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The Age of Rebirth: The Little Hot Wife Get Rich From Space

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Bai Yuxue floated in the world for decades as a soul, and was reborn once.

Excited, she immediately hugged the baby girl in her arms: “I just want to take my daughter to be beautiful alone!”

In difficult times, she lived in poverty and lacked food and clothing. She was an orphan, a widow, and a mother without support. Can anyone step on it?

Don’t be afraid, there is a simulated ranch management space that you bring with you. Move your fingers, make a fortune, and get rich again, and you can’t climb high in the blink of an eye.

Since then, Bai Yuxue has set a small goal for herself: to make her daughter’s daughter fat and happy as quickly as possible.

But, where did this man come from?

Bai Yuxue: “Sir, my man is already dead, don’t try to pretend.”

Someone: “Because I miss you, I borrowed from the King of Hell for another lifetime.”

Through the wind and rain, overcoming thorns and thorns, just to hold you in my arms again.

Bai Yuxue: “Well, let me slow down first.”

Little girl: “I hate you, don’t rob my mother from me!”

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Short Title:LHWGRFS
Alternate Title:重生年代:空间致富小辣妻
Author:Wang Moji
Weekly Rank:#1748
Monthly Rank:#2359
All Time Rank:#2597
Tags:Childcare, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Pregnancy, Second Chance,
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15 Comments on “The Age of Rebirth: The Little Hot Wife Get Rich From Space
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  1. Guys, I'm looking for a novel where the FL has Tao Pao and goes back to the seventies and can buy and sell online.In addition, she marries someone who belongs to the army and helps with military research and so on

  2. I've endured until chapter 96. Not bad at the beginning. But magical space is useless and I will not stand a selfish husband and father that disappeared for years without a worry. She and her daughter were slaves for years. What kind of men does that? Is there anything more important than your own children?!! There's no excuse for let your family in danger. If he cared he could at least have gone to take a look from the distance and ensures that they are ok.

  3. This novel was not worth reading, its also the same with other novel, since u are rebirn person, u should leave and live a happy life, without bugs buzzing in ur ear, but the mc here didnt leave then continue to live like a shit... A useless author u want to make a good story but forgot that her MC was a rebirn person.. because a person who was been reborn and suffer a lot, she will not stay but she will leave, atleast her daughter can survive, although that time was very dangerous but dont forget she has still a family, and that family might be good because her sister give her money since is that the case her family might be good... Lastly her useless husband, she should not accept it, since he was not there when she was suffering, even though she though or everyone though her husband was dead, but what about when he comeback? So she should not accept it, since u are a live why u didnt comeback and let her suffer with her daughter..where he is when she needed him the most?, And dont forget this mc is a woman who suffer with her daughter, woman was a very vengeful, suffering and seeing her daughter being treated as a slave until she become what she is in the novel, her greavance was already going to explode... Yet just her husband coming back, she accepted it...its really shit story, if i were i will not accept him and just live with my daughter, since she has a cheat, she can raise her alone... Sigh i want to find a story where mother and daughter only rely on each other without a husband or a father... The male lead here was not his fault, but since he was still alive, he should go back as soon as possible because we dont know the situation at home, a true husband will not care if he is become a useless as long as he saw his family because u didnt know if they are living well or maybe they died too or suffering in his family... Whats the point when u become the most richest man but ur family was gone already?, Maybe u might be happt since they already dead since u didnt even care or even if u care about them, u just regret it... I hate this kind of man who has a mindset like this, u should come to her as soon as possible because u are the head of the family, take all the responsibility, this is what a husband are.

  4. It was ok, there were a lot of chapters i skipped, i felt like it wasn't really important to read it. The end was rushed and her space was super useless, i read a lot of novels with space and hers is the most useless.

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