Chapter 1689 Tan Minyu Extra Story

   Min Yu dated Xie Tianxing for more than a month, and was forced to marry. She said they broke up if she disagreed. Oh, breaking up, she was never afraid of threats, and chose to break up without blinking.

  After Tian Shao fell ill, Tan Yue asked her to take over, and she herself was frightened, reluctant to let Tian Shao be so tired again, so she agreed to take over the company within three years. After that, I devoted myself to work and had no time or interest in dating.

  Three years later, she took over most of the company's affairs, but some major decisions were still made by Tian Shao. All the decisions she made over the years turned out to be correct in the end.

   Seeing that she was thirty years old, her relatives became anxious. At every family dinner, my aunt and several cousins ​​would ask her if she had found a boyfriend, and if they knew she hadn't found it, it was not a reminder to marry, so they said to introduce her boyfriend.

  Min Yu was a little annoyed, so she raised three conditions. First, she must not look worse than her father; second, she must graduate from a top five prestigious school in the world; third, the child must have her last name.

  As soon as these three conditions were released, the sisters-in-law who said they would introduce her to her were afraid to speak.

Bai Churong said to Tian Shao: "Minyu's condition is too harsh. You can find someone who is handsome and graduated from a famous school, but it is difficult to have her surname if you meet the first two conditions? Who is this outstanding man? Willing to join in?"

  Min Ji has already given birth to a son. As soon as the second-child policy was lifted at the beginning of this year, Wen Bai began to prepare for pregnancy. It has been more than five months now.

   Tian Shao smiled and said: "What marriage? She is just an excuse that she doesn't want to look for it. As long as she is happy, she won't look for it if she doesn't look for it."

   "How can I indulge her like this. Minyu is already thirty now. This woman's physical function will decline after thirty. Not only will it be difficult to conceive in the future, but it will be more dangerous to give birth to a child."

As soon as Tian Shao heard it, she said that it would be dangerous to have children when she was old, so she would not have children: "The most important thing in life is to live a valuable and happy life, not to have children. Sister-in-law, Min Yu's business Ah, you don't have to worry about it. With me and Tan Yue here, no one would dare to bully her. "

   When she and Tan Yue are gone, her daughter has already stood on a high ground and no one can bully her. Therefore, there is no need to force marriage. She also met Tan Yue, otherwise she might not have gotten married and lived her life in style.

  Bai Churong couldn't convince Tian Shao, so he had no choice but to talk to Tan Yue. It's a pity that Tan Yue also expressed freedom of marriage, and like Tian Shao, he respects Min Yu's decision.

   Seeing that both of them had such an attitude, Bai Churong had no choice but to let go.

  At the end of the year, as soon as Min Yu got home, he received a call from Liu Ya: "I have a candidate here who meets all your requirements. When you have time, I will arrange for you to meet."

  Minyu asked suspiciously: "Auntie, how do you know so many handsome graduates from prestigious schools?"

  Xie Tianxing is already a rare handsome guy, but he didn't expect another one? Could it be that the Aeronautical Academy specializes in producing handsome men?

  Liuya scolded with a smile: "Don't you even look at what unit I work for? It's not that those who graduated from prestigious schools can enter our research institute. Okay, let's meet first, and if you are not satisfied, Auntie will find out for you."

   Min Yu actually didn't want to see her, but she let it out by herself. If she didn't, it would be like slapping herself in the face. Being a human being is just like doing business, you have to be honest.

  Tian Shao saw her like this, and said with a smile: "If you don't want to go, just refuse it, what are you doing?"

   "It's fine if it's someone else, but when my aunt speaks up, I can't help but give her face."

  Tian Shao tapped her forehead: "You, you shouldn't have mentioned the three conditions. If you didn't mention the conditions, your aunt would not be a matchmaker."

   Min Yu took Tian Shao's arm and said, "Mom, I'm not getting married, are you really not in a hurry?"

  In fact, she has already seen that her mother really thinks it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t get married, but her father thinks more traditionally and thinks that she should start a family. She respects her decision only to support her mother.

  In fact, in the past three years, many people have pursued her, many of whom are very good, but she just doesn't like it.

  Tian Shao smiled and said: "Your life is your own, so naturally you decide it yourself. But it is good intentions for everyone to want you to get married and have children. They worry that you will be old and no one will take care of you, and it will be too deserted without children."

Min Yu didn't know whether to laugh or cry: "Am I afraid that no one will take care of me when I'm old? As for children, Wen Bo likes children, and I will let her have two more. When they grow up, I will choose one of them to support me in the old age. After a hundred years, I will give birth to two more children." give him all his property.”

  Tian Shao felt that she was thinking far ahead: "When you come back, I'll call your aunt and tell her not to be busy in the future."


  But he didn't want to come back after the meeting, so Min Yu said that the two of them had confirmed their boyfriend and girlfriend relationship with their blind date.

  Tian Shao couldn't help frowning when she heard this, and said with a straight face: "Min Yu, she is rushing to get married, what are you? Tell her clearly now."

  In the past few years, I have become more stable and stable. I thought those bad habits had changed, but I didn't expect that I was still so willful.

Seeing that she was angry, Min Yu quickly explained: "Mom, the person my aunt introduced to me was actually Xie Tianxing. Mom, he said he would respect my decision and marry whenever he wanted. He is really good-looking Well, I can't say no to it."

  Tian Shao: …

   The person who introduced him for a long time was still Xie Tianxing, and these six girls were not at all transparent.

   Min Yu explained: "Mom, actually Xie Tianxing apologized to me after we broke up three years ago, saying that I shouldn't be forced to marry. I forgave him at the time, but I blocked him because I didn't want to get married."

"what about now?"

  Minyu said that marriage is not rejected now, but it still depends on Xie Tianxing's performance, if the performance does not satisfy her, then it will not be married.

   This observation lasted for three years. Just when Tian Shao thought she would wait a few years before getting married, she received a call from Min Yu, saying that she was going to marry Xie Tianxing, which made Tian Shao a little confused.

   "Why did you suddenly decide to get married?"

Min Yu didn't hide it from Tian Shao, and said: "Last month he came to Hong Kong City, and he didn't take protective measures. I was busy with work and forgot about it. Today I remembered that I didn't have my period for more than half a month. Today I went to the hospital for an examination and found that it was already a period. It's been half a month."

  She never thought about abortion. This is a small life, and since it came, it is also fate. And her relationship with Xie Tianxing was very stable, she didn't reject marriage, but she lacked the urge to get a certificate.

  Okay, now I can’t do without a certificate.

   Tian Shao said angrily: "This Luo wedding will take several months. When the wedding is held, you will definitely not be able to hide your stomach."

   Min Yu thought for a while and said, "Then I will hold the wedding after I give birth. Mom, I also want to hold a Chinese-style wedding."

   "I thought you would say no wedding?"

  Minyu was unwilling: "This bride is the most beautiful time in a woman's life. It's a blessing not to hold a wedding!"

  Tian Shao nodded and said: "Chinese weddings are fine, but it's not like your brother's time now. We can't be extravagant and wasteful now, and the banquet will be up to twenty tables by then."

   Min Yu doesn't care how many guests she invites, her goal is to be beautiful on her wedding day. But it's too early to say this now, I'm carrying it in my stomach, and I will have to recover my figure after giving birth in nine months!

   It turned out that the goods were unloaded after more than six months, and they were born twins.

  Xie's family members immediately expressed that they wanted the girl to have their surname. They are rare girls.

  Tian Shao told Tan Yue that Min Yu was joking at the time and asked both children to be named Xie.

  The Xie family refused, saying that there must be a spirit of contract, and that what has been promised must be done. Xie father and mother did not bother with a surname, and finally decided to draw lots.

  Finally, Xie’s father was asked to draw lots, and the lucky note said female, so the elder sister’s surname was Xie and the younger brother’s surname was Tan.

  Minyu woke up, saw the two children and said in disbelief: "Mom, why are they so ugly? Is it really me?"

   Tian Shao laughed loudly: "All newborn children are like this. You were uglier than them when you were young!"

   Min Yu instinctively doubted. She gently touched the little faces of the two children, and said with a smile: "Ugly is ugly, whoever gave birth to me, I will always love you."

  End of the book

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