There was a rumbling noise above the head, and the eardrum was swollen. There were a few fighter planes hovering in the air, and the swish wind blew people's eyes.

Soon, the jeep drove into the accommodation area, and the number of pedestrians on the road gradually increased. There were men, women and children, children squatting on the side of the road and playing, women drying clothes and army-green sheets.

Zhou Xiaohang brought Huo Yan to the door of an apartment, and introduced as he walked: "This time the inspection, many family members of the officers came, like you, they all live in the living quarters. Fu Shihan is still training now. You will come after the training. Sister-in-law, if you have any questions, you can ask the aunt in the logistics department downstairs.

"Okay thank you."

Zhou Xiaohang was about to leave, Huo Yan hurriedly called him: "Xiao Hang, wait a minute."

"Sister-in-law, is there anything else?"

Huo Yan opened his suitcase, took out two Barbie dolls from it, and handed them to Zhou Xiaohang.

"Fu Shihan mentioned you on the phone. You helped him a lot. When I came, I was alone and couldn't carry any gifts. I usually play this little thing. You have two daughters. Give it to them."

Zhou Xiaohang's eyes lit up and he was very excited: "Sister-in-law, you brought me a gift! Oh, what a shame."

"I thought little girls would like these."

"My daughter likes these little dolls the most, thank you sister-in-law!"

Zhou Xiaohang took the Barbie doll and found that the doll was quite heavy: "Why is it so heavy."

"I added a small intelligent system in it that can talk to people." Huo Yan pressed the button on the back of the doll and taught him to start: "It's all relatively simple dialogues, and I can't do it even more complex. This is Fu Shihan's specialty. All of the robots he makes are as refined. If you are interested, you can ask him to upgrade this doll."

"You two are really good!" Zhou Xiaohang was moved and surprised: "No wonder you can make a couple together, and the sister-in-law is also hidden!"

"How can it be so powerful." Huo Yan smiled: "Generally as powerful."

Zhou Xiaohang insisted: "In my heart, those who can get together with Fu Shihan are not mortals."

He sent away his fancier Zhou Xiaohang, and Huo Yan looked around this small one-bedroom apartment. The furnishings were simple but fairly clean, with a separate bathroom and a clean big bed in the inner bedroom.

She packed her clothes and toiletries from the box, and she also took the little white bear robot Fu Xiaohan 2.0.

When Fu Shihan left, he optimized and upgraded the robot system and added a lot of new functions. In recent years, Huo Yan took it with him, and he was able to relieve his boredom.

"Mom, are we there yet?"

"Here." Huo Yan took Fu Xiaohan to the cabinet and plugged him in the USB charger.

"Mom, I heard someone speak ill of you outside."


"Really, I heard it. Say bad things about you, go out and **** her!"

Huo Yan opened the door, only listening to the corner of the corridor, a woman's sharp and delicate voice came: "Is she here? I want to see her, is she more beautiful than me?"

"Hey! Don't be fooling around. People are coming all the way. This is just here. Little ancestor, you just ran over, how rude!" It was Zhou Xiaohang who said this.

"I just glanced at the window, and didn't do anything. How could it be impolite? Besides, why do you hide your scorn like this? It's not too ugly and embarrassing to be embarrassed."

"Stop talking nonsense, my sister-in-law is kind and kind, and she is a very good person."

"You are not allowed to call her sister-in-law!" The woman's voice became shrill.

Zhou Xiaohang said with some dissatisfaction: "People were originally Fu Shihan's fiancée. You are only humiliating yourself by making trouble like this."

"Well, Zhou Xiaohang, you actually talked to me like this. You have only seen her for a few hours, and you are on her side!"

Zhou Xiaohang mumbled softly: "Even if it is the daughter of the chief, you can't do whatever you want, everyone is engaged, so what can you do."

"An engagement is not a marriage." Liu Huihui said nonchalantly: "If you are not married, you are nothing."

"You are so capricious."

"What are you holding in your hand?"

Zhou Xiaohang stepped back quickly: "This is the little doll my sister-in-law made for my daughter. I can't show it to you, so I don't want you to break it."

"Such a baby, just a broken doll, how can it be broken."

Zhou Xiaohang said triumphantly: "What a broken doll, this is a robot, my sister-in-law made it by herself."

"She did it?" Liu Huihui frowned, snatched the little Barbie doll and looked at it. Zhou Xiaohang hurriedly guarded her for fear of breaking her.

"Be careful, it's high-tech, don't bump into it."

Liu Huihui played with it for a while and threw the Barbie doll to Zhou Xiaohang with a look of unwillingness: "Isn't it just talking? What high-tech, deceptive stuff for children, a lot of stuff in the toy store, who is rare."

Zhou Xiaohang smiled and said, "Hey, I'm really rare. Can the toys bought in the toy store be the same as my sister-in-law's personally made? Don't say, the master is very cold and the sister-in-law is not bad, they are all talents."

Liu Huihui went to the corridor unwillingly, and said, "I want to see what a great person is that can make Fu Shihan so obsessed."

However, as soon as she turned the corner, Huo Yan appeared in front of her and caught her off guard.

Although it was summer, the plateau was still cool, Huo Yan wore a restrained black dress, black stockings, flowers and long boots with an elegant temperament, and a long little fragrant jacket casually draped over his shoulders, showing a ladylike temperament.

Compared with her, Liu Huihui's tutu dress deliberately dressed up today is obviously much more old-fashioned, and both her temperament and temperament lost to Huo Yan.

Liu Huihui has always lived on the plateau because of his father's work. Her skin is a little rough and not suitable for her age, and her cheeks are blushed.

Not to mention others, it was herself. The first time she saw Huo Yan, she was surprised by her white tender skin.

So white! The skin seems to be able to squeeze out water.

"Hello, this is Huo Yan." Huo Yan said lightly, "Fu Shihan's fiancee."

The calm and refined aura exuding her whole body also made Liu Huihui at a loss for a while, just like the feeling she had when facing Fu Shihan.

I always feel inexplicably guilty and embarrassed.

Zhou Xiaohang beside him couldn't help but sigh secretly, the young couple even had such similar temperaments.

In front of Huo Yan, Liu Huihui's usual arrogance and domineering didn't happen at all, so she could only say in silence: "Oh, if you have any needs, just talk to the logistics downstairs."

After saying this, she turned around in a panic and left the scene as if fleeing.

Zhou Xiaohang stared at Huo Yan in a daze, and gave her a thumbs up: "Sister-in-law, cow break."

With just one sentence, she can actually force Miss Liu Huihui, who has always been spoiled and self-willed and no one dared to provoke her, to flee in embarrassment.

It deserves to be a girl who grew up next to Fu Shihan and was trained by him. That's amazing.

At dusk, as soon as Fu Shihan finished training, he went to Huo Yan's apartment non-stop. No one was in the room. Fu Shihan found her on the roof top.

She was leaning against the railing, enjoying the sunset view of the long river. The fire cloud transpired a large area of ​​the sky, magnificent.

Fu Shihan walked over, surrounded Huo Yan behind him, hugged her directly, and went in circles on the spot——

"The daughter-in-law is here!"

Huo Yan was shocked and screamed: "Hey, put me down, many people are watching."

Fu Shihan seemed to be in a good mood and held her for several laps.

Many of the comrades downstairs were stunned when they saw this. It is rare to see Fu Shihan going crazy like this. It seems that his fiancée came over and he was really happy.

Huo Yan was so dizzy by him that he finally landed and hugged him again.

She tilted her head slightly, feeling the deep breath he was taking on her neck.

"It's finally here." Fu Shihan hugged her tightly: "I miss you, I want to die, I have insomnia every night."

Huo Yan laughed: "I haven't seen you so terrible in the past two years."

"Because I know that you will be here soon, I think about it every day, every night, how you speak, and the way you smile at me."

Fu Shihan buried his face deeply in the soft hair on the back of her neck: "I really don't know how I came here these two years."

Huo Yan turned around and held up his angular and handsome face. He has matured a lot in recent years, but in front of her, the childishness of his youth is always unavoidable.

He is acting like a baby with her.

Huo Yan gave a low laugh, and kissed his lips on tiptoes.

Fu Shihan could only be willful and presumptuous in front of her, because no matter it was a child or has grown up now, she always tolerated him without a bottom line. When she was a child, she made her cry, and a brown candy can be coaxed back. When he grew up, every time he made some bad ideas on every bed, Huo Yanzui said not to not, but he still made him foolish.

Fu Shihan really didn't dare to mess around with this kiss. His comrades in arms, their family members, and many leaders watched it. He really felt embarrassed.

"Let's go, I will show you around."

He took her by the hand and showed her around the airport, shooting range, and camp, of course, they were only open parts.

Almost all comrades in the army knew Fu Shihan. This dark horse from the recruits had only been in the army for more than two years. The speed of promotion was staggering.

Of course he also has convincing abilities.

However, this man was always serious, and it was rare that he showed such a gentle expression, holding his fiancée, walking around the lawn, whispering in her ear, and what he said made her giggle.

The appearance of the two lovingly walking also attracted the envy of many female soldiers around.

Fu Shihan is the male **** in their minds. Although he usually has a gentle personality, he is also difficult to get close to. He always gets along with them, and he doesn't say a word of extra words, let alone jokes.

At this moment, he would treat another woman so tenderly.

So as long as you meet the right person, there is no such thing as coldness and no male god. Now Fu Shihan is an ordinary big boy, a boy who sees his sweetheart and forgets the whole world.

Liu Huihui and a few female soldiers went to dinner together, and when they saw Fu Shihan and Huo Yan entering the canteen arm in arm, their faces were unhappy.

The female soldiers around seemed to be very interested in Huo Yan, and asked her: "Huihui, didn't you just say to meet that woman? Didn't you get in touch with her, how did you feel?"

Liu Huihui snorted softly: "Not very good, only the weak and poor one."

"Ah, Fu Shihan's fiancee turned out to be such a woman."

"Don't all men like these little white flowers now? Look at her pitiful gesture."

"Anyway, I definitely can't do such pretentiousness."

Liu Huihui seems to be a little satisfied and balanced: "Who can say no? I don't like this kind of woman the most. I only know to rely on men."

The number of people around gradually increased, and the few people stopped discussing the length of each other, and separated.

In the evening, Fu Shihan pulled Huoyan back to the room early, closed the door and pressed her against the wall, and an eagle leaned over and kissed her like a chicken.

The soft lips are what he thinks about.

Fu Shihan always feels that her taste is sweet and fragrant, like fructose. I don't know if girls have this taste. Anyway, she always makes him feel that the taste is not enough.

Huo Yan's closed eyelids and eyelashes quivered, feeling his flexible tongue constantly squirming on her lips, sometimes biting and rubbing, sometimes licking and teasing, rolling up the sweet and sweet liquid in her mouth. go with.

The wind whistling outside the window, and a flash of lightning cut through the silence of the night.

The two people in the room also experienced the storm-like entanglement. She couldn't help but let out a low groan: "Fu Shihan, I had something to tell you."

"Um, what?" He kissed her white and tender neck frantically.

"I want to say, it's nice to have you, and some prepared love words, but you are like this." Her intermittent voice was mixed with rapid warm breath: "I can't say it."

Fu Shihan turned her over and pressed her against the wall: "Speak slowly, we still have a lifetime to go."

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