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The Almighty Men’s Clothes Boss is a Girl

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[Female disguised as man, 1v1 strong man and strong woman]

No green tea, no dog blood, feel free to enter the pit. In the eyes of fans, “he” is the almighty male god. In the e-sports circle, “he” is the invincible e-sports god. Likewise, “he” is a mysterious computer genius. But in a person’s eyes, “he” will always be his favorite child.

“Gender is not a problem!”

Fu Yanxing looked at An Chen and said this seriously, but why did An Chen’s expression look a little strange?

When a boyfriend became a girlfriend, Fu Yanxing asked every day, “When can I marry my child home?”

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Short Title:TAMCBG
Alternate Title:全能男装大佬是女生
Author:Chenchen 11
Weekly Rank:#5215
Monthly Rank:#3200
All Time Rank:#6691
Tags:Cross-dressing, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead,
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9 Comments on “The Almighty Men’s Clothes Boss is a Girl
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  1. I'm so disappointed with the ending I had to comment on it. I understand her mother going crazy and blaming her newborn baby for her parent's death becsuse they died on the way to the hospital to see her birth. I understand her father loves her mother so much he abandons her and helps her mother try to torture and kill her to avenge her parent's deaths. I don't understand how everyone could let them go afterwards. They don't even get jail time after kidnapping and torturing her for a week and then stabbing her. They just get exiled to a foreign country to live happily ever after. All because she doesn't want her younger sister who was born 2 years after her and to be an abandoned child. This makes no sense. It seems like the author just got tired of writing and just wanted a quick ending.

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