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Albert has never had any big ambitions. He has always thought of himself as a salted fish. He was reborn and turned on the panel cheat sheet. This is the proper way to become a winner in life.

When Albert was planning to make a salted fish with a goal, the Owl sent an invitation from Hogwarts, and he realized that he had traveled to the world of Harry Potter novels.

Now, Albert is considering how to be a dreamy salted fish in the magic world.

(Daily essays, fan-oriented, not dedicated to alchemy, please ignore the title of the book and see the work if you have any questions.)

- Description from MTL


Short Title:AOHP
Alternate Title:哈利波特之炼金术师
Author:Lazy cat on the keyboard
Weekly Rank:#57
Monthly Rank:#69
All Time Rank:#32
Tags:Academy, Alchemy, Based on a Movie, Beautiful Female Lead, Books, Brother Complex, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Cautious Protagonist, Cheats, Clever Protagonist, Contracts, Cunning Protagonist, Elemental Magic, Family, Fan-fiction, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Fast Learner, Genius Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Harry Potter, Late Romance, Level System, Lucky Protagonist, Magic, Male Protagonist, Marriage, Mature Protagonist, Money Grubber, Mystical, Older Love Interests, Overpowered Protagonist, Pets, Politics, Poor to Rich, Righteous Protagonist, Selfish Protagonist, Slow Growth at Start, Slow Romance, System, System Administrator, Time Travel, Transmigration, Wizards, Younger Sisters,
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298 Comments on “The Alchemist of Harry Potter
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  1. Wow, el capítulo 1113 me dejó un poco de sabor amargo, decir las cosas tan claramente sobre otras chicas con isabel me parece raro, pero sabía desde el principio que Albert no le interesaban otras chicas, sin embargo, estaba preocupada de su hermana??? El hecho de que Katrina siga sintiendo algo por albert y que TODOS lo sepan, me parece algo desagradable e hipócrita de su parte. Aún que Isabel piensa que Katrina hubiera sido mejor para albert y el confiesa que si pensó en ella para ser su pareja, al final escoge a Isabel por que va más con sus gustos. Me parece algo más realista que un MC confiese sus sentimientos y pensamientos reales a alguien a quien ama, al final y en cuenta albert sabe perfectamente que si tuviera la oportunidad tendría otra esposa por que todos los hombres querrían hacerlo si tuvieran la oportunidad Pero saben que no estoy de acuerdo??? Que tengan un hijo tan pronto!! Eso que la esposa y un hijo sean los grilletes de Albert para pensar más en sus acciones me parece una estupidez, albert nunca hace cosas sin pensar y el hecho de que su familia quieran que ya tengan un hijo me parece… Idiota de su parte, entiendo sus pensamientos pero apresurarlos así tan rápido?? Nooo… por suerte creo isabel dijo que pensaban no hacerlo tan descuidadamente, espero y eso signifique que no tendrán hijos tan pronto, recuerden que Albert tiene 18 o 19 e Isabel tiene 20

  2. Please edit chapter 1117. I went and read the Chinese version, chapter 1117 should be like this. https://m.75zw.com/800359/7334817.html

  3. The story is great, but some information wasn't accurate. Like technology... although wizards rarely apply magic/charms in technology, it actually exist, in fact, wizards in the past had established a Broadcasting Television for wizards, but it was shut down by the Ministry of Magic as it defy the Statue of Secrecy. Also, despite wizards' disdain muggles, it doesn't mean they didn't know much about them, though they don't appreciate the amazing feats of muggles since they are capable of doing it without the use of some devices.

  4. Also, I don't quite like the relationship of the MC and Isobel since they didn't look like a couple. The MC always talk about the Divination, while Isobel always teased the MC about many girls being attracted to him and MC dreaming about having them. You know, does the MC didn't irritated with this? It's kinda annoying. Your girlfriend always talks about other girls that you didn't know if it was jealous or something. It feels like Isobel didn't have any trust with the MC, though the author made some explanation that it was just some joke, but its so annoying.

  5. True i also dislike her, almost to the point where i don't want to see her anywhere near MC She keeps mentioning about girls and warning MC, it is pretty annoying Like dude if you keeps suspecting him, why make him your boyfriend then? Isn't it tiring to keep suspecting ur lover if u cannot trust him? Thankfully, this kind of joke died down when finally she is marrying to MC, geez

  6. The author also keep introducing new woman that would've some ambigous relationship with the MC. In fact, the male character in this novel was too few and most of them would become an enemy of the MC woth the exceptom of some old people.

  7. Honestly instead of Alchemist of Harry Potter I prefer if the title is Prophet of Harry Potter. MC's prophesy skill is ridiculously hard, couple that with his identity as transmigrator who knows HP plot basically give MC a disguise plot armor. Moreover its also more exciting when the plot revolve around MC's prophesy and other characters reactions to those prophesy, instead the plot about MC's alchemy is kinda boring after keep being repeated, since it's basically just MC create items, flex them to make others awe, make money with them, etc...

  8. MC's propeshy skill is hax since he can anticipate anything that will come his way. If the prophesy didn't works then MC only need to add exp points to level up his propeshy skill to make it works

  9. A great read! At least for the first couple of hundred chapters. The writing is lively, easy to follow, and therefore much more fun. This story has also more depth than the usual garbage out there.

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