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The Abyss Summoner of the Last Days

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Novel Summary

This is the name of this land.
An infinite abyss.

This is an endless, suffocating place of terror.
This is a place where the environment is extremely harsh and life is extremely dangerous.
This is a place where there is no moral ethics and non-stop killing.
This is an evil place where there is no friendship, family, love, only betrayal, killing, and destruction.

The demon homeland dedicated to death and destruction is also the greatest guarantee for Chen Feng’s survival in this last day.
In the last days, Chen Feng’s ability is to communicate with the abyss. With his strength or some special sacrifices, he can summon demons from the abyss for his own use.
he is……
Abyss Summoner.

- Description from Uukanshu


Short Title:ASLD
Alternate Title:末世之深渊召唤师
Author:Cool Heart
Weekly Rank:#1610
Monthly Rank:#1942
All Time Rank:#1278
Tags:Absent Parents, Aliens, Apocalypse, Army Building, Cold Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Demons, Depictions of Cruelty, Evil Gods, Evil Protagonist, Evil Religions, Gods, Harem, Hidden Abilities, Magic, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Monsters, Mythical Beasts, Post-apocalyptic, Rape, Rebirth, Ruthless Protagonist, Second Chance, Servants, Strong from the Start, Summoning Magic, Survival, Transformation Ability, Wars, Zombies,
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14 Comments on “The Abyss Summoner of the Last Days
  1. Author sacrificed the elf girl that has been with him from the very beginning my god I wasn’t able to get over it, it’s probably reason why it’s on hiatus. My interest dropped because of it, the elf tried everything she could to the best of her abilities so she wouldn’t be a sacrifice. At the same time she was also his woman, and is very talented in financials that’s where most of his incomes come from. In the end that what was her ending she didn’t even know how she died, damn the mc and author. What worse is he called her useless just because she couldn’t fight side by side with him.

  2. I haven't read extremely far yet but still in my opinion, i think she doesn't have anymore use except for pleasure, because we have Xu Zhe with his computer's caculation ability and without stength. She is doomed.(i still think that she should be kept alive)

  3. Yeah Xu Zhe has great computing except every time he uses his computing power he would die faster. That’s why main character tried the best he could to not use it unless last resort.

  4. No,i didn't read any information about that except for knowing that his brain has turned into a computer-like. Also i think that is the problem of the soul-dividing-avatar ability which is his lover's.

  5. How far did you read up to? I’m at 1554 and I’m taking a break till more chapters appeared even though I’m quite upset at the elf’s death.

  6. You should have expected it because in the description it say "This is an evil place where there is no friendship, family, love, only betrayal, killing, and destruction." sooo yea...

  7. oh boy thanks for telling me that the protagonist is cold and doesn't care about those annoying bitches that appears hehe, that made me interested.

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