one is opened: 1031954973

v group can enter the ordinary group to ask.

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