Chapter 702 Nowhere to hide

   That's not to mention, behind him, there are a group of wild dogs barking!

Because that aunt told him that this sweet-looking aunt who gave him candy likes to play with these small animals, so the good-looking aunt will be very happy to see him bring these puppies, as long as she is coaxed When she is happy, she will continue to give him all the candy in her pocket.

  What kind of bad thoughts can a fool have?

   He just wanted to get compliments and eat delicious candy bars.

at the same time.

   The opposite Yang Zhen and Bai Yuxue were shocked by this sudden scene.

   Bai Yuxue's face was still calm, but he still carefully started to hide behind his stomach, but the speed on the other side was too fast, how could he dodge it?

  Yang Zhen was immediately stunned, but it took a while to remember to tell Bai Yuxue that she should leave first, no matter what, at least retreat to a place with many people.

   As for the other people around, seeing this scene, the first reaction is naturally to run away, and if you can't take care of yourself, how can you control what others are doing.

   at this time.

Zhao Chen called the two children, Zhao Lao and Tiantian Lu Weiyuan, to come out from the inside. He looked up and saw such a scene. He was so frightened that he almost went out of his body. Running towards the direction of Bai Yuxue rushed over.

   Mr. Zhao himself was sent out by Cadre Lu. The two had a great discussion at the party before, but now they feel a little bit of sympathy for each other.

Therefore, after Mr. Zhao realized what was going on in front of him, he hurriedly asked Cadre Lu for help, to see if he could find a few comrades to help quickly, otherwise, those old wild dogs would rely on the strength of a few people I am afraid there is no way to resist.

  Cadre Lu of course also knew the seriousness of the problem, so he quickly turned around and greeted people without saying a word.

   over there.

   The fool has already led the pack of wild dogs to catch up with Bai Yuxue.

Although these wild dogs were brought here by fools, the wild dogs are wild dogs after all. They chased after them all the way because they were provoked by the fool. How could they possibly listen to the command of the fool? One bite, and for a while, it doesn't matter who is who.

The first one to suffer was the fool. After being bitten two or three times in succession, he fell to the ground and burst into tears, "Wuwuwu, I don't want to eat candy, it hurts, beautiful auntie. Auntie, come and save me, let them stop."

   And Bai Yuxue was guarded by Zhao Chen and Yang Zhen. Although he was not bitten, he felt a little uncomfortable in his stomach after such a toss.

   At such a critical moment, I saw another group of people on the road from a distance, and the people over there seemed to have noticed the strangeness here, and a dozen of them quickly rushed over and worked together to disperse the wild dogs.

  While heaving a sigh of relief, Zhao Chen asked Bai Yuxue how he felt, if he accidentally bumped it.

Before Bai Yuxue could answer, she saw the fool on the other side suddenly jumped up and flew towards a person inside, "You lied to me, you said that Auntie Good-looking likes these little animals, so I I just attracted them, but you don't see her smiling at all, it's all your nonsense, right?"

   "I don't want to make Auntie Kanchan happy, and I don't want to eat more candy, woo woo!"

   Jiao Shuyi, who was originally here to stand aside to watch the excitement, is now the fool holding her arm tightly and crying, and instantly became the center of people's attention.

   At this time, all the people called by Cadre Lu came over, including Lu Chong, who had heard the news.

   On the other side, in the team of those people later, Zhao Ke, Bai Yumei and his wife, and Mr. Jiao and his wife all came out, and everyone arrived.

   These people's heads are turning fast, and the fool's words are so clear, who else is there who can't understand what kind of tricks are hidden in it.

  As a result, more eyes fell on Jiao Shuyi for a while, making her invisible.

   (end of this chapter)