"It's better to be careful, after all things are not under our control, the necessary caution is still very important."

Hua Yueling said to Lin Qianlian very seriously, the more you do this, the less you can be careless.

"Think about it, the things we have here are sold, but this does not mean that they are safe. On the contrary, it is likely to be even more dangerous. Then these things will be sold to all kinds of people, those ordinary It is impossible for people to buy them. Only rich people can afford these. If the treasure vault in the palace is discovered at that time, it will be very dangerous."

Hua Yueling said that these were not alarmist. He would not look down on the wisdom of people in this era just because he is in an era similar to ancient times.

What he relies on is his own strength. Others are not necessarily so powerful. Huayueling admits this. He thinks it is necessary to think like this. People must always be sufficiently humbly instead of feeling that What kind of things are you doing? That's definitely not good.

For example, now, Hua Yueling can say that she has enough power, but what is the use of doing so, it will not help her actions. On the contrary, you should always remind yourself that you still have shortcomings and that you are not able to control everything.

The fact is also true. Although Hua Yueling said that he could control most things, not everything was under his control. Hua Yueling wanted to control everything, as long as she did so, everything would be much simpler. He didn't have to worry about it. Unfortunately, things would not be so easy.

Hua Yueling understands this in her heart, so no matter what he does, she makes herself more cautious and tells herself not to be careless.

No matter when you are careful, there is always nothing wrong with it, and you cannot be careless just because of the power you have.

After giving some of the treasures to Lin Qianlian for management, Hua Yueling left, and Lin Qianlian also packed up and prepared for action. However, before that, Hua Yueling also reminded Lin Qianlian to tell her not to expose herself.

"I know this, so I will take some hands and do this."

"It's a good idea, but it's not enough. If your men are discovered, it's not a good thing either."

Hua Yueling nodded and then shook his head, not very optimistic about this. Although Lin Qianpian didn't take the initiative to send out, and then it was good if she was discovered. In that case, she would not be discovered, but there were obviously other problems.

If her subordinates were discovered, to a certain extent, it was not much different from her being discovered, so even if they were to let them do this, they still need to protect their identities, and they must not be exposed.

As long as it is exposed, it is very dangerous. According to her subordinates, it is very likely to be discovered. After all, they hadn't acted together before, as long as they were looking for it, they would always find some clues.

It may be troublesome, but when possible, even Hua Yueling would not do that.

"Don't worry, I already have a good idea in my heart. Although it may be discovered, the possibility is very low."

Lin Qianlian was quite confident about this, since Hua Yueling didn't say anything anymore, even if she admitted the other party's thoughts.

No matter what, the matter is handed over to Lin Qianlian, then let him do it. As for what will happen and what will happen afterwards, let's see for yourself if you want to take action.

Hua Yueling thought so in her heart. After all, it was handed over to Lin Qianlian. Instead of thinking so much on her own, she might as well let her down completely. No longer worry about these things, I believe Lin Qianlian will be able to give herself a satisfactory answer.

Lin Qianlian is a smart girl, she knows what to do, and Hua Yueling is more at ease. Anyway, it doesn't matter if she is in danger. You have yourself, as long as you don't expose yourself.

If Hua Yueling is discovered, the situation will be more troublesome, but as long as he is not discovered, then he will still do whatever he wants, don't worry about this or that. You can do anything at will, but if he is discovered, he will definitely not be able to act like he is now, he must be hidden, and it will also have an impact on his own home. This is a situation that Hua Yueling does not want to see.

Hua Yueling thought about a lot of things, but not just doing one thing. Hua Yueling’s brain is thinking all the time, all kinds of thoughts surfaced in his mind and then cleared. Hua Yueling is not the kind of person who doesn’t know anything, but the kind who knows a lot. Things people.

He knows everything very well, and he also knows what he should do. It's just that his character is a little too cautious, and he also considers other people.

In any case, the stolen treasure was handed over to Lin Qianlian, Hua Yueling was also relieved, and there was nothing to say about the next thing here.

Hua Yueling also bought some food on the way back home. After returning home, he found Saier and Xiaodie.

"Sail, Xiaodie, have you eaten yet?"

"Not yet, son, this is..."

"I went out to deal with some things, and the things were done. I thought I hadn't eaten, and I was a little hungry, so I bought some food. Want to eat?"

"It's time to have breakfast later?"

"Really? I forgot, but it's okay. These things are just to cushion your stomach. We have been busy for so long yesterday, so we should eat more."

The two girls didn't eat much, but after Hua Yueling's persuasion, they ate some. Hua Yueling bought a lot of food, most of it was eaten by himself, and some parts were eaten by Saier and Xiaodie, but the two of them are incomparable with Hua Yueling. Can't eat much.

The two girls had little appetite, let alone eat breakfast later, so they only ate a little.

After eating some things, Hua Yueling lay down, and he still hadn't figured out what to do next. The two girls looked at each other, Xiaodie walked out, and Saier stayed to serve Huayueling.

"Saier, how are your progress lately? Is there any progress in mind and magic?"

Hua Yueling asked curiously.

"There is some progress, but the progress is much slower than before."

Sai'er somewhat helplessly said, in fact, her strength had progressed very fast before this, but after a period of pig sprints, her speed of improvement suddenly slowed down.

Sai'er herself didn't know what was going on, and she had nothing to do.