Chapter 704 Reunion

   Since then, the turmoil has finally subsided, and Bai Yuxue and Yang Zhen don't have to worry about what Jiao Shuyi secretly does again.

   After Jiao Shuyi was taken away, Lu Xuan cried and made a lot of trouble for a few days, and was beaten by Lu Chong with a cold face. He finally realized the reality and lowered his head and didn't dare to make trouble anymore.

  Lu Chong was originally a person with a weak family, and he was like that for his own son.

  After Jiao Shuyi was sent away, he went to Jiang Ruogu's house to see Lu Weiyuan once, but he didn't say any words of comfort, just told him that if he wanted to avoid being bullied, he had to be stronger first.

  Jiang Ruogu didn't express any opinion on this, but Yang Zhen was annoyed at his attitude as if it had nothing to do with him, and he kept saying that Lu Chong was a cold-hearted and cold-blooded guy.

   But no matter what, Lu Chong finally arranged for Lu Weiyuan to enter the training base.

   And Lu Weiyuan also seems to want to take this opportunity to prove himself, so he trains very hard in the base.


   on the other side.

   Zhao Ke, who was responsible for transporting the machine, also stationed here with people after the task was completed to cooperate with the research work of the institute.

   As for Bai Yumei and his wife, and Mr. Jiao, they chose to leave their hometown and come to this remote place to support construction because of the ties of their relatives.

   And Bai Yuxue also learned at this time that the son of Mr. Jiao and his wife, that is, Jiao Linyan's parents, works in the research institute here.

   After learning the news, Bai Yuxue couldn't help but feel a little emotional, thinking why is there such a big gap in life between brothers and sisters who came out of their parents' wombs?

   After thinking about it, I can only conclude that it is also very important for the child's acquired education. The second child in her womb has not yet been born, so she was directly planned and arranged by her mother in advance.


  Since the "Wild Dog Incident" happened, Bai Yuxue has been strictly "guarded" by her family. Basically, she doesn't act here, and she can't go there. She can only stay at home every day to raise her baby and rest more.

   Especially after Bai Yuxue's eldest sister Bai Yumei arrived, she had more eyes to keep an eye on Bai Yuxue's every move.

  Bai Yumei, Zhao Chen, Yang Zhen and Tian Tian stared at Bai Yuxue almost every day, for fear that if she was not careful, Bai Yuxue would encounter another dangerous situation.

Bai Yuxue's resistance was ineffective, and in the end, she could only obey the arrangements of these people, so that she could stay at home and not go out, and only leave all the outside things to those people to do, and feel at ease to be a hands-off shopkeeper. Entering the space to engage in construction, everything is very comfortable.

   In a blink of an eye, several months have passed, and it is already winter.

   On this day, Bai Yumei was at Bai Yuxue's house helping her prepare food for the New Year. At this moment, Bai Yuxue on the back of the kang suddenly let out a sigh.

   Bai Yumei was taken aback and ran into the back room quickly, "What's wrong?"

   Counting the days, Bai Yuxue is also about to give birth, so Bai Yumei didn't dare to be careless.

Bai Yuxue was not as flustered as Bai Yumei, she saw her calmly touch the mattress under her body, and then smiled at the eldest sister, "Sister, I seem to be about to give birth, the amniotic fluid has broken, and my stomach has begun to swell. It hurts, go find someone to help you first."

   Said, Bai Yuxue supported her lower back and slowly moved herself. After all, even if you have a baby at home, you must prepare in advance, otherwise it will be difficult to clean up after giving birth.

   (end of this chapter)

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