Chapter 706 Finale

   Twelve years later.

   At this time, Tian Tian has grown into a big girl.

Eighteen changes in the female university, the original little girl is now a slender girl, like a delicate porcelain doll, just looking at you a few times with big eyes at that station, I am afraid that your heart will be changed. , so that you can't wait to put all the best things in the world in front of her with both hands.

  Fortunately, because Tiantian skipped grades since he was a child, he had the opportunity to seize the tail of the policy and went to school smoothly. Finally, after graduation, he returned to the Gobi and became a member of the research institute, with outstanding work ability.

There are mostly **** men in the research institute, and more people like her, especially Jiao Linyan. After all, he has grown up with Tiantian since he was a child. After graduation, he was also assigned to work in the same place. It is good to talk about everything. Friends, and Jiao Linyan's thoughts about Tiantian are about to come out almost immediately.

this day.

   Jiao Linyan once again confessed to Tantan.

  Tantian shook his head and refused, "I'm sorry, I already have someone I like."

Of course, Jiao Linyan knew who Tiantian was talking about, but he had already joined the organization, and he couldn't help himself. around.

   He felt that a person like this was not a good target.

"I know, but... If he really cares about you as well, he shouldn't worry about his affairs all day long. He can only take good care of you when he is by your side. What is the inconvenience of communication?"

"It's ugly, if it goes on like this, if he encounters something like a confidante, a mission partner, etc., you will be kept in the dark all the time. Why do you need to be a person like him in your wonderful youth? And wasted."

   Maybe it was because he had been rejected too many times, and Jiao Linyan also had a bit of a temper. Of course, most of this temper was directed at that person.

But in Tiantian's view, it makes no difference whether it is directed at himself or at the person he likes, "Please don't use your own thoughts to speculate on other people's psychology, okay? Only brother Yuan is not like that. You don't even understand the feelings between the two of us."

   "I've already said it very clearly, you step aside, I'm going back."

  Tanten said she was going to leave, but Jiao Linyan didn't let her go, "I'm doing it for your own good too, I feel sorry for you."

   "Do you have to force her to do things she doesn't like if you feel bad for her?"

  Suddenly at this moment, Lu Weiyuan appeared out of nowhere and looked at Jiao Linyan expressionlessly, "My girl, I don't need others to feel distressed."

   "Only Brother Yuan."

  Tiantian was surprised and happy, broke free from Jiao Linyan and walked over to Lu Weiyuan, "When did you come back, why didn't you tell me, so I can pick you up."

   Then, she cautiously asked again, "How long can you stay here this time?"

Lu Weiyuan patted her head, "This person has some truth in what he said, how can I take good care of you when I'm not by your side? Don't worry, I have applied to the organization, and I will be stationed here in the future, never again. gone."



  Tanyu's eyes lit up, and he happily hugged Lu Weiyuan's neck.

   Jiao Linyan felt ashamed for a while when he saw this scene, and he left first without anyone telling him anything.


   Bai Yuxue didn't wait for Zhao Chen to show any emotion until the day when Tian Tian got married happily.

That night, Bai Yuxue was very curious and asked, "Usually I think that whenever a young man comes closer to our family, you have to treat people's nose not nose, eyes not eyes, why are you so kind this time. Let someone marry your daughter away?"

   "My daughter is getting older and she is always going to get married, so it's not good for me to keep stopping her."

   Zhao Chen said, "Furthermore, after all, this kid Lu Weiyuan was taught by me since he was a child, there is nothing serious, and we are not afraid that our daughter will suffer from him."

   Bai Yuxue suddenly realized, "So you made up your mind early in the morning."

   "Of course, instead of letting your daughter be taken away by a wolf cub who came out of nowhere, it's better to cultivate a trustworthy one from an early age."

   Zhao Chen said, and gave Bai Yuxue a very proud look.

   Bai Yuxue smiled and shook her head.

   then asked, "Then have you made any other crooked ideas behind my back?"

Zhao Chen turned to look at her, and grabbed her with one hand, "If possible, I want to be with you all the time, no matter where or when, as long as there is you, I will ignore it. Everything will run towards you and stay by your side until the end of the world."

  Bai Yuxue looked at him fixedly, and the "old husband and wife, why are you talking about this?" suddenly swallowed, and finally only a simple syllable was left in her mouth, "Okay."

   The two smiled at each other and quietly pressed their foreheads together.

  On such a night, only the heartbeats of two people are left in the quiet room, getting closer and closer, conveying and expressing the strongest feelings, quiet and sweet, and the years are quiet.

   There is still a long way to go, but as long as the two of them are together, what is there to be afraid of?

   (end of this chapter)

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