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Technological Empire of the City

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Zhang Yu accidentally ingested the treasures of heaven and earth, developed some areas of the brain, and has the most powerful brain that has never been seen before.

Let us quietly watch the protagonist use the most powerful technology to install 13, our goal is-the stars and the sea.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:TEOTC
Alternate Title:都市之科技帝国
Weekly Rank:#219
Monthly Rank:#200
All Time Rank:#1631
Tags:Genius Protagonist, Harem, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Scientists, Shoujo-Ai Subplot, Technological Gap,
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26 Comments on “Technological Empire of the City
  1. It's very stiffling if i don't vent out my thoughts so here it is....what the hell!! Mc is so annoying, cuz' whenever other women are involved he can't even clarify their relationship clearly! Mann! Ifeel like i want to hit their faces..sigh

  2. The Philippine continent, due to long-term ethnic conflicts, tropical diseases, environmental destruction caused by industrialization, former Western colonialism, post-independence corrupt regimes, lack of education and self-discipline of the people, Nakaka SAD, ginawang ganito ung pilipinas... Tapos ginawa pang pulubi. Hay naku!

  3. Hey this novel was around 3.5 stars in the beginning but it got 1 star real quick after some random dude apperas who is planning to kill and destroy mc, he's supposed to be the son of Japanese emperor who survived but there are many problems and the first problem is, how did he go to island where he had hidden the gold, second, how did he find scientist for research and third, how did he go to America and recruit people in bright daylight without getting found, it was all bullshit, author just wanted to create a villian who will use virus and other biochemical weapon to attack mc and then author just made it up, mc doesn't monitor anything, like use the ai and keep some important people and enemies under surveillance as much as possible to avoid something bad but he does nothing and spies are stealing code from China's database and creating a virus and mc doesn't even know anything, this is bullshit

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