Chapter 705 Harmony and Perfection

   Bai Yumei saw that Yu Xue was actually trying to clean up the bottom bed by herself, so she quickly climbed onto the kang to hold the person down.

   "Amitabha, you have to be brave even at this time, I said you should just lie down, everything is mine."

   It was daytime, and there was no one else in the family except Sister Bai Yuxue and the little girl Tantan. Zhao Chen and Elder Zhao both went out to work, but it was fortunate that a child as old as Tantan could already do something.

Moreover, under the influence and influence of Bai Yuxue, the little girl is much calmer now than before, so even when she proposed to the sisters Bai Yuxue and Bai Yumei to find someone to help, she ran out in a hurry. door.

   Bai Yumei saw that Tian Tian had already gone out to look for someone, so she hurriedly went to the kang and took out the bedding specially prepared for delivery, and then helped Bai Yuxue to lie down to give birth.

   After doing this, she rushed to the kitchen to boil hot water.

   After all, Bai Yuxue is not the first child, the birth must be faster, and the preparation must be prepared as soon as possible, otherwise, it will be bad if it is not used at that time.

Bai Yuxue lay quietly on the kang and listened to the busy voice of her eldest sister outside, her stomach hurts one after another, but somehow, her mood is extraordinarily calm. Thinking about all these things that have happened since her rebirth, I really feel that I have It's like having a dream.

   But now, she is no longer the lonely ghost who could only float in the air and see all kinds of life in the air. She now has everything, and this is the source of motivation for her to persevere.

  While Bai Yuxue was thinking wildly, she heard the sound of hurried footsteps outside, followed by Tian Tian and Zhao Chen, as well as the neighbor's aunt who came to help, Yang Zhen and others walked in from the outside.

   At this time, they had already warmed up in the cubicle before coming in.

  Tiantian and Zhao Chen sat on the kang next to Bai Yuxue, accompanied her to cheer her up, and kept an eye on Bai Yuxue's situation.

Except for the neighbor's aunt who came to help, they basically acquiesced to this behavior of Zhao Chen's father and daughter, so even if the neighbor's aunt felt that it seemed a little inappropriate, she didn't say anything at this moment, only put the back room. space for their family to keep warm.

  This second tire started a little faster indeed.

After a while, Bai Yuxue felt that her stomach pain was getting worse and worse, so she turned her head and said to Zhao Chen, "I think I'm about to give birth, you should go out with Tian Tian and wait, it will be alright. "

   Zhao Chen shook his head and said firmly, "I can't share the pain on you, can't I do it by staying here with you? I'm not going anywhere, I'll be here with you, guarding you."

   After saying that, he opened his mouth and called Bai Yumei to come in, asking her to take Tantan outside first.

Tiantian was originally reluctant to leave, but in a scene like this, Zhao Chen, an adult, had to stay. Tiantian was still a child in the end, and it would be bad if he continued to stay if there was a shadow, so Bai Yu Mei could not help but go up and take Tiantian away.

   Then, Yang Zhen and her neighbor's aunt came over to help check it out. Sure enough, she could give birth, so she encouraged Bai Yuxue to start giving birth hard.

   Bai Yuxue is someone who has given birth once, and has some experience, so this child was born very smoothly, and it didn't even take half an hour to come out, and the baby's cry soon rang in the room.

   "Oh, it's a son, congratulations, congratulations, now you have both children."

   Yang Zhen was very happy, and after saying congratulations to Bai Yuxue and his wife, she quickly cut the umbilical cord, packed the child, and put it between Bai Yuxue and her husband.

   Looking at the little soft child, Bai Yuxue and Zhao Chen's hearts were instantly filled.

   "Thank you for your bravery and kindness, thank you for everything you have done for me." Zhao Chen lowered his head and gently placed a kiss on Bai Yuxue's brow.

   Bai Yuxue pursed her lips and smiled.

At this moment, for her, nothing is imperfect in this world. Even if she knows that there will be more storms waiting for her in the future, as long as their family stays together, there is nothing to overcome. can not be difficult.

  The road leading to the future will definitely be full of sunshine.

   (end of this chapter)