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The Age of Rebirth: Lazy Man’s Hot Daughter-in-law Has Space

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Liang Xiaonan was reborn. In Dakeng Village in the era when there was no food or drink, he was tricked by his sister Tuyouping and his stepmother. With his stigma, he was so hungry that he fainted. He was beaten to death by his scumbag father…

Don’t be afraid, she has Shennong space! But the things in Shennong Space are not for nothing, you have to upgrade them with laughter to open the door, Liang Xiaonan is going to change his career to be a comedian?

A joke opened up the space, the inexhaustible high-yield seeds from the gate of agriculture, the inexhaustible precious medicinal materials from the gate of medicine, and the mysterious spring of Shennong Hall, which made her stockpile with food, fish in the pond, and earn money in minutes. Be full.

Need to work tirelessly to find fault? Don’t be afraid, which one is better at abuse of scum, find Xiaoliang in Dakeng, Yuxian County!

One day, a matchmaker came to the door. Liang Xiaonan didn’t think men were lazy yet, but he jumped up and said: She is the king of hell, I would rather be single than find a partner with her.

When he saw Liang Xiaonan, the man knocked on the door of the matchmaker overnight: Hurry up and tell me the matchmaker, don’t let others take the lead!

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Alternate Title:重生年代:懒汉的辣媳妇有空间
Author:Man Hui
Weekly Rank:#727
Monthly Rank:#536
All Time Rank:#2374
Tags:Business Management, Doting Love Interests, Farming, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Poor to Rich, Transmigration,
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  1. FL is showing her feet to Mr. Xie but don't want to say anything to ML. Even making excuse to him borrowing xie hoyuan name. It doesn't matter who's name she is using to hide her secret but she can clearly tell her partner about it.

  2. Ada yg tau gmn cara hapus cerita ini dari library? Ud selesai baca soalnya..trus anehnya novel ini gk bs d hapus kayak cerita lain d library..please info

  3. Anyone here know the title of the story the FL transmigrated or reborn something like that in 70's.By the way she came from ancient dynasty together with the imperial kitchen.In order not to get caught that she is not the o

  4. I think you are talking about"Wear the sixty with the imperial kitchen." The description can be found here: https://www.wattpad.com/1264075891-50%27s-60%27s-70%27s-80%27s-90%27s-links-mtl-wear-sixty-with but you are going to have to find another link for it since the previous site shut down,

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