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Thank You For the Invitation, I Am In the Box Garden, I Have Just Become a God

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After traveling to Little Garden, Su Jin, who had just obtained the divine status and became a quasi-god, suddenly had a forum invitation in his eyes.

Butterfly Chanel Megumi: How to kill ghost dance at night? No misery?

Aizen Kuyousuke: How to take out the collapsed jade in Rukia Kuchiki?


Questions popped up one by one, and Su Jin subconsciously replied: Thank you for your invitation, people are in the small garden, they have just become gods, and the answers are anonymous.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TY
Alternate Title:谢邀,人在箱庭,刚刚成神
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20 Comments on “Thank You For the Invitation, I Am In the Box Garden, I Have Just Become a God
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  1. Well, I would recommend this novel to everyone. Although it is R~18, I think most of you will like it compared to the above novel. The character in this novel is quite good. The link for the recommended novel is- https://m.webnovel.com/book/sign-in-system_24014249705254405

  2. Bleach ch 11 / 288 return- 311 , demon slayer ch 51- 83, strike the blood ch 106 / 360 return- 426, god slayer ch 172 - 238, high school dxd ch 455/467- 570, burning eyed shana ( crimson world) ch 632 -697, is it wrong to pick up girls in the dungeon (Hestia) 796- 912 God, in the main world the dude never gets a break and is under constant pressure and it feels like it’s always near the tipping point of something bad happening and it collapsing with one issue right after another. It feels like so much stress if you didn’t have the relaxation of a whole massive harem and jokes including the part about greening black rabbit and her not minding. The best parts of the novel are going to another world and getting to feel op before having to go back and deal with Arcadia.

  3. Me gustó mucho, quiero saber dónde leer más fan-fic de Haconiwa. Gustaría ya q la primera novela que ley y la que empezó con mi gusto por las novelas es de Moondajii.

  4. It was fine at first but the MC gradually loses any sense of right or wrong and treats women as nothing more than possessions. Also he seems to be out to destroy all Pantheons because he wants to be the only god. This includes Shiroyasha who has helped him out basically every time he needs something. Another thing is he has no problem backstabbing people or killing off a lot of people. He is also very racist. The only good thing I liked about the novel was the powers from Saint Seiya that the MC got and the power systems from different worlds. But One thing I really hated and one of the only reasons I kept reading was they keep teasing about him going to the Saint Seiya world but he never has as far as I read to. I read to chapter 469. I really want him to go there. Would be awesome. But other than that I do not really like how the MC has turned out. Especially in the Strike the Blood world. He literally starts bride training for little girls so that when they grow up they become his. By grow up I still mean they are only like 14. That seriously disgusted me.

  5. Well I tried to go farther and I regretted it. The MC is a complete lolicon and pedophile. I made it to chapter 612 but in chapter 611 he has sex with Kunou from Highschool Dxd. She is like 12 or 13.... Sometime before this he slept with people that were 14 and 15 so yeah.... This has just become to much now.

  6. ...did he really go that cliche of "I want to be The One" with his God sht? Oh god... I was enjoying this and now I don't know what to think... even with Shiroyasha? Ah... damn

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