Chapter 1687 Bao Yiqiu Extra Story (19)

  Xiang Lin returned to work after her maternity leave, and her colleagues were all envious, saying that she looked better than before giving birth.

   In the past, when my colleagues gave birth to a child, I would complain that my husband was too tired to take care of my mother-in-law, and I had to go to work, take care of the children, and do housework. But none of this happened to her, so that she accidentally became pregnant with her second child two years later and decided to give birth without even thinking about it.

  Xiang Lin gave birth to a son in his second child. When Qi Hong found out, he not only sealed a huge red envelope, but also gave his grandson a set of the Four Treasures of the Study of the Ming Dynasty.

  After Bao Yiqiu found out, he said with a smile: "I thought he had no valuable collection after I gave you calligraphy, painting and porcelain last time. It seems that he still has a lot of good things in his hand."

  Qi Ziheng felt a little sad when he heard this: "Mom, I'm sorry, I didn't know you had been wronged so much before."

  Because Bao Yiqiu never said anything wrong about Qi Hong in front of his children, no matter how wronged he felt, he would bear it silently by himself. So Qi Ziheng didn't know his grievances, he had always admired his father Qi Hong, and was willing to listen to him.

   It was Ge Hong who complained about the past to Xiang Lin, so he knew everything.

  Bao Yiqiu said with a smile: "It's okay, it's all over, now Mom is very happy every day."

  Her dream is that her son and daughter-in-law are caring and filial, and then enjoy the fun of having grandchildren. Now it has come true.

   On the contrary, Qi Hong is having a hard time now. Gong Xue is very frugal to support her son, and the two always quarrel over this matter. But no matter how noisy they are, they still can't get divorced. First, Gong Xue is reluctant to part with his high pension, connections and those collections; Gong Xue.

  As for Qi Hong's money and things, he would keep what he gave, and Qi Ziheng wouldn't ask for it if he didn't give it to him.

  But he didn't want to know about the Four Treasures of the Study, somehow Gong Xue knew about it. The two quarreled again, and Qi Hong was sent to the hospital after being fainted.

  Qi Hong was already awake when Qi Ziheng arrived at the hospital, but he still asked Gong Xue angrily: "Can you take good care of my dad? If you can't take care of me well, I will pick him up after my dad is discharged from the hospital."

  Of course, it is impossible to live with them. After all, mother lives with them, but they can rent a two-bedroom house in the community. Although it is said that raising two children is expensive, Xiang Lin will buy what should be bought, and will not buy what is not needed. For example, Qi Ziheng wanted to change her to a better car after marriage, but she didn't agree and instead bought an electric car, saying that it would be more convenient to ride an electric car to get there in five or six minutes from home not far from work. When I have something to do on weekdays, I will drive her original car.

  Because Xiang Lin doesn't spend extravagantly, after removing all expenses, Qi Ziheng can save half of his salary every year.

   Seeing him lose his temper, Gong Xue also softened: "I won't quarrel with your father in the future."

  Qi Ziheng said: "Next time, I will go to the court to sue for divorce on my father's behalf."

  Gong Xue didn't dare to say anything.

  Qi Hong got well and was discharged from the hospital. He wanted to live in Qi Ziheng's community so that he could see his grandchildren anytime. It's just that Gong Xue disagrees. The school house is free to live in, and food and other things are cheaper than in the city. To move to Qihong's community, the rent would be seven or eight thousand, and the cost of living would increase.

  Qi Ziheng didn't agree either, he would have to stay here for three days and two days to quarrel and ask him to mediate, and his mother was upset when he saw it. But he didn't leave it alone, and when Qi Hong was discharged from the hospital, he hired a nanny with a good reputation to take care of the old man, because he paid the salary and Gong Xue didn't mind.

   What Qi Ziheng didn't expect was that because of his behavior, Qi Hong gave him a bank card.

   Turning his head, Qi Ziheng told Bao Yiqiu and Xiang Lin about it.

  Bao Yiqiu was very surprised and said: "You said that your father gave you more than 8.9 million in the card. Where did he get so much money?"

Qi Ziheng said: "Dad said that the ancient painting was sold for 17 million, 9 million bought me a school district house, and gave Gong Xue 2 million, and there was 6 million left. Then he told me a few years ago I opened a calligraphy shop in partnership, and all the money I earn is deposited in this card, and then there is interest on the deposit.”

  Bao Yiqiu praised: "Gong Xue is so strict, he can still keep the money, which is amazing."

  Qi Ziheng explained: "Mom, this bank card is in my name, not my father's. He asked me for a card when buying a house in the school district, and didn't think much about it at the time."

  Bao Yiqiu was speechless, and said: "Hiding so many thoughts, what's the point of living like this."

   But seeing that the son is benefiting, Bao Yiqiu thinks it's good for the old man to keep his eyes open.

  With such a large amount of money, Qi Ziheng turned around and paid off the mortgage, bought Xiang Lin a brand-name bag that she had always wanted but was reluctant to buy, and then bought Bao Yiqiu a jade bracelet.

  Both the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law who got the gift scolded him for spending money indiscriminately, but they were still very happy when they scolded him.

  The family went to a restaurant on Sunday, and it was a restaurant that Xiang Lin liked very much. Of course, the price is not low, a meal costs several thousand yuan, and this is still the case without ordering wine.

  After eating and drinking enough, Qi Ziheng went to the underground garage to drive. Bao Yiqiu and Xiang Lin waited at the door with their children.

   Didn't go to the underground garage together, because Bao Yiqiu couldn't smell the smell and felt uncomfortable.

   "Lin Lin..."

  Hearing someone calling his daughter-in-law's name, Bao Yiqiu reflexively turned his head to look. It was found to be a middle-aged man, who looked good and was well dressed.

  Xiang Lin saw a look of disgust flashing in his eyes: "You have identified the wrong person."

  She needs to know that she will encounter this **** when she goes out, so she won't come out today, and she has to read the almanac before going out next time. "

  Xia Shaoliang found that after so many years, Xiang Lin not only didn't get old and ugly, but looked better than before. He smiled and said: "Lin Lin, it's too hurtful for you to say that."

   After finishing speaking, he looked at Bao Yiqiu and his two children. They were wearing ordinary clothes, not famous brands: "I know you are married, but I didn't expect to have two children so soon. You said before that you will only have one at most."

   How can Bao Yiqiu not know who this person is at this point, it's too vicious. Saying this in front of my mother-in-law will make a lot of noise when I go home.

  Bao Yiqiu said unceremoniously: "Lin Lin is also called by a shameless villain like you? Hurry up, or I will call to warn you of harassment."

  Xia Xiaoliang got angry when he heard this: "You old woman, don't spit blood. I harass you, and you don't look in the mirror to see what you look like?"

  As soon as the words fell, someone answered his words: "Why don't you look in the mirror and take a good look at yourself."

  Xia Xiaoliang was about to scold back, but when he turned his head to look at the person, his face changed with fright: "Li, Mr. Li..."

  (end of this chapter)