Huo Yan was awakened by a rumbling thunder.

After a night of rain and wind, the room was also full of the charming atmosphere of the two lingering.

She felt sore and swollen, and she didn't know how many tadpoles she let him put last night.

This is the first time they have combined without adopting security measures.

The bodies of the two people truly blended without any hindrance. When he really came in, Huo Yan could even clearly feel the burning temperature of his body.

She is ready to marry him. She has worn the engagement ring for two years, and now the time is finally ripe.

Huo Yan looked at the robot Fu Xiaohan next to the bed cabinet, and often wondered what it would be like if there were Fu Shihan's children in the future. Of course, Huo Yan wanted a daughter more. She knew that Fu Shihan would love her daughter more, just like caring for her when she was a child.

Thinking of these things in the future, one after another, made Huo Yan's heart bursts of tenderness and sweetness.

The future can be expected, maybe that's what it feels like.

Huo Yan stretched out his hand to touch the hair of the person next to the pillow, but found that the pillow was empty. She sat up and found that Fu Shihan was missing.

The beige curtains showed a thin light of the morning sun, and the sky was faintly billowing.

Huo Yan hurriedly stepped onto the slippers, walked to the window, stretched his hands, and the curtains opened. On the apron not far away, the soldiers gathered in the rain. There were already several fighter planes hovering high in the sky. I don't know what happened.

The rain rushed down the windows.

Huo Yan instinctively felt bad, put on his clothes and hurried out the door.

Downstairs, she stopped a staff member of the logistics department: "Excuse me, what happened, where is Fu Shihan?"

"Did you not hear the air defense warning earlier? Several unknown aircraft appeared over the border of our country. Several warnings were invalidated. The other party even cut off communication. Now they are dispatching fighter planes to strike."

After he finished speaking, he left in a hurry and went to take care of his own affairs.

Huo Yan didn't understand it very much either, only instinctively aware of the danger, she trot all the way through the rain towards the apron.

Fu Shihan changed into a dark blue uniform and was about to get into the jeep to head to the tarmac. He turned his head and found the girl's weak figure beside the net fence.

Because this is a military zone, she can't get in, so she can only lie on the side of the fence and look in the direction where he is.

The gusty wind howled, the heavy rain drenched her body, her hair was messyly attached to her face, and the small one looked embarrassed.

Fu Shihan said a few words to his comrades, and ran towards Huo Yan.

"Go home!" He raised his voice, making himself sound serious: "Such a heavy rain, don't stand here."

Huo Yan looked at him helplessly, holding back for a long time, then said in a low voice, "Can you not go?"

Her worries and worries were all slumped in her heart, and she did not dare to be too scared. It was unlucky, but she couldn't relax.

Just coming all the way, the people around are very nervous, indicating that the situation is serious.

"Fu Shihan, can you stop going, I beg you."

Seeing the little girl holding back her tears, Fu Shihan twisted his heart into a knot. He stretched out his hand on the guardrail and gently stroked her face: "It's safe, Yanyan is obedient. Go back soon. I'll be back at night. ."

"Fu Shihan" her voice was helplessly crying and trembling: "You used to listen to me everything, this time you also listen to me, okay."

"Come here." Fu Shihan stretched out his hand to hold down the back of her head, brought her over, and gently kissed her lips across the guardrail, with a touch of comfort.

Huo Yan closed his eyes to prevent tears from falling.

Can't cry, it's unlucky.

Fu Shihan smiled bitterly, and stretched out his hand to stroke her face: "Yanyan, you think too much, not so serious. Such tasks often happened in the past."


"When did I lie to you."

Fu Shihan squeezed the tip of her nose: "You know, I must go."

He must go.

Wearing this uniform, he is not Huo Yan's Fu Shihan, but the country's Fu Shihan.

The former boy was full of passion, and his dream was full of mountains and rivers.

But today's man stands in front of her, clung to his bones, to defend his family and the country.

Of course she couldn't stop him.

At this time, Zhou Xiaohang in uniform brought an umbrella and handed it to Huo Yan from the gap between the guardrails: "Sister-in-law, don't worry, there will be nothing wrong. I will help you look after him."

In order not to worry Fu Shihan, Huo Yan wiped the corners of his eyes and barely squeezed a smile: "Go ahead, I'm not afraid."


Fu Shihan got in the car and left, and behind the rain curtain, the girl's weak figure gradually blurred.

Huo Yan was up and down and waited anxiously all day.

The rain has stopped at some point, and the sky is still gloomy and heavy against the earth, giving people a heavy feeling that is hard to breathe.

In the afternoon, some fighter planes had landed at the airport one after another. Huo Yan stood outside the tarmac and waited, but he never saw Fu Shihan coming out of the cabin.

It was not until night fell that a group of people rushed over, and the one who walked in front seemed to be the identity of the leader.

They stood in front of Huo Yan with solemn expressions, and after hesitating for a while, they said—"Are you Fu Shihan's family member?"

Huo Yan staggered and pushed back two steps, the expression on his face became a little dazed: "No, no, you are mistaken."

Everyone’s expressions became more solemn, and the leader who had just spoken paused and continued: “It was an invasion planned by an extremist organization outside the country. Our army and an enemy plane clashed over the border. Fu Shihan’s fighter plane was hit and fell from high altitude. , Fell into a primitive jungle, now life or death is uncertain, we are sending people to actively search and rescue, you can rest assured, the organization will do its best to bring him back."

What he said, Huo Yan had long been unable to hear, and only felt humming in his ears, and his brain collapsed. At that moment, it seemed that his soul was emptied. "What you said, I don't believe a word, Zhou, Where's Zhou Xiaohang? He promised to bring Fu Shihan back. What about the others?"

The leaders looked at each other and said: "Comrade Zhou Xiaohang has already set off with the first group of search and rescue personnel."

Huo Yan ran back to the room, closed the door heavily, and locked himself in the room. She huddled in the corner without opening the door, shivering.

That's it, you grow up with me, and I grow old with you.

"How can you miss an appointment."

She sent him several WeChat messages helplessly, expecting him to reply her suddenly and tell her that everything is safe.

The phone screen was dark, as if all the audio was blocked, and her heart sank to the bottom a little bit.

I don’t know how long it took, maybe it was midnight.

Huo Yan took out his phone and tremblingly sent a message to Xu Mingyi—"Please tell you a question, and you must answer me honestly."

Xu Mingyi didn't reply, maybe he was asleep.

"The plane crashed at a high altitude, what is the possibility of surviving."

The top of the screen shows that the other party is typing

Two minutes later, news from Xu Mingyi came in——

"Almost zero."

Huo Yan put down the phone, the last thread in her heart suddenly broke, her temples burst into blue veins, her hands covered her mouth, and she tried her best not to cry, but her chest was like a grumpy beast. Howling, almost struggling out.

The next second, Xu Mingyi's message came again: "Of course, the possibility of parachuting survival is not ruled out. So is this a brain teaser? Did I get it right?"

"That's right." Her hands trembled.

Xu Mingyi sent a mean smile: "Since you can't sleep, let me tell you a secret about Fu Shihan."

"it is good."

"Do you remember that when we met for the first time, you lost five hundred yuan. I picked it up and returned it to you."


"Actually, it was not picked up. I've picked up all kinds of broken copper and iron, but I didn't have such a good life to pick up money. Fu Shihan paid you up for the money. He said he couldn't see you crying, and you lost it that day. Qian was crying in the little garden. His eyes were red when he came back. Hahahaha is definitely not an exaggeration. I was shocked at that time."

"I was still laughing at him at the time. It's nothing good to cry for a woman. He said I know what a fart."

"I didn't understand before, but now I understand." Xu Mingyi, who knew nothing, seemed to be a little sad: "Your sadness is definitely magnified ten times a hundred times in his heart. This is love to the depths, and it is hard to help it."

Huo Yan stared at Xu Mingyi's words in a daze. The memory returned to when the freshman year just started, she lost her money and squatted alone in the small garden outside the Tian Jiabing building crying.

Unexpectedly, Fu Shihan actually saw it.

The five hundred yuan that met Xu Mingyi was actually made up by him

The whole night has passed since Fu Shihan's crash, and the search team has sent out several waves to search around the coordinates of Fu Shihan's crash.

Finally at dawn, news came that Fu Shihan's fuselage had been found, and there were no blood stains on the fuselage, not even the dead body.

Obviously, there were traces of activity around the aircraft, and there was more than one person. It is very likely that an extremist organization in ambush in the forest discovered the crash, came to search for it, and took away the pilot and the equipment available on the aircraft.

But there is also a possibility that after the pilot is sober, he will leave on his own, find a safer place and hide in order to avoid becoming a hostage.

No matter what kind of possibility, it is a great comfort in Huo Yan's heart, as long as people are still alive, as long as people are still alive, there is hope for everything!

What she feared most was the long wait at night, and finally waited for a cold corpse.

Another day passed, and there was still no news.

If the extremist organization catches the pilot, it is likely to contact and negotiate, but the other party did not act.

At this time, the black box on the plane was also decoded.

The picture that Huo Yan saw was jittery. Fu Shihan lifted his headset and said, "The K84 wing was shot."

Even in such a dangerous situation, he still remained calm, the expression on his face did not change at all, and there was a force of force between his eyebrows.

"Even if I die, I have to take one away"

As soon as the voice fell, he was manipulating the fighter plane suddenly turning a 360-degree bend in the air, and then fired a stray bullet, which hit an enemy plane directly opposite.

This man was cruel, absolutely terrible.

At this time, the system reminded that the fuel consumption of the aircraft was close to the critical point and was about to fall.

Fu Shihan unfastened his seat belt and opened the hatch to prepare for parachuting: "The distance is too close, I'm afraid I will get some injuries."

Even with such words, his voice is still steady, as if saying that he might not be able to eat lunch today.

"If we are lucky enough to survive, my life, Fu Shihan, will only belong to one person from now on."

After speaking, he jumped down.

Huo Yan's tightly suspended heart suddenly relaxed, as if all his strength had been evacuated from his body.

My life, Fu Shihan, will only belong to one person from now on.

Huo Yan tightened his teeth and said cruelly: "This is what you said, you must do what you say."

Hearing Huo Yan's initiative to search for things with the team, Fu Shihan's direct leader Liu Li refused: "Isn't this a nonsense! That virgin forest is located in the border area. How many extremist organizations and drug dealers operate in that area? Go, how dangerous it is."

"If he really lives, you won't find him, but I can find him."

Huo Yan's persistence, and Zhou Xiaohang's pledge to intercede, will definitely protect her safety. After organizing and discussing, she finally decided to let her and the team enter the primeval forest.

The forest after the rain was filled with humid and jerky humus atmosphere. The jeep drove into the forest hinterland and searched radially around the coordinates of the crashed fuselage.

Because the forest is likely to run into members of extremist organizations, after Fu Shihan landed, he would definitely choose to hide in places that were not easily noticed. Of course, if you do this, extremist organizations can't find it, and it also makes the search and rescue work more difficult, especially if he is injured and passed out, in the huge jungle, to find him is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Zhou Xiaohang asked Huo Yan very curiously: "Sister-in-law, how can you find him."

Huo Yan got out of the car, looked around carefully, and explained: "When I was a child, Fu Shihan played hide and seek with me. I was too stupid to always find him. Later, he would deliberately leave clues in the house, sometimes a key. Buckle, sometimes a slipper, led me to find him."


Xiao Hang smiled: "You two really know how to play."

"To be fair, I will also make a noise to let him know that I am nearby and must be hidden."

Sure enough, according to what Huo Yan said, at a young age, the search team found Fu Shihan's **** shoe by a winding stream.

This can be regarded as an important discovery. The search and rescue team's morale increased greatly, and they walked up the stream, and finally found Fu Shihan who was half-conscious by a hidden cave.

"Fu Shihan!"

Huo Yan rushed over and peeled away the vines and grass he had put on his body as a cover. There were many cut wounds on his body, and blood was gurgling.

Although his consciousness was a little fuzzy, he could still feel Huo Yan's hug and opened his eyes slightly: "Yanyan"

Huo Yan hugged his head distressedly, and kissed his forehead and cheek hard: "You scared me to death! I thought you were"

Her throat seemed to be blocked for a while, she couldn't say anything, she could only hold him and cry silently.

Fu Shihan stretched out his hand and stroked her cheek, his eyes were tender and his voice was a little weak: "When did I lie to you?"

Huo Yan wiped the corners of his eyes with his sleeves, and the wiped eyes turned red. Fu Shihan took her hand: "Don't cry."

Huo Yan helped him to get up: "Go back, I will take you home, and we will all be well in the future, and we will never separate again."

"Well, I promise you."

Fu Shihan opened his eyes again, not as he wished to see Huo Yan's cute and caring little face.

What appeared in front of him were Shen Yuran's curly hair and the clear and harmless single eyelids under the curly bangs, as if full of expectations and longing for the world-"Wake up."

Fu Shihan slowly closed his eyes again, and said impatiently: "Give you three seconds and disappear from me."

Xu Mingyi blinked and gave an obedient "Oh".

Huo Yan came over, took care of Fu Shihan, sat up, and then picked up the fruit knife and began to peel the apples.

Fu Shihan had a lot of scratches on his body, all of which were hung by messy branches and thorns when he landed. His left arm was dislocated and he was now fixed with a wooden board.

"Is there any pain?" she asked with concern.

Fu Shihan felt it for a while. Anyway, his whole body hurts, so there is nothing particularly painful.

So he shook his head.

Huo Yan breathed a sigh of relief, and said, "You slept for two days, here, look, everyone rushed over."

Fu Shihan looked around. In the spacious and bright ward, Xiang Nan, Shen Yuran, and Su Wan were sitting on the side of another hospital bed, looking at him with a smile.

"Here." Fu Shihan's voice was still weak: "You don't have to go to work."

Xu Mingyi pointed to Shen Yuran and said: "This guy knelt down in front of the entire company and hugged his boss's thigh and cried, saying that my brother will be dead soon, and he might not see him if he doesn't see the last time."

Huo Yan hurriedly "Bah, baah," and said he was a crow's mouth.

Shen Yuran looked at Huo Yan's focus on peeling apples, and said with a smile: "Sure enough, my daughter-in-law knows to hurt people. He just woke up and waited for the fruit to be cut. Mr. Han is really happy."

As soon as he finished speaking, he heard a "creak", Huo Yanwu took a bite of the apple, blinked his big clear eyes, and looked at him: "Huh?"

Shen Yuran coughed slightly: "When I didn't say it."

Xiang Nan said: "Seriously, the fourth child has escaped this time. The situation at the time was just what others said, and I felt thrilling."

Su Wan said: "If you don't die in a catastrophe, you will have a blessing, and you will be safe in the future."

Fu Shihan touched Huo Yan's hand on his shoulder and said, "My last fortune is our family's Yanyan."

Huo Yan didn't want to think about it anymore, thinking that he could sweat a cold sweat on his back, he only said: "Anyway, I will look at you closely in the future. If you risk your life again... I will not forgive is you!"

Shen Yuran said: "Huo Yan, this is how you are so angry, President Han is defending your family and the country, can you stop him?"

"I don't care!" Huo Yan held Fu Shihan's arm and stuffed the half-bitten apple into his mouth: "No one can **** him away in the future!"

Neither country.

"Tsk, look at you tired and crooked." Su Wan smiled: "It's almost done."

Several people talked to Fu Shihan in the ward for a while, laughed and made a lot of noise, and the atmosphere was particularly good, with the rest of their lives talking.

For more than 20 years, Fu Shihan has never felt as good as it is now.

I have two or three close friends, accompanied all the way, and my childhood sweetheart.

It's a pleasure to be alive.

Until the nurse walked in and said not to disturb the patient for too long, it was almost time for them to leave.

The people let Fu Shihan rest well, and then left the ward.

Fu Shihan stopped Huo Yan: "You stay with me."

Huo Yan obediently said "Oh", and after closing the door of the room, he sat beside Fu Shihan's bed.

Fu Shihan leaned against the pillow and said, "My hands are inconvenient, please take the initiative."

Huo Yan looked at his plastered hand, and obediently stretched out his arms and hugged Fu Shihan's neck.

Fu Shihan came over with the other hand, put his arms around her, and asked softly, "Scared."

Huo Yan in front of the crowd pretended to be nonchalant, and now she was alone with him, her emotions were a little uneasy, and her voice was crying—"I'm afraid of death."

Fu Shihan could only pat her back and kiss her forehead as a soothing.

"I won't be like this in the future." Fu Shihan's voice was softer than ever before: "At the moment of the crash, I really thought I would leave you forever. At that time, I was very afraid. I was afraid that you would cry, and you were not so strong. "

Huo Yan fell into his arms and complained: "I was not strong."

When she was a child, others said she was stupid. She didn’t know if she was bullied, she kept smirking, but how did they know that Huo Yan was wronged and would never show it in front of his family. He would only run to Fu Shihan and wipe the wronged. Tears made my eyes red.

Fu Shihan would make her laugh, take her to buy brown candy, and give her all the good things.

If he is gone, how will Huo Yan face it alone for the rest of his life.

She was not so strong enough to bear the pain of his leaving.

"I took my last breath and searched for the best place to hide in the forest. I was almost discovered by the skirmishers in the forest several times in the middle. There was never such a moment, I was so afraid of death." He hugged her tightly and buried his lips. Into her hair: "I don't want to die, I can't bear to let you face this cruel world alone."

"Stop talking." Huo Yan trembled: "We will all be fine in the future."

"Well, I promise you."

"That's right." Huo Yan wiped his tears and looked up at him: "Xu Mingyi told me one thing. He said that I lost the five hundred dollars in my freshman year. He didn't pick it up. Is there such a thing? ?"

Fu Shihan hugged her hand and paused: "Huh? Is there such a thing?"

"Yes, I ask you."

Fu Shihan yawned: "I'm a little sleepy, baby, I will sleep for a while."

After speaking, he lay down.

"Fu Shihan, don't pretend to be garlic."

"Go to sleep, good night."

Huo Yan pushed him: "Good night, get up and make things clear."

"Ah, so sleepy."

"Fu Shihan!"

On July 1, the plateau was clear and blue with no clouds.

The Air Force military parade is going on on this day. Ground and high-altitude cameras are ready. Video footage will be transmitted back to the capital as soon as possible. It will be conducted at the same time as the military parade in the capital and will be broadcast live on TV.

With the salute sounded, the Air Force parade officially began. The first echelon of transport aircraft that flew into people’s sight was a herringbone, releasing colorful paintballs, leaving rainbow-like traces in the air, attracting the crowds cheering.

The host’s sonorous and powerful voice spread all over Kyushu: "The proud man in the blue sky, carrying the momentum of thunder, showing his majesty in the wind, the next review is the bomber echelon. They have long-range raids and large-area patrol capabilities, which are important to our army. The long-range strike force in the air is known as the "God of War"."

In front of the viewing platform, Xu Mingyi asked Huo Yan: "Why is Fu Shihan coming from?"

Huo Yan said, "He is the one who just passed by, haven't you seen it?"

"What!" Xu Mingyi was shocked: "Why no one told me! I didn't pay attention, damn, you missed Xiangnan, you don't tell me."

Xiang Nan in the front row laughed and said nothing. Only Su Wan didn't want to see these guys bullying him, so she muttered: "They lied to you. Fu Shihan was driving a fighter plane, not this."

Su Wan suddenly talked to herself, Xu Mingyi's expression became obviously unnatural, and she gave a soft "Oh", and poked Huo Yan's shoulder, accusing her: "You are learning more and more badly from the fourth child."

Shen Yuran smiled and said: "She is a bad thing from her own bones, and it has nothing to do with our fourth child."

Xu Mingyi turned his head inadvertently and found that Su Wan was heading towards him, so he quickly looked away.

At this time, Huo Yan said excitedly: "Come here!"

Xu Mingyi quickly took out his mobile phone to prepare for recording.

However, in just a few minutes, several new fighter planes formed a wedge team to penetrate the sky and directly hit the sky in the blue sky, with a rumbling roar in the ears.

The host’s voice is equally majestic: “Our air force’s aviation weapons have already formed an informatized equipment system and become the most powerful air force in the sky of the sea. Now they are ready to take off with a new look and accept the motherland’s People's review!"

The fighter array began to flip at the same time, soaring above the clouds in staggered levels, releasing dazzling infrared jamming bombs to pay tribute to the motherland and the army.

Seeing the row of fighters flying fast in the sky, Huo Yan's eye sockets were slightly moist.

Fu Shihan once said that his dream is in the sky.

And his purpose of joining the army has always been very clear, using his knowledge to contribute to the informatization of the motherland's aviation and military forces.

Gou Li country lived and died.

After the review, the organization decided to temporarily add a link, that is, the chief personally presented awards to the fighters who had gone to the battlefield some time ago to defeat the cross-border provocations of extreme organizations and made contributions.

Huo Yan and his friends sat in the front row, and Xu Mingyi used his mobile phone to record what was happening.

Standing on the stage was a line of soldiers in dark blue uniforms. Fu Shihan was among them. His stature was erect. The moment he took the medal, his expression was extremely solemn. This is the glory he has exchanged with his life, and it is where he poured his blood.

For the country, for home, and for her.

There were bursts of applause on the scene, cheering for the heroes.

Xu Mingyi's cell phone lens moved with Fu Shihan's figure, followed him off the stage, and walked straight towards Huo Yan.

Huo Yan stood up and applauded desperately, smiling at him.

What everyone did not expect was that Fu Shihan pinned the heavy medal to her chest, and then knelt down on one knee!

He took her by the hand, and his ring finger was wearing a huge diamond ring, the engagement ring he personally put on her when he left.

And now, Fu Shihan kissed the ring on her finger and raised his head to look at her: "I said, if I can survive, Fu Shihan's life will belong to only one person from now on."

Huo Yan was stunned, did not expect that he would suddenly come this way.

"Since childhood, you have always been a quiet girl. I have been thinking about what a lively proposal ceremony for you would be more meaningful."

He looked at her tenderly and said affectionately: "Perhaps there is no more suitable time than now. I want everyone to witness that Fu Shihan's progress, growth, and glory, and everything about Fu Shihan belongs to Huo Yan."

Huo Yan's heart was beating violently, his joy was more than touched, and his eyes were slightly red.

She tugged at his sleeve to make Fu Shihan stand up.

Her man must be a good man standing upright. She doesn't need to kneel in front of her when she proposes to marry him. She wants to stand upright with him.

While standing, he has broad shoulders and a tall figure, like a mountain in front of her.

He stared at her, his eyes full of tenderness.

"Huo Yan, I will spend the rest of my life loving you, please marry me."

Huo Yan lowered his head, and a small smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, just like the rising sun, so clear and moving-"Okay."

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