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The Actor and His Sister Are Three and a Half Years Old

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The little prodigy Chu Xiaoxiao grew up in all kinds of pets since he was a child. Before he was three years old, he didn’t know that he had an older brother until the whole family watched the Spring Festival Gala one year.

Chu Xiaoxiao: This star can’t sing or dance. How can he still be on the Spring Festival Gala?

Father Chu pointed to the second fool in red on TV and introduced: Xiao Xiao, this is your brother.
Chu Xiaoxiao:? ? ?

Chu Xiaoxiao: My brother was so ugly on the spring evening, how can I raise my head in front of the children in the future!

The big star Chu Xiaoyi has tens of millions of fans and has a lot of traffic, but he didn’t know that he suddenly had a sister until he finished his work during the Spring Festival of a certain year.

Father Chu sent a text message: I have time to go home and have a look, your sister missed you.

Chu Xiaoyi:? ? ?

Chu Xiaoyi: I’m busy with work, and I haven’t entered the house for three times. My parents actually gave birth to second children! ?

In Chu Xiaoxiao’s view, even though Chu Xiaoyi is the idol of thousands of young girls, he is just an annoying brother.

In Chu Xiaoyi’s view, even though Chu Xiaoxiao is a brilliant and brilliant child prodigy, she is just an annoying sister.

Chu Xiaoxiao, Chu Xiaoyi: In this family, either he (she) died or he (she) died.

[The heroine has the ability to see other people’s emotional colors, and can perceive others’ favors towards her. ]

[Brothers and sisters tear up funny texts, CP is not brother. ]

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One sentence introduction: The fairy brothers and sisters tear every day

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Short Title:AHSTHYO
Alternate Title:影帝他妹三岁半
Author:Jiang Yue year after year
Weekly Rank:#1958
Monthly Rank:#2319
All Time Rank:#3975
Tags:Child Protagonist, Childcare, Cute Protagonist, Entertainment, Modern Days,
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