Chapter 703

   "You fool, what nonsense are you talking about?"

   Jiao Shuyi retorted loudly while struggling to break free.

  Lu Xuan was beating the fool's thigh vigorously, scolding the fool for not being a good person, and telling the fool to let go of his mother quickly.

The fool didn't care about this, he just continued, "I'm not talking nonsense, it's you who asked me to go outside and attract those wild dogs. You said that Auntie Hao likes such little animals the most, as long as she makes her happy, she will Eat all the candy bars in your pocket."

  The fool is talking and making gestures.

   Now everyone knew that the "good-looking auntie" he kept talking about was Bai Yuxue.

  Because Jiao Shuyi had done a review in front of everyone because of the previous incident, most of the people present did not know that there was a grudge between her and Bai Yuxue.

  Since they have already made a review and guarantee, they still do not repent. Is there any salvation for such a person?

   For a while, everyone looked at Jiao Shuyi with a bit of contempt in their eyes.

Just for such a trivial matter, the revenge mentality is so strong, and even a stupid child who doesn't understand anything can be used cruelly, not to mention that the Bai Yuxue she is dealing with is still a pregnant woman with a big belly. The problem, the consequences are unimaginable!

Isn't    such a terrible person?

   Let such a poisonous snake stay by everyone's side like it is now, what if I don't know what offends her, and turn around and get bitten again?

   "Bah, you want to do bad things yourself, why do you want to bring my baby? He is a naive person. You lied to him like this to harm others, what is the heart of Ande!"

   Fool's parents soon came to hear the news.

   After figuring out what happened, the couple unceremoniously pointed at Jiao Shuyi and cursed away.

   Cadre Lu and the others couldn't help shaking their heads and sighing when they saw this, and only put their eyes on Lu Chong.

   At this moment, Lu Chong's face was as black as the bottom of a pot.

  Bai Yuxue was supported by Zhao Chen and walked over, "The process of what happened is very clear. People are harmless to tigers, but tigers hurt people. I hope the leading comrades present can give me justice."

"In addition, I don't think a narrow-minded comrade like Jiao Shuyi is qualified to stay in our large group. After all, she dealt with me today because of a little friction, and tomorrow she will deal with others because of a trivial matter. Don't we all have to keep putting up with her to this day?"

   "I think the new society is equal to everyone. She made mistakes again and again, and she gave up the chance to be forgiven. There is no need for us to keep swallowing because of her alone."

  Jiang Ruogu also spoke on behalf of the commune, "Yuxue is right. Whether it's for the public or private, I personally don't want Jiao Shuyi's mistakes to be lightly let go."

   "This is too unfair for us victims."

   As soon as these words came out, many people present chose to stand on Bai Yuxue's side, even including a considerable part of the family members in the station.

   This is the real thought of most people present.

   Not to mention that Lu Chong didn't even think about going against the world to save Jiao Shuyi.

   Therefore, Cadre Lu made a decision on the spot to send Jiao Shuyi directly to the most remote places to carry out the most difficult labor tasks and transformation. This was the final punishment for her.

  In the end, Jiao Shuyi, who had done all her evil deeds, didn't say a word and could only suffer the consequences.

   (end of this chapter)